Easier Schedule?

Dylan Burkhardt

Not so fast

  • #2 @Connecticut
  • #5 Duke
  • #7 Michigan State
  • #10 Purdue (twice)
  • #21 Wisconsin (twice)
  • Potential: #4 UCLA (MSG)

Snyder mentions, “that’s probably eight games — a quarter of the schedule — against currently ranked teams.”

So much for the easy schedule, Georgetown is replaced by UConn, Duke and probably UCLA remain on the schedule, and Maryland is pretty much equivalent to last years Boston College team.

We did get rid of Harvard, Central, Butler, and Western Kentucky (two tournament teams) but this schedule is no line up of cupcakes.

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  • While they do have some tough games, they also have some games against low end Division I teams – Florida Gulf Coast, NC Central, Savannah State and Norfolk State probably have no business on the schedule of a Big Ten team. Those teams will likely all have RPI rankings somewhere south of 300.
    Of course given their struggles last year and their youth, this is exactly what this team needs. Gotta walk before you can run, I guess.

  • It’s true we have some easier games, but then again Radford, Eastern Washington, Harvard, and Central weren’t exactly powerhouses last year either.

  • michiganman777

    I wouldnt count out Florida Gulf COast. They have some guy named Reed Baker who is quite a player.

  • Jay

    Always good to measure yourself vs the best, rather than against some BUMS! Great chance to see how the young cats respond, and we will see if we do have a true leader who steps up when times get rough unlike past years.

  • It would be nice to have more of the mid-level D-1 talent to play against rather than some of the elite teams in the country, but playing a brutal schedule always has seemed to help out MSU in the long run so as long as we aren’t getting destroyed in every game we should only benefit from the experience. The problem being that last year we did get pretty much dominated in every game against top flight opponents. The BC game was interesting to the end though.

  • *Jay* —

    EXACTLY!!!! In order to BE THE BEST, you have to BEAT THE BEST!!!! FINALLY, SOMEONE ELSE (BESIDES ME) WHO KNOWS “WHAT’S UP” AND “GET’S ‘IT'”!!!! I like how you think and where your head is at!!!! Everyone, else pretty much knows how I feel in regards to scheduling philosophy (especially Non-Conference scheduling philosophy) in large part because I have stated my views on this REPEATEDLY AND MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! Peace.


  • Steele

    I think playing a few top flight opponents is a good thing, but loading up on them with a team that’s still so young and unproven is a mistake. Look at last year. Mich didn’t gain experience and ‘prove themselves’ against a tough schedule. They got blown out time and again, the team’s mentality was hurt, and the fans totally lost interest. I agree that a tough OOC schedule is huge when you are a team playing for the tournament, but I still don’t think it makes sense for this team at this time.