Recruiting Notes: Hot Board Updated

Dylan Burkhardt

I finally updated to 2009 Hot Board, there aren’t a lot of names on it because we only have one scholarship left but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple more pop up over the high school season. It is also redesigned with a couple new features. First extra information is available if you click the “Show/Hide” link. Second, clicking the players picture will take you to all posts on UMHoops that are tagged in that particular category.. Let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions. I’ll have a full 2010 hot board next week, sorry for the delay.

Ohio State is bringing in a number of visitors from Michigan this weekend including Kearney:

The Buckeyes are planning to play host to 2011 prospects Brandan Kearney and Percy Gibson (both out of Detroit (Mich.) Southeastern), Matt Pouches from Hartland (Mich.) Hartland, Tommy McCune from Saginaw (Mich.) and Paul Honigford from Sugarcreek (Ohio) Garaway Local School this weekend. Class of 2012 prospects Columbus (Ohio) Marion Franklin wing Elijah Macon, Ray Lee and Traevon Crater are expected to be on campus this weekend.

Ohio State seems to be a year ahead of everyone else in recruiting. Some football stuff after the page split. Also mentioned in the article, Russell Byrd is in Kentucky for Midnight Madness.

Here are a couple quick football links:

I’m picking Michigan 27 – Toledo 10. Go Blue.

  • Steele

    The new board looks good- I like the constant improvements to the site!

  • MooN

    Morgan is a 3 star on scout, I believe.

  • Nope, 2-star. You can double check, ESPN, Rivals, Scout link to their profiles.

  • Adam

    It depends where you look. On Michigan’s front page of scout he is listed as a 3 star guy (#27 C nationally), but if you click on his profile he is just 2 star and unranked.

  • MooN

    He is also listed as a 3* on the commits page. I believe his player page is out of date as it doesn’t list him as being ranked as a nationally as a center either. Those player pages are the national scout responsibility and often get overlooked as their offer sheets and such are usually behind as well.

  • Weird. I can see the offer lists not being updated but I would think that the rankings would be a national thing so they would be updated. I’ll change it to a three star.

  • MooN

    The board looks great D! Better than some paysites. Love what your doing and keep up the good work. Jus so you know, I was trying to ride you. I assumed you wanted the mot accurate info possible.

  • MooN

    Sorry about that, it should be just and not trying. I have had a long day of working two jobs and that combined with trying to type on my phone didn’t work out so well….

  • No worries MooN. Thanks for your feedback and for the info.

  • UMDC

    Great looking Hot Board, excellent work!

  • Adam

    Yeah this site is way better than the pay sites for basketball info. Great job Dylan!

  • josh

    I truly am getting excited for Bball. Season. I am just hopin we can at least go .500, and pull of one HUGE upset. With a guy like Manny, I believe we can pull off a nice upset. he could go off for like 35 at anytime. Also really excited for Stu Douglas.

  • equilkySkilia

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  • Good work!

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