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Dylan Burkhardt
  • UMDC

    Michigan v. Duke memories:

    I was in high school when the Fab Five came to town. I was obviously a fan of UM hoops prior to that with the national championship and all, but it was the Fab Five that made Michigan Basketball the top sports team for me then and ever sense.

    So the first year they were here we had season tickets and, of course, that meant I was seated in the second to last row from the top for the big game against defending NC Duke and that &#^^#^# Christian Laettner! Well, that is still the best sporting event I have ever been to in person in my life. The crowed was crazy (yes, Chrysler can get crazy!). And that is despite the fact that we lost.

    My memory is from late in the game, tension is high, everyone is excited and nervous (and by that I mean the crowd). Michigan is hanging with mighty Duke despite having freshman playing major minutes (remember, this was not a normal thing until the Fab Five cam along).

    We are coming out of a timeout and Michigan is going to be in-bounding the ball from the side of the court. Well the teams were all set and ready to go on the court and the refs were holding onto the ball waiting for TV or something to come back and there is Jalen Rose, who is going to be in-bounding the ball, just sitting on the scorer’s table like he has done this his whole life! No big deal for him! That’s when I realized that Jalen Rose is the coolest guy in the world :)

  • Sheryl

    Great article/interview Dylan!

  • Steele

    Word. Good interview. It’s good to see the blog getting some attention.

    Michigan basketball has so much history, it’s hard to pick a game or moment as a favorite. I just can’t wait until this program turns around and we can start having more big time moments instead of having to relive the old days. I was at the 2003 MSU game which was sweet and this year’s UCLA game was awesome, but there have been more downs then ups (obviously). I’ll be really excited when those big wins come more than once or twice a season and when I see Michigan spelled out on my NCAA bracket without the word state following it. It’s coming…

  • Manny Fresh

    Laughed out loud at the Chris Webber word association.

    Agreed on MSU 2003. I was at the game also – when Horton hit that huge 3 at the end was the loudest I’ve ever heard Crisler.

    The other game that sticks out is ND in 2004, a big non-conference win at the time (and I think they won it by a point).

  • Tom

    Thanks for all you do and do so well.

  • Dave

    Dylan, I can barely remember the 1989 title game, I was 7, but the 5 Fab Era was the ultimate time of my life for sports fandom. I apprieciate everything you do, especially considering that since you were 5 during the Fab Five era you have yet to fully experience Michigan Hoops greatness. But at least you have some memories of those times. Despite no championships, that time period might never be matched again. 5 freshman with that swagger, unparrelled.

    I believe in Beilein, I check umhoops regularly. This blog is only going to get more exposure as the UM teams progress in the near future. Thanks a ton for being on the groundfloor.

  • Dylan, you should be pleased to know that your WRONG about the NIT. We are going to be dancing this time around, my man LLP will help make it happen! Thanks for the site, I have loved UM basketball since the Mike Mcgee era, damn im old.

  • Dylan, I had a feeling you were a Jalen guy. Jalen Rose night was terribly bittersweet because you just want to love the guy, but there is so much to dislike about that whole era when looking at it retrospectively. But to know that he had little, if anything, to do with that is nice.

  • ohmigods

    i’m 49 & have been a mich hoops fan for a LONG long time.

    was wondering, Dylan since your in business school,
    are you gonna be a stock market guru?!

  • ohmigods

    also Daniel Horton now plays in France for Pau

  • ohmidogs: Not a finance guy, more of a marketing guy.

    Go Blue: I sure hope you are right.