Game 2: Northeastern at Michigan Pre Game

Dylan Burkhardt

WHAT: Michigan vs. Northeastern
WHEN: November 12th, 8 PM EST
WHERE: Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor
Tickets: Of course they are available! Students also get in free with M-Card.


Northeastern got by IUPUI yesterday 73-60 and will face Michigan with a trip to New York City on the line. Northeastern is led by Matt Janning, a lanky guard who can shoot the ball. Janning averaged 16.1 ppg and shot 38% from long range last year. He struggled shooting the ball Tuesday against IUPUI going 4-13 but he still managed 13 points.

The Northeastern backcourt is rounded out by Chase Allen. Allen appears to be a very good passer (6 assists last night) and also a playmaker on defense (2 steals and a block). Here are a few highlights of Janning and Allen in action from last year:

In the front court Northeastern has Eugene Spakes (6’8″), Manny Adako (6’8″), and Nkem Ojougboh (6’9″). This will certainly be a test for Michigan down low with all the size across the board although Adako posted a “Gibson-esque” 1 rebound in 29 minutes. Ojougboh was 5-5 for 12 points in only 24 minutes against IUPUI. Here is more video:

Overall Northeastern is no push over and this is going to be a tough game for Michigan. They have a balanced attack (4 players in double figures against IUPUI) but didn’t shoot it particularly well in their opener last night. Michigan will need a big night out of Manny and hopefully one of the freshman or Anthony Wright to get hot shooting the ball. It should be a fun one and a chance to maybe take a little more from the results than these games against Division 2 teams. Winning this game also gives Michigan a chance to head to New York City and maybe have a chance to surprise someone.

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  • If anyone saw the Northeastern game last night it would be great if you could share your thoughts.

  • Well, I, for one, am very nervous about the game tonight.

    Northeastern is a very legit team, we are going to need to play perfect tonight.

    Is the matchup going to be Ojougboh vs. Sims?

  • Kevin In GR

    Dylan…….I don’t think many people period saw that game last night from the sounds of it! I read somewhere there were only a few hundred in attendance.

  • Voice of Reason

    In my opinion, if Michigan can’t handle Northeastern tonight, then for sure, they aren’t ready for UCLA or Duke. Not to say that they won’t eventually get there, however, this is the next logical step in their growth and development. Big Ten season will be here before you know it and this is the part of the season where Michigan needs to grow up fast. Win or lose, they have to chalk it up as a learning experience and use it to get better.

  • Steele

    I’m also nervous about tonight. I think the team (and Manny in particular) looked good yesterday…but it’s hard to tell how much improvement has taken place when you’re playing a D2 team. Michigan destroyed Ferris St, Radford, and Brown to start off last season and we all know how that turned out. I’m not trying to take away from the win yesterday, but I want to see how the players respond against some real competition. Northeastern will be a better measuring stick of where the team stands right now. Hopefully we can get to 2-0!

    Go blue!

  • Steve

    Yes, we destroyed some poor opponents early on last year. But watch how patient and deliberate we are on the offense this year. If something isn’t there, no one is forcing wild jump shots (except Anthony ;)). They are very patient, and are making some good reads on the offensive end.

    Tonight will be a good test, especially if we fall behind early on. I think our guys have more confidence this year, and they seem to believe in the system they are running. Just cut hard, out hustle the opponent, and play tough defense, and we win tonight.

  • Mike

    Here’s what I can tell you about the game as a fan of Northeastern. We played ok. We did not shoot the ball well from 3, outside of Spates’s two Early 3’s. We’re not a team that’s going to be high scoring but I would say this team is much deeper then the past two years. The scary part for me is Janning had a pretty terrible game 4-13 shooting and only 13 points and we WON. He still has one of the longest streaks of Double digit points in the nation I believe.

    Chase had a solid all around day, I guess everyone wonders when he’ll become the “next” guy, but I could settle for him becoming a standout defensive player who drops 10-12 points a night. He’ll drive the lane hard tonight.

    Manny Adako is flatly an enigma. There are games he dominates inside, in fact he took over games in the 2nd half last year just because he could, if NU’s shots arent dropping look for them to pound it inside to Manny. Ink Struggled down towards the end of the season last year(check the box scores) but he’s very strong inside an excellent low post defender and he will likely guard Manny Harris to start. Plus he’ll throw in 7-9 points per game with about 6 or 7 boards.

    Spates played really well yesterday, he played with ALOT more confidence and typically he’s a guy that played as the first guy off the bench. If we get production from him that we got yesterday this game is very winnable

    As far as the bench goes, I liked how Lima played. Granted he’s a soph but as a 6’11 3 man I think he could have some impact. He’s got a nasty jumper and has played international ball his whole life, Plus he joined the team mid-season last year and I think is just now becoming comfortable with the Bill Coen System. Baptiste is a solid little frenchman I promise he will attempt to draw a charge at least once. Alverez started a lot last year, but truly he’s a garbage/glue guy. He’ll be first off the bench and will get some boards the occasional bucket and good D. not expecting much from smith, AA, or Etherly.

    Overall I expect a good game. I think it’s probably a coin flip to see who wins. NU’s D overall is pretty solid. They play a solid 1-3-1 and 3-2 zone. I’ll be intrigued to see if they go man to man b/c I think they’ll have to double Harris. Here’s the key, if NU plays it’s Flex Offense well and limits possestions they will win. They will scrap, also watch for rebounding neither team is great at it and the team that wins that category prob wins this game.

  • Mason

    Hey all

    If anyone needs a ticket (for free), shoot me an email at I’ve got an extra seat available – on the tunnel side, row 12 behind the basket. So if anyone is interested, let me know.

  • What’s the word on Ben Cronin? Saw him play in garbage time and he made a solid move, but what should we expect from him?

  • Mason

    ^^Not much yet. He’s still hobbling because of his lingering hip injury, but i do think he could be dangerous once healthy.

  • Dylan

    Thanks Mike.

    I’ll have a blurb up on signing day before the game as well.

    Ryan: right now I expect Ben to red shirt.

  • Steele

    I’m sure this already came up, but how much can Cronin play without blowing his red shirt?

  • Dylan

    30% of the season.

  • Is there a deadline to when they have to make a decision?

    We need that extra big on our roster, if not, we are SOOOOO small

  • Dylan

    29-23 at the half. Sloppy at times but UM has the small lead. Manny has nine at the half. Janning has 2.

  • Adam

    Jevohn Shepeard sucks and he can stay on the bench for all I care. That said, the free throw shooting is saving us at this point. I’m sure these guys improved their shooting, especially from long range over the smmer, but it’d be nice if they’d prove it when it counts.

  • hoosierine

    man. manny is so fresh. fin.

  • 2o point win over a pretty good team! I think this team can play in the NCAA tournament this year, so long as they shoot decent like they have thus far. Rebounding was still an issue but the real surprise to me is the tenacity of the defense. I cant recall the last time UM disrupted the passing lanes so well and even doubling down in the post!

  • aaron

    i really liked our D, still to many open threes being let up, but we are playing very hard and it shows, the freshman were really good today, i think 6 pts each(stu had 2, 3’s and zach had one, and was fouled on another and made his free throws) and very few if any turnovers, manny is really good, and we will find out just how good he is when we play ucla. the only knock on him is he still turns the ball over, but has really settled down so far this year as compared to last year. i for one really really like sims off the bench, i dont think we have to worry nearly as much about scoring droughts this year.

    the key to the season is….REBOUNDING, right now we are doing a terrible job rebounding and it needs to improve, i think some of it is long rebounds off long shots, so i hope that gets better.

    GO BLUE!!!

  • MooN

    Let’s give Merrit a hand. He has really improved and looks to be a servicable PG. Gibson looks much betterr as well. The biggest difference to me is that the don’t play like pansies like we have over the last five years or so.

  • UMDC

    I have to say that I’m really excited about what we’ve seen so far. Of course, UCLA will give as a real good idea just how far we have come. We did stay in the game with them last year for about 30 minutes before we fell apart. Maybe this year we go the whole 40.

    Wasn’t the free throw shooting just amazing! I’ve never seen anything like that!