Game 7: Michigan at Maryland Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

This one was a tale of two halves. Michigan played great in the first half and could have probably been up more than 6 at halftime. But Maryland came storming out of halftime on the back of Greivis Vasquez and didn’t really look back.

There are some definite positives to take out of this game but there are also plenty of problems that became clear. Michigan got a very good performance from their role players, especially Zack Novak for the second straight game. They also shot the ball better from long range than they have all season, and held together well in a hostile environment.

Breaking down the four factors: Michigan shot a higher eFG%  and turned the ball over less but couldn’t get to the line and gave up far too many offensive rebounds. The game was also played closer to Michigan’s pace with only 63 possessions. The thing that killed Michigan in the end was that Maryland (the word rebounding team in the ACC) rebounded half of their missed shots — that is going to be a problem all year. Michigan also struggled to create turnovers with the 1-3-1 zone and only had a 6.3% steal percentage, the lowest of the year.

I think Michigan did a couple things very well. First they established themselves early in the game and kept the crowd out of it for most of the first half. In the second half they actually responded to Maryland’s early run and fought back into the game. They are showing the same poise that they showed against UCLA and this just hasn’t been a part of this program for a long time.

Greivis Vasquez is the real deal. Vasquez put up 23 points, 12 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and only 1 turnover. Most of his numbers came in the second half when he just took over. Vasquez was the best player on the floor and I don’t think I gave him enough credit in my pregame post.

The two biggest shots of the game were Vasquez’ three to open the 2nd half and Neal’s three that put the game away.

Maryland probably is a bubble team but they are very tough at home (especially in non conference) and it was a good effort by Michigan. We are coming off of a 10-22 season and expecting even one win this week was probably asking a little much. The bittersweet part is that we played great in the first half and probably should have had a chance to win this one.

Player Bullets:

  • Jevohn Shepherd: I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Jevohn. Shep shot 4-5 for 9 points to go along with 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 turnovers. Jevohn only played 18 minutes and I would have liked to see him get more minutes down the stretch. He’s playing great and is definitely earning more playing time.
  • DeShawn Sims: DeShawn had 10 points and 4 rebounds at halftime and finished with 12 points and 7 rebounds. When Peedi starts to disappear I’d like to see Beilein do a couple things to get him involved, run some plays to get him the ball in the post. DeShawn also got in foul trouble in the second half which took him a little out of his element.
  • Zack Novak: Great game from Mr. Novak and he kept us in the game in the 2nd half. Novak was 4-8 (3-5) for 12 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. Solid effort including a 4 point play. If Zack can keep up this effort he will be a big asset from here on out.
  • Manny Harris: Frustrating night for Manny, he never really found his groove and forced it a bit.
  • Anthony Wright: Anthony Wright isn’t a gunner, he’s a chucker. Very frusturating game for Anthony who salvaged a bit of pride with 2 late threes (one of them from the bench basically). Anthony’s numbers: 16 minutes 2-8 (all threes), 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 1 turnover.
  • Kelvin Grady: A very solid game from Kelvin tonight, he was 3-4 on three pointers but he only had 1 assist. Kelvin also had a much better time breaking the press but man Kelvin needs to work on those layups.
  • Stu Douglass: Stu has to keep getting the hang of when to shoot and when not to shoot. There were a couple times he should have shot when he didn’t and then he took some ill advised shots early in the 2nd half that led to some Maryland points.
  • David Merritt: Merritt has struggled lately, he doesn’t turn it over but he doesn’t create or score.
  • Zack Gibson: Struggling to find his confidence right now and not a strong rebounder. Michigan is going to need some production out of him at the four or five.

Twos final thoughts: I’m ready for Laval Lucas-Perry and sadly it looks like a Michigan win wouldhave won the Big Ten their first Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

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  • SteveA2

    Tough loss, just because I think we should have won it. Maryland played a very good second half, but I thought we looked a little tired, especially Manny. It may have just been the MAryland D pressure, but he did not look nearly as aggressive as he has in most second halves. Same thing goes for Sims. I kept waiting for him to demand the ball more and force things a little bit. I thought this game exposed us as a two-man team. When we get pressured we do not have anyone that can create their own shot or shots for others besides Manny. Merrit looked way over matched, and Wright was just Wright. Gibson was probably the biggest disappointment though. He doesnt rebound well, and he doesnt finish strong. I now think Shep has outplayed both him and Wright, and should be starting with Sims. Grady played ok, but he still needs to learn how to finish some plays at the basket. I know he is small, but at least use a floater or a pull up or something. Too many times he gets in the lane and throws a wild pass back out to someone on the perimeter who is not ready to shoot. We really need LLP to be the real deal as far as a third big option goes.

  • BJ

    Maybe Michigan State really is that bad…what joy it would bring me to see them in the NIT (and us in the dance por supuesto)!

  • Gibson is garbage, Wright is garbage. Shep and Novak are not garbage. Gibson… sorry but he is worthless.

  • Giddings

    Very impressive wins by PSU and Northwestern and a good showing for the Big Ten overall. Problem is, everyone will look at the Duke/Purdue and MSU/NC games combined with the fact that the ACC still won 6-5 and the “Big Ten sucks” attitude will continue.

  • The way I see it, they have two holes in the starting lineup, at the point, and at the four or five, depending on where you put Sims. LLP will fill the whole at the point, and will allow Grady and Meritt to be change of pace subs. Shepard looks like our best option at the four now, the Wright experiment should end soon. Even though he didn’t really fit Beilein’s system, if Udoh stays, we are worlds better.
    Big picture, a close loss on the road to a team that just blew out MSU is not that bad a result. But man, considering we were winning at the half, it would have been nice to pull this one out and help the league win the challenge for the first time.

  • michael

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what’s up with Cronin? Is he done for the season? Red shirt?

  • Jay

    Agree with you on the Udoh note, hopefully Dylan will begin to realize having a athletic big man that “might not fit” Beilein system at the 4/5 spot is needed to clean up on the glass! Or we will be stuck with Gibson’esque performances night in and out since he fits the system. Cant wait for LLP..but looking forward to Morgan down low next year to bang. LLP presence will just allow Manny, and Deshawn to relax alot more. I also expect it may help out Wright, by actually creating or pushing the pace every once in a while. Grady..well, its just Grady being Grady! nice tre’s tho.
    And if anybody is ready to hop on the Dashonte Riley train..get on, cause tonight shows you we need somebody to fill Ekpe’s shoes/role

  • In the action Ben has gotten, he doesn’t look ready to contribute at this level. He still looks noticeably bothered by his hip injury and I fully expect him to RS.

  • SteveA2

    Best line-up rest of the way: PG: LLP (even though I do not know if he can run it b/c he is a huge step up athletically from Merritt and Grady still is struggling), SG: Novak (has outplayed Douglass the last couple games), SF: Manny Fresh, PF: Sims, PF: Sheppard (at least he can board a little and get some garbage baskets along with an occassional jump shot and drive). Merritt should only see a few minutes each half to rest LLP and Grady. Lee should only see a couple minutes a game to keep up his moral (he is an important leader on this team). Wright should be coming off the bench to provide a spark. Gibson needs to figure out his game. He is not tough enough, athletic enough, or big enough to score consistently inside even when he gets open and he is not that good of a perimeter shooter or passer. Douglass needs to watch a lot film. He has opportunities to do things, but just doesn’t.

  • BBall

    We were down 4 points with 4 minutes to go, which is encouraging, but the next three minutes were rough. I had a flashback where no one wanted the ball and nobody stepped up to take a big shot. Maryland was really pushed out to the perimeter on defense and we didn’t have a counter at that point because Manny was gassed and didn’t have the legs left to drive and score. We really need Grady to be able to drive at that point, but Merrit was in the game and didn’t contribute anything offensively. We didn’t even look at the back door which was frustrating. Lack of a post presence was glaring at the roughly 5 to 2 minute marks in the second half.

    Grady makes two wide open layups, one in the first half and one in the second, its a different game… woulda coulda shoulda Manny with a couple key turnovers…etc. Should have been up by at least 4 to 6 more points in the first half.

    Unfortunately, Stu is a serious liability on the defensive end, even in the zone. Opposing teams have scouted this out and just drive it right around him when he is in the game.

    IMO, Navak needs to start right now, along with Grady over Merrit and Shep over Wright. So that makes Grady, Novak, Manny, Shep and Sims. When LLP is eligible, he starts at the 2 and Novak comes off the bench, with Stu losing a lot of minutes, except against teams that play zone defense. We knew he was a gunner coming in, but needs to learn quickly. Wright and Gibson are just really disappointing right now.

    Overall – very encouraging performance in the first half and about 12 minutes of the second half.

    Do we have a shot against Duke? I don’t know…I would like to think so being at home and with Novak and Shep stepping up and the coaching ability of Beilein (we did much better for the most part last year the second time we played a team).

    As far as Big Ten play, I think we looked better against Duke than Purdue, and State looks like they lack floor leadership, which bodes well for us there. I still think we make the tournament regardless of the outcome Saturday excepting a 20+ point blowout, which I don’t think will happen.

  • jg

    Reasons why I’m OK with this loss.
    – 15% turnover rate. WHA? yeah, that’s awesome for this team’s first true road game.

    – Manny had an off night and we were still right in it coming out of the last tv timeout

    – After a good start, we didn’t fall apart when maryland took the lead late in the first and we didn’t fall apart after the slow start in the second half.

    – Jevohn Sheppard. the man is the most athletic player on the team by far. He was all over the place on the defensive end and played with confidence on the offensive side of the ball. If he can avgerage up to 6-7 ppg that’d be a huge boost for us.

    I think the turning point in the game was midway through the second half after Zack hit that half court three. The next 6-7 possessions killed us. Everything in the offense happened outside the arc and there was no penetration or looks to the post which was what we should have been looking to exploit since they started to play way out on us.

    Understanding the game flow and where the defense is most vulnerable is something that we’ll get better at as the season goes on and the younger guys get more experience. I was disappointed that Beilein didn’t tells the guys to take the ball to the hoop after a couple of failed possessions of just passing it around the 3pt line.

    Eventually we did take the ball to the hoop, got some easy baskets, and Harris got to the line four times, but that 6-7 possession stretch really hurt.

    We’re going to get out rebounded like this all season so we need to make up for it by taking care of the ball (woo we did!) and getting to the FT line. We won’t win very many games with FT discrepancies like tonight.

  • bf1118

    Wish I could’ve seen the game on TV. It is really encouraging to see them battle on the road like they did. I am absolutely DONE with Gibson. He doesn’t provide anything on either end of the floor. He can’t ever get his hands on a rebound and if he somehow does manage to grab one, he usually has it ripped right out of his hands by a smaller guard. They really should consider going small permanantly and moving Sims to the 5 and having Shep and Wright split time at the 4. Can’t wait for LLP, I watched that open gym video of him at Arizona and he was going head to head with Jerryd Bayless which is exciting to see.

  • AG2

    Playing at the Comcast Center is tough. Their student section has been known to unnerve the likes of UNC and Duke in the past.

    I’ve always wondered how Beilein could get his offense to work when he emphasizes such a low-percentage shot as the 3 while not emphasizing rebounding. Like the post-game report said, Maryland is the worst rebounding team in the ACC and they didn’t have more size than we did, either. Yet they still came out and rebounded half their misses!

    I wouldn’t blame Michigan for losing the Big Ten/ACC Challenge though, since Illinois was the team that blew its lead at home, while Purdue and MSU got blown up by the ACC’s finest. If anything, the lower and middle tiers of the Big Ten acquitted themselves very nicely, dismantling the idea that this is a “down Big Ten.”

  • MaizeNBlue2

    Note: I didn’t get to watch the whole game. I’m having my entire house rewired, so I was terminating jacks, etcetera, until around 8:15 EST, and I missed the start of the second half because of I had to run and get food.

    Okay, thoughts:

    1) I really think we should have won this game. It’s hard to judge what went wrong with missing most of the first half, but from looking at Sheps line, I’m definitely impressed.

    2) Please end the Anthony Wright experiment. He can come off the bench and miss threes just as easily as he can starting. From looking at his line, he did nothing besides shoot. Not a single rebound from our starting 4? Seriously?

    3) Apparently Manny struggled. We really needed his aggressiveness in the second half and he just didn’t take it to the hole enough.

    4) Peedi pretty much disappeared in the second half, and after he got blocked on a turnaround in the post, he pretty much disappeared. He looked intimidated from that point on.

    5) Was I the only one who thought there should have been a goaltending call on Grady’s layup in the second half (it was with under 8 or so to go, if I recall). A Maryland player slapped the backboard when the ball was on the rim.

    6) I’m not one to complain about officials, but it seemed to me, that when we tried to get up tight and play defense (in the second half at least), we were called for fouls; while Maryland was doing tons of jersey-grabbing, holding, etcetera on the back cuts and not getting called for it.

    Overall, pretty impressive performance overall, especially considering it was our first true road game of the year. Here’s hoping we can put it together and pull a shocker against Duke. If we don’t, please continue to support these guys. There will be ups and downs, but we are definitely moving in the right direction. Go Blue!

  • Bluebufoon

    Three things stand out to me that are very positive,

    No. 1 The more I see Zack Novak the more I become convinced that he will be a solid four year contributer at U-M, already have been convinced on S.Douglass.

    No. 2 Good for Jevohn Shepherd, the kid has rode the pine here for three years and this isn’t the first time this year he’s busted his
    backside doing good team oriented things. He’s athletic and he realizes he’s the fourth or fifth option. I truly hope he starts over Anthony Wright for the forseeable future.

    Does anyone doubt John Beilein is going to win big at U-M ?

  • John

    I have an admission for you. Never been a big Michigan Fan. Couldn’t stand the Fab-Five and wasn’t surprised when the facts about them came to light. However, my brother in-law is a Michigan grad and he has slowly been working on the conversation, and the humility pie Michigan basketball has been eating the last few years certainly helped.

    Then last year Beilein went to my hometown and decided to give an offer to a kid named Zack Novak. My alma matar (Valparaiso University) toyed around with Zack and by the time they really wanted him, he had better offers, including Michigan.

    Since this season started I have been following Zack’s and Michigan’s progress and am now hooked. You guys are just starting to see what made Zack the all-time leading scorer at a high school which has produced Big Ten talent in the recent past. He has a knack for the ball, outrebounds his size and always seems to fill a passing a lane. And his outside shooting has really taken off in the last couple of years. There are plenty of doubters left, but after watching last night and listening to the Savannah State game, I am hopeful he is putting some of the doubts to rest.

    This is going to be a fun season to watch and I think you guys have a gem of a coach who is starting to develop a solid core of players.

    Oh and I never saw Zack miss a dunk in high school, but I wanted to kick him just as bad as the next guy after that clanker.

  • JimC

    Wow we need a real center. Or just another strong forward. Gibson is big, but he plays weak in the paint.
    I hope the recruiting is focused on a 6-9, 250lb type big man in the middle for 2009!

    But anyway, we look better than Sparty! Go Blue!

  • Rob

    I know the folks that are “done” with Gibson and Wright have a lot to complain about, but they are trying hard. Let’s not get personal or take their performance personally (which is a little idiotic)

    But the more important point is what other options do we have? Seriously, come on. they are playing b/c we have to play them.

    I would suggest that Shep starts over Wright but Coach Beilein knows more about hoops then all of us do. He must have his reasons tho I expect if he doesn’t get untracked soon, Wright WILL be coming off the bench for the Big Ten season.

    This roster still has some serious holes in it and there’s nothing we can do about that now. So, no point in bitching or flying off the handle about it. Wright and Gibson are back up being forced to play…..and Gibson is where he belongs: coming off the bench. and I suspect Wright will join him if he doesn’t get going soon.

    Just enjoy this season for what it is: it’s the beginning of a renaisance for Michigan basketball. GO Blue!

  • Merlin

    Good points Rob

  • AC

    I think that someone needs to sit Wright down and tell him that you are allowed to shoot the ball inside the three point line. He was never a great shooter before, and now the line is farther away. I would say his confidence is shot, but when you have no problem chucking 3s despite hitting almost none of them I suspect confidence isn’t the problem.

    I think his problem is that he ONLY shoots threes. If you’re in a slump, you need a couple of quality shots/baskets to get back in a groove. When you aren’t taking any 15-footers or playing in the post it is hard to do. I think he needs to find a way to take some other shots and then let the 3s come when they may.

    I think what we’re seeing is that Beilein thinks it is important to have a spark off the bench. My uneducated guess is that one of our biggest issues last year was that we’d get blown out as soon as our bench entered the game. So even though it is going to frustrate many of us, I wouldn’t be surprised when some combination of Novak, Sims, Shep, and LLP continues to come off the bench. Think about it – do you want your second unit to be Grady-Douglas-Wright-Gibson?

    I think Gibson is a limited player to begin with, but right now he doesn’t know his role. Udoh wasn’t a great fit for the offense, but he knew his role was to clean up around the rim and get out of the way on offense. I do think we miss him…..and I think he’ll come to realize soon at Baylor that he misses this Michigan team.

    It would have been HUGE to win that game. Suddenly we would be talking NCAA instead of NIT. But a 5-point loss in their first real road game is a huge improvement from the past. My sights are still set on the NIT with being an NCAA bubble team as the high end.

  • BJ

    I heard LLP grew 8 inches this summer. Tim McCormick said he will be the greatest Michigan center since Gerald Ford.

  • Manny Fresh

    Is it possible Beilein is waiting for Lucas-Perry to become eligible before he makes changes to his starting lineup, so that he shakes everything up only that one time? Just a thought.

    Beilein DOES know more about basketball than us, but it’s not like the people who read and comment on this blog are idiots, either. Anthony Wright’s numbers speak for themselves. Beilein will make the switch – he’s just waiting for the right time.

  • James

    LLP, Novak, Harris, Sims and Shep should be a pretty good starting lineup. I do wish Cronin would magically get in good enough shape to contribute soon, but it looks like he’ll RS. Fortunately, there are no post players in the big ten who can really abuse us.

  • Dylan

    Maryland abused us on the boards and their tallest played was 6-8.

  • Ryan

    I am gonna scream the next time I see Zack Gibson lose a rebound to a guy he has position on. There is simply no excuse for that. He was out rebounded by Zach Novak, and he isn’t even finishing (dunk the ball!) so I dont think he is worth playing.

    Also, Anthony Wright either needs to start making shots or start riding pine.

  • My question for all of you guys who want Gibson and Wright to ride the pine…

    I know we have all been frustrated with their play but who are you going to play in their place?

  • MaizeNBlue2

    I say leave Peedi where he’s been at, coming off the bench. I would like to see Jevohn (sp?) get the starting nod over Gibson or Wright. Wright didn’t get a single board last night and shot 2-8. Jevohn was 4-5 and did a nice job rebounding. At least he’s athletic enough to get in there and mix it up, which we could use more of, IMO. I’m not necessarily saying that Wright can’t do it, but right now it doesn’t seem like he’s willing to. Then, when Peedi comes in, bring him in for Gibson. Just my thought.

  • James

    “Maryland abused us on the boards and their tallest played was 6-8.”

    True, but a lot of that’s scheme as well. Even if Cronin and Morgan get most of the minutes at center next year, I suspect we’ll still be a mediocre to poor rebounding team.

  • Maryland was last in the ACC in rebounding. I understand that Beilein doesn’t emphasize rebounds but half of the shots Maryland missed they got another try at. Their OR% is usually 25%, a lot of them weren’t scheme either. A couple times Maryland just took the ball right out of a Michigan player’s hands.

    Beilein might not emphasize it but it was pretty much the difference in the game out there IMO.

  • qb waggle

    BJ, very funny comment about LLP growing 8 inches, and your point is dead on. A lot of people seem to think everything is going to be fine starting on Dec 20th when LLP takes the court against Oakland. Yes he appears to be an upgrade at the PG position (I agree 100% with Dylan regarding Merritt, he takes care of the ball but that’s about it) but he hasn’t even played yet and even when he does I don’t think he’s going to be crashing the boards and putting Gibson out of a job. This team needs a big improvement at the PF/C position or else it is going to struggle big time against teams with a legit front court presence. Fortunately Michigan might be able to get away with it against most Big Ten teams.

  • GoBLue

    Once LLP comes back I think we may see a 4-guard lineup ala Nova. Grady, LLP, Novak, Manny, Sims

  • SteveA2

    Beilein might not emphasize rebounding, but he does try to make up for it with hustle. He always talks about his team being able to scrap and tip the ball out on the boards. In a lot of previous games it seemed like we did a better job at getting to loose balls and getting tip rebounds. Last night Maryland just out hustled us in almost every phase of the game (mostly in the second half). Maybe the S.St. comeback took something out of this team. Hopefully they can rest up and get ready to battle against Duke.

    As far as Gibson and Wright go, both should be coming off the bench. They still need to play minutes though, just not big minutes. I would play Sims about 30 minutes a game (which is where he is at now) and Shepard about 25 minutes (lately he has been somewhere between 15-20). That leaves 25 minutes for Gibson/Wright.

  • gpsimms

    everyone who’s been reading these comments know that i’ve been on a anti-ant crusade, but i think its important to acknowledge one thing: i’m not against letting the kid play. we are not a deep team, of course he plays. it’s just shep needs to play more and when wright is in, turn the green light off! it blows my mind he keeps shooting. beilien really needs to stop encouraging him to chuck 3’s. when he his in, he should sit his big butt near the basket (i mean that in a nice way, he does have some heft to throw around) and get some boards! wright needs to redefine himself as a roll player. he’s not the streak shooter off the bench, he needs to be the solid passer/rebounder/helper type.

    as much as we got worked on the boards, it was a strength issue, not a size issue. i think wright should actually get more PT than gibson, provided he stops shooting and goes and gets some boards. let our little scrappy types get some boards, they’ll pull down more than gibson.

  • Giddings

    Just to clear something up – Beilein DID make a change to the starting lineup last night, starting Peedi over Gibson, and it paid off with us taking a lead into the first media timeout. I don’t see any reason why Deshawn would go back to the bench.

    As far as Shep… he did have 3 turnovers last night, and some were critical. I think that may be the reason why he didn’t get in much down the stretch, and may also hurt his chances of starting on Saturday. Still, if I were Beilein I would start him over Ant and see if coming off the bench is the cure to Anthony’s shooting woes.

  • Bluebufoon

    I don’t mean to pile on but there are many more problems to Anthony Wright’s game than his inability to shoot the basketball. I would actually go with a smaller line-up with C.J. Lee(as the back-up to Jevohn Shepherd) at least there you get much better defense and ball-handling than Wright.

  • Go BLue? Are you kidding me, all the handles and you have to copy mine? Why?

  • EchoWhiskey

    I think the defensive rebounding will get better as the players get more comfortable boxing out from the 1-3-1. The fact is, when you have one of your smallest players running the baseline – as is the case in Beilein’s 1-3-1 – you’re going to give up some offensive boards. And rebounding out of a zone is always tricky. Like I said though, it’ll get better with time.

  • Ken in Vegas

    We may have lost, but this game bolstered my confidence in the team. So far this year it’s looked like we have turned a corner and are a legitimate team that people will be scared to play. I was just waiting for the wheels to fall off and prove our start a fluke. I thought it might happen against an athletic Maryland team on the road. Well, it didn’t happen. In fact, it could be argued that with more even officiating and a normal Manny, this game would have been ours. I finally feel like we are legit, even after a loss. Now that being said, we could lose by 15 again to Duke and that wouldn’t surprise me. They are just in another league. We can’t win by having a lights out game. We need them to have a sub-par game as well, which makes things difficult.

    What I’m lovin is that we will be playing meaningful games in the Big Ten all season long. We have a chance to finish in the top 4 or 5. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve played better against Duke and Maryland than the top two teams in our conference. (Purdue, Michigan State). There’s going to be a lot of parity this year, which should make for an exciting season. Go Blue!

  • Kevin In GR

    The rebounding should improve a bit should LLP be running the baseline over Grady/Lee/Merritt

  • Blazerine

    “We are coming off of a 10-22 season and expecting even one win this week was probably asking a little much.”

    Spot on. Love this webpage. GO BLUE

  • AG2

    Its not that I don’t like Wright or Gibson, but I feel like Shepard seems to be earning his playing time a bit more than they are. And starting Sims is a no-brainer at this point.

    BTW, UCLA vs. Texas tonight in the Big 12 Pac 10 Hardwood Series. A win over a good Texas squad would totally validate Michigan’s victory.

  • Justin C

    I hope Kevin in GR isn’t the elder Grady throwing his little brother under the bus :)

  • Kevin In GR

    Nope, not the elder Grady here! (I can’t be, because I don’t drink) :)

    I like KG and would like to see him do well since he’s from the area, but think rebounding will improve a bit with a bigger LLP in there instead of KG running the baseline.