Russell Byrd to Michigan State

Dylan Burkhardt

No surprise here. Byrd chose Michigan State over Kentucky and Michigan. Michigan State was one of the first teams (along with Iowa) in on Byrd and Izzo sealed the deal. Michigan was late to the party and while they made up ground, they never really had a great shot.

There are plenty of other targets in 2010 including Trey Zeigler, Isaiah Sykes, and Will Regan. While this won’t necesarrily help with Zeigler it probably won’t be a bad thing either. The addition of Matt Vogrich to the 2009 class also makes missing out on Byrd a little less painful.

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  • college bro

    wonder if Izzo promised him the starting job. haha

    good luck to russell, good kid.

  • Jay

    Beilein show your savvy skills, and go back after Solomon Hill now that he has decommitted from UA.

  • Adam

    I am fairly familiar with the situation and am shocked at the MSU decision. His dad influenced this one BIG time. This kid does not have Big Ten or SEC talent but I though would be a pretty good fit in the Beilein system.

    That said, I don’t think he will be successful in East Lansing especially with the good amount of guards already there. I’m sure Izzo sees something that I don’t but for a kid from a tiny Indiana school, the skills just aren’t there. Maybe in 2 years but I’m convinced Izzo just got himself a project.

  • Rob

    Exactly Dylan. If we hadn’t gotten Vogrich then this would be something to freak out over. It seems people have forgotten him already??? He was listed in the sporting news this week as the BEST shooter in the country.

    Don’t forget Moses Morgan too. I think we will get an impact SG in ’10 class.

    Add McLimans to this class and Will Regan for ’10 and it will be all cool beans!

  • The Oracle

    I’d be really happy with McLimans for 09 and Regan and TZ for 10 and call it a day.

  • Rivals has an article about a Buffalo area big man who is thinking about committing. Who are they talking about?

  • Bluebufoon

    Will Regan a Jr and Blake McLimans who is now at Worcester Academy,
    (I don’t know the correct word) supposedly or reportedly committed to U-M yesterday. This story comes from a prominent Michigan high school coach who has very good ties to the U-M program.

  • That would be the most dominant weekend of basketball recruiting in the last 10 or so years if so. A huge coup for Beilein. Isn’t Will Regan a 2010 and McLimans a 2009? If this is true then hopefully this will shut up anyone who is still blindly saying that Beilein can’t recruit. Thanks for the update Bluebufoon.