Michigan Headed to Orlando in 2009

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan will be playing in the Orlando preseason tournament next year. The field isn’t nearly as loaded as this years but there are definitely some solid teams. Here is the field (with one team to be added later):

Marquette (loses three senior guards)
Alabama (loses Ron Steele and Alonzo Gee)

The interesting match up is with Baylor and our old friend Ekpe Udoh…

Hat tip to kj from the Spartans Weblog for the link.

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  • Ky Fox

    Hey Dylan, is there any way to watch the game if you dont get ESPNU?? live stream or anything?? Oh and we might get to play against Udoh next year!

  • Mason

    It’d be pretty interesting if we were to play Ekpe Udoh…

  • Ky Fox

    In reference to the maryland game on ESPNU.

  • Various streams on justin.tv have streamed other games on espnU so that’s probably the best bet.

  • Ky Fox

    Alright thanks. Im about to up my direct tv package to be able to watch it. Wish it was on Bigten net.

  • Ken in Las Vegas

    Why the hell is the Michigan/Maryland game the only frickin ACC/Big Ten Challenge game not on ESPN? That makes me so angry. Oh, it must be because we have the same time slot as the Penn State vs Georgia Tech game which is much more intriguing. Seriously?

  • Or to try to get people mad that they don’t have ESPNU? ;-) Either way it sucks, I’m gonna have to find somewhere to watch the game.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    Okay, so I just realized that I get ESPNU. LOL. I watched at least one, if not two games on justin.tv earlier this year, then I decided to look for it this morning to see what it would take for me to get it, and low and behold, there it is. I was able to watch it. That pisses me off that I missed two games that I could have watched, but I’m glad I figured it out before the Maryland game.

    Other points: I’m leaving the starting lineup as is, but as someone mentioned earlier, I’m bringing Peedi off the bench at around the 18:00 mark instead of the 16:00 or later mark. I’m really hoping we can find a way to pull off the win against Maryland. If we somehow beat them and Duke this week, it would put our confidence level that we haven’t seen from this club in a LONG time. Go Blue!

  • Kevin In GR

    Does anyone know what channel # ESPNU is on Comcast?

  • @Kevin In GR tvplanner.comcast.com. Enter your zip, select your service.

  • josh

    These kind of tournaments go a long way once March comes around. Hopefully it helps us get to March next year.

  • Kevin In GR

    Thanks Benjamin. Looks as though ESPNU is not available on Comcast in the Grand Rapids area. Guess I will need to go to justin.tv!

  • BL11

    I think the lineup should and will remain the same until LLP arrives…that gives Beilein an easy reason to alter things…

    What do people want more… a maryland win or a duke win?? If i can have just one I think I take the duke win….thoughts????

  • I will be very happy if we win either of the games. I think the likelihood of beating MD is far greater (turnovers will be key), but I want a win over Duke far more.

  • Kevin In GR

    I want a win over Duke more, as I will be in the stands fo rit :)

  • AG2

    I’d rather have the win vs. Maryland. Nobody will care if we get swept by a likely #1 seed come tournament time, but a road win vs. an ACC team will be extremely important.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I’m with AG2 on this one. If our only two losses are to Duke, with wins against UCLA and Maryland, then it’s kind of like still being undefeated.

  • Adam

    It’s a tough call because Duke would obviously be a much better resume win since they are a top 5 team and Maryland should finish near the bottom of the ACC, but the selection committee looks at road/neutral court record as well in determining everything. Therefore they would probably be about equal in importance. My tiebreaker is that I will be at the game on Saturday (as well as trey zeigler) and would LOVE to come away with a huge victory at home and generate fan excitement for the rest of the basketball season. I will say Duke is more important overall.

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