Game 7: Michigan at Maryland Preview

Dylan Burkhardt

Who: Michigan @ Maryland
Where: Comcast Center, College Park, MD
When: 7:30 PM ET
Line: Maryland by 6
Preview: Stat Sheet
Radio: MGoBlue, WWJ-AM (950), WTKA-AM (1050)

Streaming Video

(This is through a stream on which is apparently ran by an MSU fan but it seems to consistently stream ESPNU)

It seems like every game is a new challenge for Michigan. Next up: win a tough road game in College Park. The tricky part about predicting this game is that Michigan matches up pretty well with Maryland. Both teams are undersized in the post and have a playmaker on the wing. Not to mention that Maryland and Michigan both have upset victories over top 10 teams but have also looked less than impressive at times.

The Terrapins’ Adrian Bowie is insistent that Maryland will not have anymore performances similar to their performance against the Hoyas:

“We’re not getting blown out like that no more this season,” Bowie said. “This is Maryland basketball. We can’t get blown out this year. We’re trying to get back to the NCAAs, so we can’t let that happen anymore.”

The atmosphere in College Park will be a big test for Michigan, especially for freshman Stu Douglass and Zack Novak. The place will be rocking for what is probably Maryland’s toughest non-conference home game this year (Note: It’s not sold out as I had previously written, tickets are on sale here). For a sense of the atmosphere, check out this video and this description of the student section from Wikipedia:

Maryland students are primarily positioned along courtside and “The Wall,” which top to bottom are filled with student seating behind the opponent’s 2nd half basket. Normally there are 4,000 students in attendance, so Maryland is considered one of the most intimidating student sections in the ACC alongside North Carolina and Duke.

Michigan has played at places like the Breslin and Cameron Indoor so it’s not completely foreign but of course they haven’t got any Ws. And of course we can barely sell 500 student tickets and struggle to get 4000 people to show up at Crisler. At least we have the right attitude:

“We’re going in knowing we can win if we stay together,” guard Manny Harris said Tuesday. “That’s all we can think about.”

Back to the teams on the court, the go to guy for Maryland is junior guard Greivis Vasquez. The Venezuela native averages 17ppg, 5.2rpg, and 4.2 apg but he isn’t necessarily an efficient shooter. Vasquez only has an eFG% of 45.8%, you can compare this to Manny’s eFG% of 58.3%. He’s a playmaker though so Michigan’s first goal has to be to take him out of the game.

Maryland has several solid complementary players around Vasquez but none that really stand out. Adrian Bowie, Eric Hayes, and Landon Milbourne all average between 8 and 11 points. Bowie (50%) and Hayes (career 38.6%) are the main threats from long range for Maryland.

Maryland has been in a huge funk from three point range though and they have made only 4 of their last 31 attempts (12.9%). Steve Yanda from the Washington Post writes that Maryland is stressing patience on offense and not settling for jumpers. The Terps don’t sound like a great passing team, and we have seen great passing teams like Duke tear up the 1-3-1 contrary to a mediocre passing team like UCLA which struggled.

In terms of size, the Terrapin starting lineup measures: 6-4, 6-4, 6-6, 6-7, 6-8 and they don’t really have any contributors off the bench with a lot of size either. This is good for an undersized Michigan team and I would love to see Michigan dump the ball down low to DeShawn Sims early and often.

Maryland likes to play at a faster pace than Michigan, they average 71.2 possessions per game compared to Michigan’s 62.9. As a team Maryland rebounds 48.3% of shots to Michigan’s 50.2%. Michigan also has a slightly higher free throw rate of 34.5 compared to Maryland’s 32.5. However Maryland has a lower turnover percentage (18% ) than Michigan (21.1%) this season.

The key to this game for Michigan is having someone besides Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims step up and score some points. I don’t care whether it is Zack Gibson, Stu Douglass, Zack Novak, or Anthony Wright but someone has to make some three pointer shots tonight. If Michigan can get a third scoring option that scores in double digits I think they have a chance.

Overall Michigan definitely has a chance in this game if they can keep their composure. Maryland is a solid team but they aren’t spectacular. On the road I think John Beilein realizes how important it is to get a good start and I fully expect DeShawn Sims to start tonight (probably for Zack Gibson). It’s all about weathering runs and if Michigan can do that they have a chance to make another statement.

What They’re Saying:

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  • ryan

    The starting 5 that should be is on the court
    only one of those started before this game…
    this is before LLP comes back, and who knows what will happen then if novak is playing liek this and grady continues to play well…

  • PR Wolverine

    To listen if having trouble with um radio. Though its Terp broadcast:

  • Dylan

    59-55 about 6 mins left. Maryland leads.

  • Dylan

    3:53 md up four after vasquez dime for the flush. Crowd back alive.

  • Dylan

    Neal three might be the dagger. 7 points.

  • MooN

    Manny is playing lazy D in the second. He’s letting his poor play on O carry over….

  • MooN

    Need a some stops!

  • Chris


  • Forty

    Anthony wright is automatic from three haha

  • Dylan

    final 75-70 md

  • gpsimms

    man, we started out strong DESPITE wright’s best efforts to ruin everything early. when is beilein gonna turn off the green light on him? i just dont understand how many shots the guy has to miss before people will admit he cannot shoot. (maybe he’s a practice hero, whatever, he is lifetime <28% he CANNOT SHOOT)

  • Chris

    Did you watch the end of the game?

  • gpsimms

    seriously? 2/8 is the line dude. dont give me that “he’s clutch” or “he’s streaky” crap. he is a 25% shooter, when his supposed upside is his shooting. EVery game this year, we’ve gone into the first TV timeout with him taking almost 50% of our shots, and making close to 0%. the guy’s a joke.

  • michiganman777

    the 2 missed layups by KG really killed us. We have NO inside game. We are going to be in trouble when we play teams with true bigs (which we have yet to do). Our 1-3-1 looked lazy in the 2nd half. Guys were not quick enough to the ball and they were not trapping when they could have. LLP cant get here soon enough.

  • Ky Fox

    Well the glaring concerns that I get from watching this game tonight is in the paint!! I had a feeling that we would get destroyed on the boards. Really no offense Dylan but I didnt agree with your assessment that we matched up well with them down low..Size wise and on paper we did, but in terms of athletic ability we werent even close(other than Peedi) Gibson is an absolute joke of a big. He is weak with the ball, he has no vertical…no athletic ability WHATSOEVER and had maryland forwards taking him out back!! He is SO frustrating to watch…he is soo slow it makes me want to barf! I understand that he has the ability to stretch the defense a bit, but when you are too slow to get open or create your own shot it negates your ability to shoot. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I say if Riley has an interest in UM bring him in. Get Regan and Riley if at all possible. The only reason Im saying this is because when we play teams of this magnitude(Duke, MSU, OSU, Uconn….ect) we are going to struggle mightily!! I might be wrong but I think that a guy 6’11” 225 with athletic ability would help a bunch. It was making me sick watching maryland grab offensive rebound after rebound. I understand JB’s not overly concerned about rebounds but it gets to a point where you have to make it a point of concern! Other than the HUGE problems in the paint I thought the team looked pretty good. I wonder what the outcome would have been tonight if LLP played??…I mean he wouldnt have helped in the paint much but it would have been interesting. All in all I thought we played pretty good. We kept our composure in a hostile environment. Good Job Boys. GO BLUE! cant wait til Saturday.

  • cwood

    umd got way too many open looks from behind the arc whenever we went to the 1-3-1.

  • gpsimms

    antwright up to TV timeout stats:

    0/2, taking the two of UM’s first 5 shots in the first 4+ mins. (the first two)

    0/1, taking 1/4 of UM’s shots

    0/1, taking 1/5 of UM’s shots

    Norfolk st
    0/4 taking 4/10 of UM’s shots

    Savannah St.
    (No play-by-play on ESPN, but he shot 0-6, and I want to say 3 of those were early)

    0/3 taking 3/7 of UM’s shots

    In other words, ant accounted for 11/31 of the shots (like 31%) and ZERO PERCENT of the points!! and thats not counting SSU, which was the worst of them all, i think, maybe maryland

  • gpsimms

    in other news, i should say, im happy with the guys effort today. grady was great from deep, but man, he has trouble finishing in the lane. also, the 1-3-1 finally had a game where it was totally ineffective. MD seemed too fast/athletic for us. it’s too bad, too, because this was the first game of the year that we really shot pretty well for most of the game/ i actually feel better about our game against duke, as 1-3-1 was getting some turnovers first time we played them. if we shoot like this again, it will be a game for sure.

  • The team is vastly improved and LLP will add another dimension when he comes in. Thats the positive. The negative is that Gibson should never play, period, im serious. He is worthless, slooow, miserably unathletic. How many times will he allow someone to take a rebound right out of his hands??? Anyone that thinks Deshonte Riley would not help this team is not watching closely. Another negative is A. Wright, he is not a good shooter. Just stop already, face the music and give Shepard and Novak his minutes. Grady, Douglas, Novak/Shepard, Harris, Sims is the best lineup available.

  • Giddings

    We would have won this game at Crisler, no doubt. Also might have won at MD with LLP.

    Overall, we should be happy. 12 three pointers is a great sign, Peedi finally starts over Gibson, Novak showing that he can be our “3rd scorer” as a spark off the bench, and Shep continuing to impress. Problem is, in the 2nd half Maryland got hot and had some big time momentum plays – they are a very streaky team, and it’s safe to say that they were hot all game against MSU, cold against Zaga and G’Town, then cold in the 1st half but hot in the 2nd against us. Terps also got the typical home court treatment from the refs, shooting 14 more FTs than us (and I don’t think we fouled much more than they did).

  • Giddings

    I like:


    … with Novak the first guy off the bench.

  • BJ

    Spartina’s getting hammered roflcopter

  • Kevin in GR

    Stats that jump out:

    Rebounding: 43-26 Maryland (MD had 8 more offensive rebs)
    Free throw attempts: 20-6 Maryland
    Merritt/Lee: We really don’t get much production at all out of them..I know they are providing leadership, but I think that can be done from the bench as well :) Can’t wait for LLP to take these minutes!

    Last but not least, UM lost to them by less than MSU did AND this wasn’t on a neutral court!

  • UMDC

    This is one that got away. We had them, man this hurts.

    First, I agree with everyone else, Gibson is terrible. He weak in every facet of the game. And down low he is a joke. Every minute we have to play him is a bad minute for us.

    Second, Wright is also a joke. I don’t give a crap about the couple of threes late. He is a horrible shooter. Every minute we have to play him is a bad minute for us.

    The Gibson issues hurt me more, because I was one who thought he would really improve this year and be a solid contributor. Right now, he is worse than last year and shouldn’t even play at all.

    Besides those two guys, I was happy with the team. I thought Grady played great (just finish the lay in!!). Novak is a stud who took the “air ball” chant and shoved it right back in their faces. Shep has to play more!

  • qb waggle

    everyone needs to settle down regarding LLP. will he improve the team? yeah probably but we haven’t seen him in game action at all yet and already we are declaring him the savior of this team. i’m not trying to be a downer but just look to the football team as a lesson in believing in the hype before seeing the product on the field.

    that said i was relatively pleased with what i saw tonight. i didn’t expect michigan to win this game on the road, i was just hoping michigan would keep it close and show some poise. had it been at crisler arena i would have been disappointed with a loss. i’m looking forward to seeing what this team can accomplish as the season progresses. michigan needs to win some more games that they are expected to lose.

  • I’m confident LLP will be a pleasant surprise but we will just have to wait and see :-)

  • Ky Fox

    We also need to win the games we are supposed to win…which I think JB has this team at a position now where that will happen. I agree that LLP has to play some games before we crown him savior. The issue with LLP is yes he will add depth to our team, and according to, well basically everyone is yes he will add some backcourt scoring. While I am guessing that he will only help the team and we will be better with him…I only wish that he was about 6’9″ and about 220 lbs with a 37 inch vertical. Thats the immediate need right now in my eyes. Will we have an easier time scoring with LLP?? yes probably so….But our real problems are in the frontcourt. Its beginning to look like Grady can run this team fairly well.having said that he needs to continue to work on being able to finish at the rack. He has no problem getting there, now he needs to finish, and I think he will. And it will be a nice 1 2 punch with him and Dmo. So we are looking stacked in the backcourt, especially now that Novak is starting to get into the mix, now we need guys in the frontcourt with some ability.(rebound, block some shots, rebound, dunk, post up, and rebound) all of which Zack Gibson is inept at doing…and from what Ive seen Cronin is a slight project.

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