Thursday Links

Dylan Burkhardt
  • josh

    Yea, I sure would say things look encouraging for Zeigler and Morgan.

  • Dave

    Would love to hear good news in the future about Moses Morgan and Zeigler. That is an encouraging headline. I think our patience will pay off eventually. Even if it isn’t with these kids it seems like the program is in good hands.

    Thanks Dylan, and to all the level headed UM fans.

  • romatt

    It would take a transfer for us to have room for Ziegler, Morgan, and Regan correct?

  • Yes romatt, or Anthony Wright not coming back for a 5th year or Manny going pro.

  • Streaming games on Big Ten network.

    3 UM games not on TV.

  • Thanks bill, I also go your email. THis is a great way to see the games for people w/o BTN etc. I wonder how the quality will be. It’s nice to see that even the exhibition will be on there so everyone can get a glimpse next Thursday.

    Just to gauge interest, would you guys be interested in live blogs ever? I’m not sure how popular those are but have thought about doing a few.

  • MooN

    I think it would work for the big games…

  • romatt

    dont mention Manny going pro. If we ignore it, ther’s no way it can happen.

  • romatt

    ^***Early that is***

  • MooN: Yea, the idea would probably be big road games because I think someone has to moderate it so home games wouldn’t work.

  • Brick

    If Morgan remains a serious target I will have to go watch him play a HS game this season. It sounds like he’s serious about UM and he’d be a great addition.

    I have a feeling that we end up taking three for ’10. Something will shake loose. Wright’s fifth year is an interesting dilemma. I think we’ll know by the end of this year if he is in the long term plan or not.

  • Moses is definitely a serious target if you are out that way and going to check out a game it would be great if you could be a special reporter for UMHoops :-).

  • Dylan – A note on liveblogging.
    I’ve moderated 3 (4?) of the liveblogs for MGoBlog and it has its upsides and downsides. I’ll send you an email when I get to work later today detailing both because it would be too much info to lay out on here, but you’ll need at least 3 moderators for each game.