Final Student Ticket Policy

Dylan Burkhardt

As I mentioned the other day, the student ticket policy is finalized. The athletic department sent out an e-mail tonight explaining the policy. Here is a quick run down.

If you bought student tickets

  • A guaranteed ticket in the Maize Rage bleachers for 12 home games (there are six games over student breaks) including Duke, Ohio State and Michigan State.
  • Food will be provided in the bleachers (while supplies last) before every weeknight game, except Michigan State. A Maize Rage t-shirt.
  • A long-sleeve Maize Rage t-shirt.
  • Opportunity to participate in a bus trip to an away game.

As well as prizes!

  • Those who attend the exhibition and all five non-conference games will receive a $20 Mden gift card.
  • Those who attend all six Big Ten conference games will receive a $10 Mden gift card.
  • Those who attend all 12 home games will receive an Adidas hooded sweat shirt with “Maize Rage” stitched under the block M.
  • Remember that if you cannot attend a game, please give your ticket to another student so when your ticket is scanned we can give you credit for attending that game.

Introducing the ‘Beilein’s Bunch‘:

Head Coach John Beilein and the Athletic Department want to expose Michigan basketball to as many students as possible during the season. Therefore, we are creating the “Beilein’s Bunch”. We want to engage student groups on campus (i.e. dorms, fraternities, sororities, etc.) to attend games and sit in section 10 of the bleachers and in section 19 behind the pep band. With this one-time opportunity, students in these groups will receive the following:

  • A ticket in the “Beilein Bunch” sections in the lower blue.
  • A maize t-shirt.
  • Free bus transportation.

And finally if you didn’t buy tickets and are not part of the Beilein’s Bunch you get in free anyways.

In addition, we are announcing FREE tickets located in the gold to all students upon showing their ID for the following games: Saginaw Valley State, Michigan Tech, Coaches vs Cancer, Norfolk State, EMU, Iowa, Northwestern, PSU, Minnesota.

Well at least they are trying to get people in the seats. I am definitely a fan of the group tickets and free tickets basically became inevitable with the poor (450) sales. Hopefully they let kids from the yellows into the bleachers if they aren’t filled up.

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  • MooN

    I want one of those sweatshirts, to bad I’m not a student…

  • Giddings

    All I have to say is it’s about time. Too bad that it took a “worst case scenario” (not filling up the bleachers) for these kind of changes to happen, but better late than never.

    I’m very impressed with the Athletic Department for getting this plan together so quickly, but at the same time I bet Beilein and his staff are responsible for 80% of the ideas and 99% of the motivation.

  • UMDC

    Damn, I’m jealous! When I was in school the only thing we got was Brian Ellerbe.

  • BJ

    Wish they would have publicized all of the freebies earlier…I would have bought season tix.

  • You probably can, send Bodnar an email:

    Anyone heard anything about the raffle?