Russell Byrd to Decide Friday

Dylan Burkhardt

Per Jerry Tipton, Byrd is set to announce his decision on Friday. I wouldn’t bet on Michigan.

“He felt he had enough information,” Kelly Byrd said about his son. “He’d seen enough, heard enough. He wanted to take this week to pray and discuss this with his mother and father.”

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  • It is almost certainly State on this one. UK is really the only other player and they already took a 4* SG in their 2009 class. If I had to put a percentage chance on it I’d say around 25% but it probably isn’t even that high.

  • Yup, I would put the chances below 25%.

  • Would you rather have Byrd or Brandt? We need depth up front more than we need a SG right now. Although Brandt seems like a long shot as well.

  • Brandt. Although Angus is 09, Byrd is ’10. We need big men badly.

  • Gauna is a pretty big MSU lean from what I’ve heard (both here and elsewhere). Either him or Brandt would be a big help, but can we really wait for a 2010 big man?

  • DoubleDribble

    Beilein will have trouble getting top recruits until UM proves it can win. This kid is heading to MSU unless he takes that leap of faith.

  • Brick

    I think the only way we land Byrd at this point is if he has a vision from GOD this week. Somehow Izzo convinced him that he would be in the top 8 rotation in his Freshman year. I’d like to see the list of kids who are out of the 8 man rotation.

    I read that Gauna is a lifelong Spartan fan so he is theirs if they want him.

    We need a big with the last 09 ship (Brandt or McLiemens hopefully) and we will need another in 2010.

  • I HAVE NOT, NOR WILL NOT, GIVE UP ON RUSSELL BYRD!!!! Even a Michigan State Basketball (fan) poster on the Basketball Free Board doesn’t feel that it is a “foregone conclusion”! Until I see an article that says Russell Byrd commits to non-Michigan School AND that is shows in the databases said non-Michigan School == Russell Byrd’s choice, then Michigan should keep on pursuing him and pulling out all stops!!! Heck, even until he signs his LOI Michigan could/should pursue him (constitutionally speaking it is not illegal or against the Rules!!!! Immoral? Shady? Unethical?? Well, that is another story [but that doesn’t stop coaches like John Calipari from doing that])!!!! Russell, if you are reading this board-post . . .


    Coaching Staff, if you are reading this, then pursue what I just talked about in the above paragraph!!!! THANKS!!!!


  • Wolverine – I don’t think anyone is writing Byrd off, we are just preparing ourselves for what largely looks to be a MSU commit. It’d be great for him to come in though, and I agree with you that we shouldn’t write him off. I’m sure the coaching staff hasn’t.

  • michiganman777

    Wolverine- Do you have premium to any pay sites? Just wondering. IMO Byrd is MSU all the way. I would say 70%MSU 20%Kentucky and 10% Michigan. It doesnt bother me if we dont get huim for a few reasons.

    1- It only helps our chances with TZ (MSU would likely look to bigs to fill out the class)
    2- We already have Volgrich who is a higher rated player(although not in the same class).

    I DO want him but it looks as though we will be ok regardless of what happens with Byrd (and I would take TZ ANY DAY over Byrd).

  • *michiganman777* —

    No, I don’t (in terms of having premium to any pay sites). It’s just that I get tired of the “give up”/”defeatist” attitude of Michigan fans (or at least some of them)– and I say this as a Michigan fan myself (this especially relates to Basketball and Basketball Recruiting). I am of the belief that no matter what the odds are, one NEVER EVER GIVES UP and fights to the bitter end. In ohter words, with me, it is always . . .


    I can speak more on this if you want but I think this is enough. When it comes to Recruiting, I am completely and emphatically 110% Right-Brain (thinking). I hear what you are saying and I know what you mean (I find nothing I disagree with btw) it is just that I want Byrd ^BAD^ FOR A WHOLE HOST OF REASONS (JUST LIKE I WANTED RAYMAR [MORGAN])!!!! Peace.


  • Voice of Reason

    I believe all recruits are fair game until signing day. Even if Byrd commits to another school, and Michigan is playing good competive ball, then they will give recruits something to seriously think about.

    Also Byrd is a religious man, who will pray for his revelation about what school he will attend. Does the man of God take a leap of faith to go to Michigan, or does he take the safe road and attend MSU or Kentucky? We will see, however, as a man of God myself, I have to believe that if he is led to go somewhere else, then someone just as good if not better will come to Michigan. I truly believe Michigan is going in the right direction and in time will get its share of top players.

  • *Voice of Reason*

    I have two words in terms of what could be a secret weapon (not sure if the recruit has to ask to talk to a former player if the coaching staff can use a former player or two, or three to talk to a recruit [i.e. solicited vs. unsolicitated — and what the Rule is as it relates to communicating with a recruit {I have heard mixed/contradictory things regarding this}]) in terms of what could get Russell Byrd to come to Michigan and take that “leap of faith” . . .
    == Cazzie Russell!!!!

    Like Byrd, Cazzie is a deeply Religious, pious man (== “CHECK”)
    If anybody ever took a leap of faith in terms of Blue-Chipper Basketball Recruit coming to Michigan (Cazzie as a High School recruit would have been considered a [legit] 5-Star level Recruit) and taking it a “leap of faith” it would most assuredly be him!!!! Look how his Collegiate and Pro Basketball careers turned out (excellent Collegiate Career — to put it very mildly & a great, long Pro Career [helped the New York Knicks when the 1970 NBA Championship as a Key Starter and as a Key Reserve and played in a couple of All-Star games {much harder to get into those back then then it is now} and played 12 Seasons in the NBA]). Michigan was coming off an 8th place finish before Cazzie was a freshman (Freshman were ineligable back then — this was the 1962-63 season when Michigan finished in 4th Place Outright: the prior three Seasons Michigan finished at best 8th Place and at worst DEAD LAST [i.e. 10th Place and in all three cases had by far a losing Overall Record {think last season, John Beilein’s 1st Season}]). If it weren’t for Bill Buntin (he played a key role in selling Cazzie Russell to be a part of something [potentially] special and to be a great Baskerball player here at Michigan) he never would have came to Michigan (he had offers to go to Loyola [Ill.] which in those days was a major powerhouse — it won an NBA Championhip in the 1962-63 season!!!!). Anyways, I would make sure Cazzie (if possible) communicated with him and more importantly clear up some major misperceptions about the Michigan Men’s Basketball program and the disinformation/misinformation that is being spewed in regards to Michigan Men’s Basketball (probably by Izzo, himself, although he is far from the only one that would be doing that)!!!! The only differences are that Cazzie grew up in the City (i.e. Chicago, Illinois) and Byrd grew up in Rural Indiana. That and the fact that Byrd is Caucasian and Cazzie is African-American. Peace.


  • Vocie of Reason

    Sounds good to me!!!


  • Ralph Schwartz

    Sorry guys, but Byrd is a lock for MSU. He’s going to announce it’s MSU on Friday. Michigan never was in the mix- good players want a shot at the Final Four, and that just isn’t going to happen in the next few years at UM.

  • Adam

    Byrd is definitely not from rural Indiana fyi. Fort Wayne is one of the top 3/4 most populated in the state. His high school is extremely small i.e. 250. His dad is the pastor of the very large church with the school. Kelly played at Fresno State and is a bit of an ego-maniac.

    Byrd is a really good kid, good morals etc. He has never really had an in-your-face coach so I’ll be interested if he chooses MSU how he and Izzo fit together.

    I’m shocked that Russell is making the call this early. His dad is probably influencing the decision at least somewhat. I doubt that its Michigan sadly. I have my doubts about whether his talent level is Big Ten worthy. We shall see, but I kind of equate him to a Horizon League player