Monday 10-13-08 Notes and Links

Dylan Burkhardt

Russell Byrd enjoys UK visit, but . . .
Kentucky fans might be too crazy for him. I love this quote:

His son was “absolutely amazed” by Madness and almost apologetic after the public pickup games on Saturday. A fan yelled at him for not wearing blue. Byrd played in a yellow t-shirt and black shorts.

“He felt bad,” Kelly Byrd said. “He almost felt like it was disrespectful. (Russell Byrd said) ‘Dad, I didn’t know. I grabbed the first thing out of the drawer.’ ”

Tipton reports that Byrd will visit Michigan State this weekend for their Midnight Madness. Big time big man prospect Daniel Orton committed to U-K this week amidst all the fan fare. I still think MSU is the choice for Byrd but we will see. It doesn’t sound like there is a firm time frame yet for a decision/announcement.

Luckily, this is a different Russell Byrd (I got about 20 Google News alerts about this story this weekend).

Blue Rage Tickets: $199

The Blue Rage is recruiting more members once again. Get SEASON tickets for $199 in the BLEACHERS for the upcoming 2008-2009 campaign. Overflow seating will be in the blue section with the band, behind the basket. The Maize Rage and the Blue Rage are trying very hard to make sure the lower bowl is packed with maize-clad fans for each home game.

Don’t think this is a good sign on student ticket numbers if the Blue Rage has been extended to a full year plan IN THE BLEACHERS. Great deal for alumni though who want to cheer. There are also plenty of other ticket packs on sale. NYC Alumni: Don’t forget about Coaches Vs Cancer tickets.

Patrick Beverley to Europe?

I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Beverley one bit. I still am shocked at the transformation from “virtual commitment” who was cheering Hail to the Victors at the U-M/ND hoops game and telling anyone who would listen how excited he was to come to Ann Arbor. To a kid who didn’t even call U-M to tell them he was headed to Arkansas.

Court Vision with C.J. Lee: A Whirlwind of a Week

Homecoming, practice, Jay-Z, pre-season, and more.

This past Saturday marked the second weekend in a row I have met a celebrity. What can I say; this is a good time for me. Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Isaiah Thomas but this weekend, I met Jay-Z at his concert in Detroit. He gave a free concert in order to encourage voting registration here in Michigan. My teammates Dave (Merritt), Jevohn (Shepherd) and I were able to meet him. Anybody that knows me knows that I have a passion for music. I can honestly say that I was speechless when my teammates and I met Jay-Z before the Operation Registration Concert. I had so much to say to him but when I was introduced to him, I could barely remember my name. The concert was great but I was physically tired afterwards because I wanted to rap every lyric with him. It is not everyday you get to meet one of the greatest musicians ever!


    The longer Russell waits, the more our chances will rise, as he get’s to learn more about our coaching staff/system/school.

  • James

    The last I heard the student ticket sales were in the 300s. That is a far cry from the 1500ish that where sold in 03-04 if i recall correctly. I think a major letdown was the misconception that student tickets would be offered free of charge, and bleacher tickets could be secured with the payment of $100.

  • Seele

    I like all the new content they’ve added to (like the CJ Lee blog and the countdown to kickoff preseason football clips). I can’t wait for the season to start, so I wind up going over there every day looking for new info. In the past I never went to mgoblue since there wasn’t anything worth checking out…the athletic department is doing a pretty good job trying to keep interest in the program up.

  • Mike

    Answer me this…why would any kid in his right mind want to go to Michigan to play basketball? Crisler Arena is a crypt, the fan base only care about football and hockey, and they hardly draw more than 5,000 fans to their games (other than for Michigan State)? If he goes to Michigan, this kid will never be heard from ever again!