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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • ryan

    what was LLP’s comment about his hype?

  • Kevin in GR
  • BJ

    I read in the Daily that student tickets are now free for all games except MSU, OSU, and Duke. Fact or fiction?

  • It as already all games besides MSU, OSU, and Duke and break games before. But now I saw an email that the Savannah State game is free for students as well.

  • Bluebufoon

    Dylan you keep saying U-M’s out of scholarships yet Angus Brandt says Michigan is still recruiting him. So that’s why I wouldn’t dismiss U-M reconsidering their recruitment of Dashonte Riley–Adding another big body has to be a priority, and if we see it obviously Beilein understands the situation.

    Either way Michigan basketball won’t return to national prominence until Zach Gibson and Anthony Wright are no longer playing meaningful minutes– I’m sure they’re both great young man but they are both huge liabilities at both ends of the court. If I was Beielin neither would be extended a fifth year of eligibility– not on scholarship anyway. They are both overmatched at this level.
    Has there ever been any media reports on the long-term prognosis for Ben Cronin’s injury ? What is the normal recovery time ? Is this a chronic condition ? Is he still receiving treatment ? Is Cronin physically improving or is the injury just stabilized ? Do we know any of the specifics on his leg injury ?

  • Some early Maryland Maryland thoughts… the games is 27-18 after an 11-2 MD run.

    -I really don’t like MSU’s new jerseys…
    -Maryland really is shooting it well early. They are hitting some threes and playing right with MSU.
    -They aren’t particularly big and MSU not having Suton is a big loss. Seems like Michigan can matchup well with Maryland’s size.
    -Refs are calling it pretty tight for MSU’s preference, a lot of moving picks and little fouls both ways.
    -Maryland is getting in the lane pretty easily.

  • Maryland really blew the lead late after playing a great half. I think MSU pulls away in the end in this one.

  • Maryland is sticking it to MSU. 70-53 with 5:46 left.

    Raymar getting in foul trouble really hurt the Spartans IMO along with missed MSU free throws.

    Vasquez is not what you would call safe with the ball and Maryland has been really hot shooting. I don’t think it’s a bad matchup for U-M but Maryland clearly has potential to do damage.

  • 80-62 final.

    Will be really interested to see how Maryland and MSU play the rest of this week. They both have 2 more games.

  • Giddings

    Wow… definitely did not expect this after Vermont took Maryland to OT last week. A win against the Terps next week would be huge.

  • Merlin

    I watched a little and thought the main issue was the lack of intensity of MSU on defense. That is the main reason we are better- consistency on defense especially in the zone.

  • Ky Fox

    We are going to have our hands full with maryland….particularly in the post. They have a lot of athletic forwards and guys who can get off the floor and block shots and rebound. Gwilliams has a pretty young but good team this year. It is going to be a difficult game for us especially because its at their place. In fact maryland reminds me a little like duke…they are not as deep as duke but I feel they are closely matched in athletesiscm. Having said that I think if our back court plays well and Peedi brings it and we can cause some havoc with our zone we could knock em off. We have to shoot it well though. It would beanother HUGE win if we do…a loss by 8 or less wouldnt be terrible and would offer up some more experience for our guys.

  • Ky Fox

    I somewhat agree with you bluebufoon. Although Im not quite sure we should take another 5…we need a versatile 4, maybe even two versatile/athletic 4’s. You look at our next class and we have a 1, a 2, a 5, and a european 4 who will be bit of a project. No one coming in who is overly athletic at the 3 to 4. I watched a vid clip on Riley and it looks like to me he moves pretty well for his size. The only question is like some folks mentioned before is his attitude, and his level of motivation. But I can not imagine that if he wants to make anything of himself in sports that he would come to grips and kick it into gear…who knows what his home life is like or maybe his coach doesnt do well with motivating his kids. Also a question for Dylan is…correct me if Im wrong, but didnt JB offer Riley? Because from what Ive seen so far of Cronin…he has got a lot of work to do.

  • Giddings

    I notice that there’s now a mobile version for the site. Not sure that it’s the best format but it definitely speeds up the load times on my phone.

  • working on a number of changes this weekend and the iPhone version is one. I’ll have a post up tonight probably.