Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt
  • It is too bad that we either haven’t gotten or haven’t received word if McLimans committed or not. I figure these guys usually know something right after it happens so you’d think that rivals or scout would have something posted by now if it had happened.

  • Brick

    I think everyone was set up by comments that one of the visitors was likely to commit if things went well. Byrd committed to MSU a week after his visit and I don’t think any Spartans were all that worried that he didn’t commit before he left. It’s pretty normal to go home and discuss things with friends, family and coaches before making anything official. Early signing is just around the corner so we should know one way or another pretty soon.

  • Everyone needs to calm down on McLimans. He was still in Ann Arbor as of this morning. Scout, Rivals, etc don’t contact recruits during their visits. He would just be getting home this afternoon. You aren’t going to see an article claiming a commitment without quotes.

    Even if he doesn’t commit right now, he deserves time to think about his decision one way or the other without rushing into it while he’s in Ann Arbor.

  • UMDC

    On a different subject, I find Beilein’s comments about this years team very encouraging. He is a smart guy and knows the importance of setting expectations realistically. Last year, I saw him give a quick pep talk to UM fans prior to the game in DC against Georgetown and he was very clear about what to expect from the team (i.e. they need a lot of work and they are still learning). Now he is saying that we will all see significant improvement, which is exactly what I want to see most.

  • Sid

    Yes, he does seem to have raised the expectations bar a bit, which is good. Does anybody get the “poor man’s Chris Mullin” bit though (specifically the “poor man’s” part)?

  • The Oracle

    Are you saying you expect Novak to be as good as Chris Mullin?

  • troublet0605

    Dylan do you know if we still have a shot with Solomon Hill now that he has decommited from Arizona?

  • troublet: We recruited Hill but it always seemed like a long shot. He is cool with Darius so it could be possible but I think he will stay on the west coast.

    Also, Rivals posted an article on McLimans: