Let The Games Begin

Dylan Burkhardt

Practice tips off tonight and the season is officially upon us. Click the image to see the latest and greatest of Athletic Department promotional videos.

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  • umdcbball

    Cool video, nice to see Rose and Howard.

  • Well, the video worked. I am now pumped.

    Let the season begin already.

  • MooN

    Good job…
    little things like this when added up make a big deal when promoting your program.

  • Voice of Reason

    I’m actually excited about this team and this season. Maybe we won’t win a championship but I am looking forward to a much more improved and competitive team. John Beilein has coached for 30 years, and he has only had 4 losing season, 3 of which were in his first year with a new team (including Michigan). That one year where he was a returning coach and lost, he missed a 500% season by only one game. He is a proven winner, and I know that even though we will still have some growing pains, I expect Michigan fans to have some fun this year. And who knows, maybe some key prospects will reconsider and come to Michigan on signing day.


  • Jalen Rose

    two games above .500 this year, 20-22 wins next season and a tourney birth…and we’re back.

  • *Voice of Reason* —

    We won’t win a championship . . . YET!!!! In other words, if you had told any Michigan State Basketball fan in Izzo’s first 2 Seasons (i.e. the 1995-96 and 1996-97 seasons) were he was nearly run out of town, was flaming out in the 2nd Round (OF THE NIT’s!!!!) that 3 seasons later he would win an NCAA Championship, they would have laughed in your face and/or thought you were crazy!!!! (the “you” does not refer to *Voice of Reason* or any other real known person for that matter — it is just any hypothetical “John Doe”/”Jane Doe” human being). I share your views, optimism, and analyses in your post wholeheartedly!!!! Peace.


  • correction:

    I should of said . . .

    “We won’t win ANOTHER Championship . . . Yet!!!!” Obviously we won a Championship back in 1989 (MSU’s 1st one was in 1979). That should now be emphatically clearer!!!!