Thursday Links: Ticket Sales & More

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Jimmy

    Michigan Basketball had a barbeque on the diag this afternoon. Free hot dogs and free posters for all students. The players and assistant coaches were handing out flyers for student tickets and the open practice. The program is really trying to win back the students and become a presence on campus again. Personally, I believe this team has the right attitude and enough talent to have a good season and Beilein’s efforts will pay off. If you are a student and haven’t gotten tickets…I suggest you jump on the bandwagon now. This will be a much improved team.

  • bj

    I had my heart set on the free tickets. I’ve seen all the failure I can stomach by U of M on the football field.

  • I did my part (as a student and fellow ‘Core Maize Rager) to put out 100 colored flyers about the 6 Raffle prizes (that a student can win when they purchase Student season tickets for the $99.00 value in the various places [if interested let me know, give me your email address and I will email you privately and let you know about the specifics [you will therefore have my private email address])!!!! Peace.