Catching Up: Notes & Links

Dylan Burkhardt

Recruiting Rankings. Rivals put out their list of 2009 team recruiting rankings by conference. Michigan finished a respectable fourth in the Big Ten behind Indiana, Illinois, and Minnesota. Darius Morris was also named the top dog at the point guard position. Looking ahead to next year has to have a Michigan fan excited as long as Manny stays. You take away CJ, Dave, and Jevohn and add a freshman class of Darius Morris, Matt Vogrich, Blake McLimans, and Jordan Morgan to what is mostly the same core.

DaShonte Riley. I have received a lot of emails about DaShonte Riley choosing not to sign with Georgetown and whether or not he is an option for Michigan. I don’t see any way that Michigan goes after Riley because nothing about it makes sense. Michigan is out of scholarships for 2009 and Riley isn’t a great fit anyways. Riley was considered a can’t miss prospect a couple years ago but his stock has dropped steadily from a 5 star to a 3 star recruit. Michigan will move a long and keep looking to the class of 2010.

Top 25? I also got a couple questions about whether Michigan could make it into the top 25. The polls are out and Michigan is #32 in the AP and #45 in the coaches poll. One win against UCLA doesn’t warrant a move into the top 25 at this point in my book. Polls in college basketball are relatively meaningless compared to football so I think this is the least of Michigan’s concerns. The most important take away from the UCLA game is that it will be a resume booster if Michigan finds itself on the bubble.

Tickets. There is a graphic on MGoBlue that says the Duke game is sold out but it looks like you can still buy singles. If you are planning to get to that game I would buy my tickets sooner than later. Another reminder about tickets, tomorrow’s game is $1 if you bring two canned goods for the Food Gatherers. This is a great deal and hopefully people make it out despite the 8:30 tip.

Laval Lucas-Perry. It seems like no Michigan basketball broadcast is complete with out a mention of LLP. Dickie V spoke very highly of him and I haven’t heard anyone who doesn’t expect him to be a contributor. The questions I have are where he fits, does he play the point guard or the two guard. Reports have him as more of an undersized two who could play some one. I just worry about putting all these expectations on a guy who is coming into the middle of the season cold and hasn’t played college hoops since last Fall.  There are still lots of questions with how LLP changes the rotation as well. Beilein has talked about playing less people and I think Novak might be the odd man out right now.


  • BJ

    #32 in AP poll!

  • BJ


  • Ky Fox

    Dylan, Why do you think Riley would not be a good fit for our squad?

  • Ky Fox

    Other than our scholarship situation

  • Dylan

    what makes him a good fit? He’s not particularly skilled offensively and isn’t a high motor guy. We have guys like Cronin and Morgan to get rebounds. I don’t think Riley is an impact player. He would really have to flip the switch.

  • Ky Fox

    Dylan, Who has JB targeted for the 3 or 4 positions? and do you believe that those positions are an area of concern moving forward. Other than McLimans who is coming in that will contribute like Deshawn does, or any other versatile 3 or 4 man? I dont see McLimans scoring in the paint much.

  • Ky Fox

    Yeah. I dont know I was asking your opinion. Ive never really seen him play nor have I seen much footage of him. It would be interesting to hear what JB would say about him.

  • BL11

    I think its kinda telling that beilein didnt care what riley was thinking he wanted morgan…that should stop all the concern over riley and his recruitment.

  • Jay

    Ok Riley had a bad summer, but so did the rest of his team. Cronin isnt a banger, when his key attribute is “a big man with a nice shot” same with McLimans. With Beileins skills, and Rileys raw talent and athleticim could be something VERY nice.I still havent seen footage on this Reagan kid, who you seem so high on. FYI: playing in a city like the D, with a X on your back every night because you were hyped up from the 9th grade is alot different then playing in Buffalo competition . Ask Brandon Kearney, Keith Appling etc how many guys bring there A game, when they see him

  • OK Jay…

    Let’s put it this way. I see Cronin and Morgan as fives. McLimans as a four. I made a post a little while back that Beilein doesn’t usually carry a lot of big men.

    Also FWIW DaShonte plays at DCD so he plays in the Catholic league and not in the PSL.

  • UMDC

    When it comes to Riley, I’m going with “in Beilein I trust.” He knows what he wants in a player and appears to be very good at identifying guys no matter where they are. If he wants him, then Riley’s good for the team. If Beilein doesn’t want him, then Riley isn’t worth crying over.

  • BL11

    Beilein has been looking at Regan for 2 years now and obviously is tracking his progress. Regan has a decent offer sheet…hes not a chump. I know people want riley because of his ranking and location but thats what tommy did…..

    also a nice place to check out RPI along with a lot of other information…..B11 RPI rankings look like this…

  • Tom

    Just an FYI, but passing on Riley may have more to do with Riley’s not being a good fit and less about his “upside”.

    Beilein puts a lot into having guys who “fit in”. And by “fit in”, I’m not just talking system or style of play. I’m talking “fitting in’ to the culture of the team and the university. Beilein speaks a ton about the importance of team chemistry and I think when it comes to guys like Riley, that may be the reason he is not pursued.

    Beilein simply feels he can get more out of a kid slightly less talented but more of a chemistry fit than a more talented kid who is less of a chemistry fit. I really think it is as simple as that.

    My guess is Beilein doesn’t feel Riley’s potential on the floor outweighs his potential to be a disruptive force off of it.

  • Giddings

    Well said, Tom. Riley is one of those guys that Tommy would go after aggressively (and potentially get), but I guarantee you that Beilein has looked closely at Riley and decided “no thanks”.

    Beilein also would have stayed away from guys like Courtney Sims, and NOT just because he doesn’t have a jump shot.

    Have you guys watched Riley at all? I was able to watch DCD in the state playoffs the past couple years on FSN. He really didn’t do anything for me and I remember thinking at the time “how can he possibly be a 5-star?”

  • Jay

    Courtney Sims wasnt that bad of a player to tell u the truth, if Dion Harris amounted to anything or Air Georgia developed a game outside of 3 feet things could have been better. But in Beilein u guys trust, I understand “system” yadda yadda..but when it comes down to that time in March if you cant Bang with the other schools and believe you can finesse your way to chip then your lost. Keep gettin these soft big men, who wanna play on the perimeter. Everybody wants to talk about Joe honest with urself look at Joe’s #’s with Beilein and w/o..less 3’s, more block and face up to destroy the man holding him. Do you wanna give Beilein that credit also since hes UM coach now? or was that a slight change in the philosophy Huggins brought in. B is a great coach, but there is no athleticism on that front line is the point.

  • Beilein was an overtime away from the final four without much athleticism in the post at West Virginia. Not sure if you can really say that his system doesn’t work in March.

    Beilein was the one who offered that Joe Alexander kid that no one looked at. Compare Joe and DeShawn’s sophomore season numbers and then tell me what DeShawn is doing this year — playing inside. Of course it is partly by necessity and Peedi isn’t Joe Alexander but you just can’t give JB no credit for Joe Alexander.

    Let Beilein do it his way. Just like it’s ridiculous for U-M fans to want Rich Rod to run an offense other than his own. Beilein has coached this offense for YEARS and he knows what he needs to win.

    Would he like to get a lineup full of NBA talent? I’m sure he would. Is DaShonte Riley a guy like that? No not really. Is he worth any sort of risk? No probably not. Is he worth not giving a 5th year to a guy who has busted his ass for JB for 2 years? Nope.


    (Also, I have no problem with DaShonte and I think he has enough upside that he will turn out to be a very good player wherever he ends up)

  • Voice of Reason

    You may already have this but…

    For anyone interested in tracking a college teams basketball effeciency, e.g., Michigan, Duke, etc., then check the links below. Michigan has improved over last year and we still have a ways to go but we can keep an eye on how we compare with other teams this season and how we’ve compared last season.

  • Ky Fox

    I slightly have to side with Jay on these points. While I do not neccisarily think that we need riley I do believe that we need a versatile, athletic 4 man. I do not want to criticize JB much because he has done a great job SO FAR at somewhat taking our program to the next level. But I am just a little concerned at what our roster might look like in a couple years, a lot can happen in that time recruiting wise but my fear is lack of athletecism in the frontcourt. Now like I said I dont particularly think we need Riley but going forward we need an athletic 4 man…someone between 6’7″ and 6’9″ who can get off the hardwood and grab some bounds, block some shots, but at the same time have some offensive ability. Im sorry to say that Cronin(especially after watching him tonight), JMo, McLimans will not bring that to the table. Cronin has A LOT of work to do to contribute to the squad and its as simple as getting up and down the floor…granted he might not be 100% physically but still. If any of you seen the Uconn Wisky game that is exactly what I am talking about. Bo Ryan will always be a avg 20th ranked team. They will never be in a championship nor a final four…..and in theyre very very best years they maybe get into an elite eight.. maybe! They do not have the athletesicm in the frontcourt to ever be an impact team NATIONALLY. Thats just the way it is and its just the way Ryan constructs his teams. You have to be a balanced team, and that means having a certain level of athletesicm in your frontcourt…not just finnese bigs who can shoot. Now having a big or 2 who is versatile and can shoot is great and I think it is needed…..but you have to have both to be a balanced team. My concern is we are getting bigs who can bang or shoot and guards who can, for the most part shoot, and we are not getting anything in between. I myself trust in JB but we have to get some more athletic ability in here with our next few recruits..mainly the 4 spot if we expect to win games against Duke, Uconn, MSU…ect. We are close but in my eyes thats what we need to really round out our team. And in reference to having rich rod run another offense…you cant really compare the two sports. And the way rich rod recruits is he recruits speed, its been noted that he has the fastest recruiting class in the nation…which if you did compare the two sports it would be the equivilant to a basketball team having the most athletic class coming in. Nobody is wishing JB would run another system or style because I like the way he coaches and I love the way his players become better, Im just hoping he sprinkles in a little more athletesicm to balance our team out, and really compete at a NATIONAL level.