McLimans to Announce Tuesday

Dylan Burkhardt

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Blake McLimans, a 6-10 shooting forward from Buffalo who is prepping at Worcester Academy, has narrowed his college choice to Providence and Michigan. He’ll likely make an announcement on a school Tuesday morning.

“He’s probably going to make a decision tomorrow morning,” said Worcester coach Ed Reilly, a former Bryant College HC. “Something is imminent.”
There is widespread speculation that McLimans will pick Michigan. He just spent a few days in Ann Arbor with coach John Beilein and the Wolverines are tough to turn down. However, Reilly said he liked PC and Keno Davis quite a bit as well.
“He just got back from Michigan but I told him to sit tight for a night and we’ll see what tomorrow brings,” Reilly said.

Here are old Blake McLimans updates.

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  • MooN

    Looks good for the good guys here. I like the pick up and someone, who really wants U-M. I know a bunch of people will complain with the typical he’s a 1* stuff. He’ll end up a solid 3* and rounds out a very good class IMO. We simply couldn’t afford to wait for Brandt. On to 2010, a class of Reagan and TZ would be fantastic!

  • I feel pretty good about this one too. Dylan what do you think about him committing? Does he have more upside than Cronin?

  • Voice of Reason

    Here’s a link to a recent article on McLimans and his game. Seems like an excellent player for the Beilein system if he comes.

  • Musket: This will be a very good get. I would say he definitely has more upside than Cronin. I’ll have more tomorrow morning.

  • Voice of Reason: Nice find too. Thanks.

  • Brick

    VOR – That’s some high quality Google stalking.

    It’s interesting that a kid with no real offers after his senior year is creating this much interest before his prep school year even starts.

    Big men always take longer to develop and are much harder to project at a young age. I always find it funny how some kids are written off after their freshman and sophomore years before they have had a chance to grow into their bodies or learn how to use their height and weight to their advantage. Most kids don’t grow up practicing post moves and rebounding in their backyard so it takes a few year to learn. Sounds like the light just seemed to turn on for Blake. Hope he’s blue tomorrow.