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Dylan Burkhardt

Manny Harris: One on One (HT: MichiganSportsCenter)

I’m ready for the season tomorrow. What are you are watching for in Thursday’s exhibition? (Which conveniently will be streamed on

  • umdc

    I know that the first thing I would like to see is when guys are wide open they make their shots. It frustrates me no end to see guys constantly missing wide open shots. And that happend far too often last year. That’s first on my list.

  • joe s

    The thing i would like to see is point gaurd play. I hope one of Grady, Merritt or Lee can step up and be solid. If not then we will struggle untill LLP can play. Can’t wait go blue

  • El Capitan

    Wow that was quite an extensive interview… a whopping two questions haha.

  • KS Hoops

    I’m interested in seeing improvement in the flow of the offense. Hopefully, there will be less thinking and more confidence–especially from the point. I’m excited to watch them play, exhibition or whatever.

  • Kenny

    Are we still running for Brandt with no scholarship left for 09. what is the possibility of someone leaving the team after this season, either going pro (I sure hope that Sims or Manny has a monster year but unlikely to me) or transferring (one of the freshmen, Grady, Wright?)

  • I think we will keep recruiting him in case something falls through. Better safe than sorry, especially because he is planning to commit in the late signing period.

  • AC

    Here are some things I want to see….

    — What is the rotation? I’m sure everyone will play, but who gets a lot of minutes? This particularly applies to the freshmen.
    — Will Cronin play and if so, how does he look?
    — What does the offense look like? Too often last season it was either taking (and missing) an ill-advised 3 or Manny trying to do too much by himself.
    — What is the ratio of inside/outside play from Sims? Too often last season I think he forced things from the outside. He’s a better player in the post or mid-range game and given the lack of front-court depth he’s going to have to play in the paint.
    — How does Zach Gibson look? Barring an unexpected performance out of Cronin, we’re going to have to rely on Gibson as the center all year. Can he handle it?

  • Kenny

    Beilein’s system depends on 3-point shot, I hope that at least 35 percent of them will fall. If this category does not get improved, it will be another losing season. Another thing that I will watch is the rebounding, Beilein’s system has a reputation of giving up on rebounding but last year’s team hold quite well compared to his former teams, but Udon’s transferring hurts. I expect Sims to play more inside.

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