Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Agreed.

  • a2matt

    Off topic, but Michigan vs SVSU will be streamed live on

  • michiganman777

    Borat is the man

  • I agree with what *Musket Rebellion* says. I’ll take it a step further, though, and say VOTE OUT OF PRINCIPLE/YOUR CONSCIENCE ****NOT WHO YOU THINK IS “GOING TO WIN”/OUT OF SO-CALLED “PRAGMATISM” OR SOME OTHER BS LIKE THAT (LIKE IT IS A GOD-DAMN HORSE RACE @THE KENTUCKY DERBY AND YOU ARE “BETTING” ON THE WINNER, SO TO SPEAK!!!!****. For instance, I voted for someone (actually a Write-In) WHO WAS NOT FROM THE TWO MAIN PARTIES (i.e. the Democratic Party and the Republican Party)!!!! That is my Civic message of the day. Peace

    p.s. If everyone voted (from epistemological, pyschological standpoints) than this Country (and by extension, the World) would be A MILLION TIMES BETTER ALL-AROUND!!!!