Monday Numbers

Dylan Burkhardt

A couple random statistics for your Monday morning while I work on getting a real post together.

  • Manny’s 50 free throws made is good for 2nd in the country and 1st in the Big Ten (by 20 FTs)
  • Michigan’s three point shooting this November is almost 8% lower than last November and just under 3% below last years total.
  • 5 out of the top 7 returning shooters are shooting a lower percentage this year than last.
  • DeShawn Sims and Manny Harris are tied for 2nd in the Big Ten with their 8 rebounds per game.
  • Manny Harris leads the Big Ten in scoring with 22.3 ppg (18th nationally), DeShawn comes in at #7 with 15.2 ppg.
  • Manny leads the team in: minutes (33.7), points (22.3), free throws, rebounds (tied), assists, turnovers, and steals.
  • Wish You Were Here: Klay Thompson is putting up big numbers already at Washington State.
  • Giddings

    Wow… not sure if we should take those shooting percentages as a good sign or a bad sign.

    The good news is that we are 5-1 with a neutral floor win over UCLA despite some abyssmal shooting that should get better.

    The bad news is that if we continue to shoot this poorly, we won’t be able to go into the 1-3-1 as much as we’d like and our defense could suffer, leading to potential losses.

    I’ve gotta think that the shooting will come around.

  • gpsimms

    yup, itll come around. just get ant outta there. (just kidding, i said that for you, giddings)

  • UMDC

    Those are some interesting numbers. So now I’m wondering why it is that we are winning? Is our defense that much better (the 1-3-1 certainly seems to be)? Is our free throw shooting that much better (my guess is yes)? If so, are we getting to foul line more? Are we doing better rebounding? Do we have more steals? Do we have fewer turnovers?

    Of course, I’m too lazy to find the answers to these questions.

  • BBall

    haha…all questions no answers!

    I got another one – how has the 3 point line being moved back affected the percentage for everyone?

    Also – seems like we are taking a lot of REALLY deep 3’s. hopefully the floor spacing will get better and they start taking some 3’s that are closer to the line/higher percentage.

    Beilein has been talking about shot selection too. hopefully that gets better and can improve the percentages.

  • OK guys. I’ll have some answers for you tonight. :-)

  • michmgoblue

    I got some answers, through 6 games last year there were 106 free throw attempts sinking 72. This year there are 111 attempts and sank 88. Rebounding, last year 200, this year 207. Steals 36, this year 48. Turnovers, 75, this year 82. I think it comes down to how the 1-3-1 helps out. Last year they gave up 65.2 ppg, but this year it is down to 57.8 ppg.

  • Justin C

    Shot selection is a big part of it. Also, we sometimes get into a funk where shot creation comes off the dribble for a three. Coach B must continue to preach to these guys that they must move the ball through passing more than dribbling. Driving and kicking is one thing, but multiple cross-overs at the top of the key followed by fade away threes from NBA range from Manny are not the answer.

    Another part is Gibson and Ant are not hitting open shots. I’m with everyone else that Ant needs to come off the bench. Shep is giving us more right now and maybe a start will continue to add to his confidence. As for Gibson, I think it’s a matter of time before he gets his shot going.

  • Here is an answer to the question about whether the 3-point line has affected everyone:

    What’s interesting is that the better 3-point shooting teams last year seem to be the most impacted this year. 22 of the top 25 from last year have a worse percentage right now. There could be a lot of factors playing into this (losing personnel, cold streak, etc.) but the line moving back has definitely impacted Division I teams on the whole (as is evident from this: