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Dylan Burkhardt



Big Ten/ACC Challenge:

  • josh

    Thanks Dylan you sure are on top of things, love the blog! good stuff.

  • This post got a little long, but I have been slacking on the links I guess. I guess it gives everyone some morning reading material.

  • BJ

    glad to see we’re finally dancing haha. Hard to see seven big11ten teams make it tho

  • Bluebufoon

    Blake McLimans first game at Worcester Academy is tonight.

  • Darius tips tonight against Morningside.
    Blake and Worcester tip tomorrow against Hotchkiss.

    What do you guys prefer for covering the HS games? A post every say Monday and Weds? Just post interesting stuff? Keep up with every game? Let me know what you guys like…

  • Dylan, I like what Varsity Blue does in their “Friday Night Light” posts. Seen here.

  • The issue is that football games are always on Fridays… Making it easy to do a post every Saturday. Hoops games don’t really line up, so I’m just wondering if people want stuff when it happens or on set days.

  • Once a week- a summation of HS hoop action from the week prior.

  • Kevin In GR

    Once a week for an update on recruits would be great. A “Weekly Recruit Roundup” kind of thing

  • UMDC

    Yeah, I’d say that once a week is probably enough for me. Maybe more if something particularly interesting happens. For example, “Best mens high school basketball player in the country chooses Michigan.” You know, interesting stuff like that :)

  • Jay

    Dylan it must make u sick to your stomach as the #1 Dashonte Riley hater in the state of MI, to see he might be receiving interest from UM. Once again you cant teach 7 feet with athleticsm, and his ceiling is higher than Gibson’s will ever be…Lets get it Beilein!Im sure this with possible attrition, u can still get Zeigler or whomever, and a Will Reagan. Have a wonderful day!

  • jg

    I don’t know what criteria Hoops Report used but Michigan as a 6 seed simply does not compute. Especially when Purdue is a 5(?!?).

    Two losses this week won’t be horrible, but picking up one W would do a lot for the resume.

  • josh

    Jay, guess what?, Michigan has not contacted Riley, he called them, and nothing came of it. He will prolly list Michigan, but its not gonna happen. Beilien doesn’t recruit lzy players and thats a fact. He IS VER LAZY. I saw him score 2 points in a game. That is terrible. If he doesnt want to play hard he is not the greatest player that is all I will say.

  • Giddings

    I agree that a 6 seed may be a little high for us.

    For my early season Bracketology, I go to http://www.onlinesportsfanatic.com – they do a GREAT job, with Bracketology updates every night! Also very nice to see their nightly breakdown of the Biggest Win, Biggest Upset, Biggest Bubble Win, etc.

  • @jay: At least I’m number one at something. I don’t hate Dashonte and he clearly has a very high ceiling. I just don’t think he will end up at u-m. The Georgetown falling out was mutual, he’s yet to have a good season (hs or aau) and Michigan is out of scholarships. A lot can happen and it would be stupid for U-M not to stay in contact with him but I just don’t expect him at Michigan. But that’s only my opinion and I guess I’m the #1 Riley hater.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I say that you recruit him like crazy. Belien should just give him a “you work hard, and you will be a star at Michigan.” That gets him all pumped up, and if he comes in here and doesn’t work hard, then he doesn’t play. An athletic 7 footer can’t hurt depth. I’m not saying he will live up to the hype, but I guarantee he’s worth a scholarship coming off the bench. Who’s scholarship do you give away? Gibson’s or Cronin if he doesn’t appear moldable. I just get this feeling that Cronin is always going to take a back seat to somebody more athletic, but I change my opinion on this guy all the time.

  • MoreBlueThanGold

    Andy Reid knows not about which he writes. Michigan had a bad first half against SSU, true. 12 TOs. 0 for 8 from 3pt. But the score was tied at 7 without Sims and most of the SSU lead was built while Sims was in. Probably M would have been behind by only 10 at the half except that SSU was nearly perfect, shooting 71% and 4 for 4 from 3pt.

    I say, as long as team chemistry works, Sims off the bench is working just fine, thank you very much. And the SSU game is proof of nothing except M is still very inconsistent. Maybe Novak should start in place of Ant Wright — that might help cure the slow starts.

  • Giddings

    So yeah… Duke is good.

  • Brick

    Ken, this isn’t the NBA, you can’t just let a kid go. Cronin will be here for four years. Gibson may not be guaranteed a 5th year but I highly doubt he will be pushed out the door for Riley. We may show some “interest” in Riley but that is just being polite. There are no spots available. On to 2010.

  • Ken in Las Vegas


    Yeah, I know. It’s not going to happen, but sometimes I wish we could just replace Gibson. Nothing against the guy but he is just so damn…well…replacable. Riley would be the most highly ranked recruit we’ve had in a long time (#32) and I think he actually wants to play here. Kind of makes the mouth water, but I also understand that Novak and Douglass types may be better for the long run. They look tough, smart, unselfish, and we will have them for four full years. Belein will make the decision that is best for the team.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    Purdue got beat worse than we did and they got to play at home. That means that we are better than Purdue. It’s science. Meanwhile, Ohio State and Minnesota representing for the Big Ten. We’ve got a chance this year. Michigan may make or break The Challenge.

  • Big Ten lost it’s shot at winning when Illinois and Iowa choked. Michigan is the best shot at a win tomorrow….

  • jg

    I see us and Penn St as the best chances at wins tomorrow, but the challenge once again will go to the acc baring some really wack results. Somehow NW is a 1.5 fav at home against FSU so who knows.

    To expound on what the maryland could mean for the rest of the season.

    A win tomorrow night leaves us looking at a potential 10-2 record going into big ten play. With a doable 9-9 conf record and a loss at Uconn that’s 19-12 and BTT win puts us in pretty good position on selection sunday.

    A loss decreases the margin of error we’ll have for conference play and a 10-8 record would probably leave us sweating hard.

    And just bc I like looking ahead, here’s an arbitrary break down of the conference schedule,
    Wins: @Ind, Iowa, NW, @NW
    Likely Wins: Ill, PSU, @Iowa
    Toss-up: Wisc, @Ill, OSU, @PSU, MSU, Minn
    Likely Loss: @OSU, Purdue, @Minn
    Loss: @Purdue, @Wisc

    Assume the wins stay wins and losses stay losses, that’s 7-5 with six toss-up games, four at home. A 3-3 split puts us at 10-7.

    We end with a tough stretch of Purdue, @Wisc, @Minn and if we get a 5 seed we’re matched up with the 4 seed in the BTT.

    moral of the story: looks of bball to be played, but let’s get that resume boost tomorrow!!

  • GregGoBlue

    Pushing somebody out the door simply isn’t Beilein’s style. The loyalty he has to his recruits for buying into his plan and his cultivation of a family atmosphere negates any possibility of him chasing after inconsistent, speculative high-level talent.

    Besides, from what I hear about Riley, he isn’t a Beilein-type player. The guy doesn’t want to work hard, has been turned down by a major program, and hasn’t produced consistently. Keep in mind that Beilein is apt to take unheralded, smart, hard-working, committed student-athletes who are in it for the long haul. I’m with Dylan on this one in that Riley won’t end up a Wolverine, and I don’t think it’s a particularly big loss.

  • GregGoBlue

    And, an addendum: Why all the Gibson haters out there?! We’ve gotten good play out of him, and I like the kid. Cut him a little slack.

  • FL Wolve

    Pushing people out the door isn’t Beilein’s style? Try telling that to Reed Baker, Kendric Price, and Jerret Smith. Circumstances were different for each kid but each kid probably would still be here if TA were still the coach.