Kent State Scrimmage Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

With a completely closed and private scrimmage it’s hard to find any info. But pointing to random message board speculation here and here it appears that Michigan fared better than they did last year. The first post is a conversation with Ben Cronin from a message board poster. Here are a couple quick hitters (cleaned up slightly) from budawgs00’s post:

Poster: Hey man did you play yesterday in the scrimmage??
Cronin: yeah

Cronin: Good, we beat up on them pretty good.

Cronin: Yeah I’m all cleared to play, I’m going full in practice. I did pretty well when I was in. I just have alot to catch up on – like learning the plays.

Cronin: Zack Gibson,  DeShawn Sims, Dave Merritt, Anthony Wright and Stu Douglass
Don’t know who his set five are, he just threw random groups in different people started different games during the scrimmage.

Overall the reports from the scrimmage are certainly encouraging because Kent State is a solid team and are favored to win the MAC and return the MAC player of the year. Reports last year were that Kent State stuck it to Michigan pretty well. I certainly can’t wait for Thursday when the public gets their first chance to see the team in action. I wouldn’t worry about starting line-ups or anything else at this point either but the fact that the team played well overall and Cronin appears to be healthy is great news.

In other news the Maize Rage t-shirt has been spotted and student tickets are available for pickup:

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  • Tom

    Good to hear that the scrimmage went well. The fact that it was an improvement and they beat KSU is definitely better than hearing they lost, but like I posted below, it probably isn’t all that meaningful, regardless of the result.

    The best thing is coaches have a chance to look at tape and see how guys perform in a competitive situation vs a foreign opponent. I’m guessing a lot of information is derived from the scrimmages in terms of starting to get a set rotation in order. That is probably the biggest part of having the scrimmage. Coaches finally can start piecing together the rotation and look at different lineups and see how they mesh.

    I’d also add they probably still have a ways to go in terms of getting the frosh completely up to speed, but I bet the next 3 days will go along way in shoring that up(now that they have some live game film to evaluate).

    Maize Rage shirts look nice.

  • Ken in Vegas

    I can’t tell you how good it is to hear this news. For some reason I expected a letdown. Something along the lines of “They beat us, but we hung in the game and fought hard.” My biggest concern for this season was that Cronin would be out for the year and we would lose out on much needed depth at center and playing time for Cronin to develop, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. At least not for now. I’m sure he’ll be fragile all year. I was surprised to see Manny not starting, but I imagine thats not reflective of our opening day starting 5. I’m not expecting this team to compete for a spot in the dance, but I just hope we’re a dangerous team that can get hot and beat you on any given night. More fluidity on offense and better shooting.

  • I just don’t want to see 10 minute scoring droughts. :/

    Nov 6…get here!

  • Bluebufoon

    Cronin, Cronin– Cronin !!!!

    There aren’t many big men in this conference and if Big Ben can walk and chew gum at the same time he going to have an impact.

    Go Blue !!!!

  • Maybe, but he’s already behind so I’m not going to start expecting things from him. Anything he gives us would be unexpected IMO. I think he still might RS even if he’s healthy.

  • josh

    The kid is at least 7 foot, it is almost impossible for him not to have an impact as long as he can stand. Seriously, the average center in the Big10 is prolly 3 to 4 inches shorter than him.

  • UMDC

    It’s great to hear some reports suggesting we look good. Obviously, Thursday will tell us a lot more, but this is so much better than last year.

    All I want for Christmas are three guys on the team that can shoot 40% from three point land.

  • ryan

    For what it’s worth KSU lost everyone from their very experienced front court last year, not to mention one of the best coaches the MAC has seen in the past couple decades in Jim Christian (to TCU). They do return Al Fisher, a very talented point guard who probably was the 3rd most deserving player in the MAC for POY last year (behind WMU’s David Kool and Akron’s Romeo Travis). I would expect our guards to be able to handle their back court. I just thought I would put some perspective into the scrimmage. We were matching up against another team with a front court that is very limited as far as experience.

  • Thanks ryan. It’s still a good test against a team that will give you a lot of pressure looks. And I believe the new HC is from the old staff so no major changes. And they are MAC favorites so they aren’t expected to be hurt that much.

    Interesting about the front court though, thanks for sharing.

  • Bluebufoon

    My understanding about Kent St is they do play two 6-8 type jucos upfront. Back to the conversation with Ben Cronin– just as U-M didn’t have the luxury of banking a scholarship or two in the 2009 recruiting class, I don’t believe Michigan is deep enough to red-shirt young Mr Cronin, especially one with his size and offensive and defensive prescience.

  • Jay

    Cronin wont redshirt, unless its matter how far he is behind, you cant teach 7 foot. Especially if its a coordinated 7 feet..Its good to hear something positive out of Ann Arbor this year.