Thursday 10-9-08 Links

Dylan Burkhardt
  • You think Wilson committing to MSU would discourage Byrd? Wilson seems like a 3/4 guy; Byrd seems like a 2/3 guy. And Allen/Summers are the only wing players currently scheduled to be around in 2010–both of them graduating following that season.

  • I guess I just think of Byrd as more of a SF than a SG. And I assume MSU is at least telling Wilson he will play the wing and not the four (We see how that worked out for Raymar…). But they are both 6-7 guys and Jamil would block him for 3 years probably. I guess Summers/Allen would be leaving though, we’ll see.

  • Brick

    It seems like everyone is writing off Byrd to MSU even if they get Wilson which seems likely also. I think the biggest effect this will have is that they will definately back off Zeigler if they get both.

  • ryan

    what do you expect the starting lineup to be early in the season, and then after first semester is over with LLP being eligable?

  • I’m not holding my breath on Byrd but Brandt and Zeigler would be a great grab. With Lubick off the board the Zeiglerfest needs to be in overdrive now.

  • Bluebufoon

    There’s no way MSU will back off Trey Ziegler even if
    they get both Jamil Wilson and Byrd. Hopefully Byrd and his family are aware of all of the wings MSU are involved with. Who’s the 6-5 hot-shot from Finney High School MSU
    is recruiting ?

  • Brick

    Unless MSU somehow gets more than 13 scholarships, there is no way they stay on Zeigler if they get Byrd and Wilson. They only have three bigs on the roster after next year so they need to go big with their last spot. Conventional wisdom is that they take Gauna if he continues to improve.

  • Bluebufoon

    Here is a little blurb on Blake McLimans from NBE Basketball Report:

    “Another newcomer, this one coming from western New York, that is turning heads is 6-foot-9 Blake McLimans. The big man can run the floor and face-up and make shots, skills that college coaches seem to fawn over in big men. Keno Davis of Providence is one coach who likes to have shooters on the floor at multiple positions and, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, has made a couple personal trips to Worcester to see McLimans workout.

    “I can confirm that Blake is planning to visit Providence College,” coach Reilly said when the NBE asked him of PC’s interest in his big man.”

  • Brick

    Not to pressure Dylan but we really need a Hot Board update. Are we still looking at Olynyk? Did we rescind the offer to Barrett? Seems like a bunch of kids are signing right now so it will be interesting how all of the pieces fall.

  • Pretty sure Olynyk fell off the radar.

    No one knows about Barrett really…

    I know we need the hotboard… Next week or so is really rough for me but I’ll try to get it done. I want to put together a 2010 and 2009. 2009 will be a lot smaller. Angus is #1 after that there is McLimans and Barrett and probably not much more. 2010 will be growing quickly probably. It’ll be my resolution to keep the boards more up the date.

    Ben got the new style done so I just have to convert everything to the new look.

  • Unleash the new board on ’em ;)

  • Dylan,

    I know what you are going through and can sympathize/empathize (i.e. the comment “Next week or so is really rough for me but I’ll try to get it done.”). I told this to my fellow ‘Core MaizeRagers this (i.e being upfront about this in regards to maybe or maybe not making a Seminar workship about how to Fundraise and Fundraise effectively for your organization, it was sponsored by the Mortor Board — I was the only one who attended this event from our group unfortunately) and for the very most part understood (only one person misunderstood what I was saying/misconstrued my words/and in short gave a “Straw Man’s”–argument and gave me the BITCHY “Riot Act” speech, but in the grand scheme of things what that person is not important and does not matter and frankly, I could care less, what that person said or was all about (sorry for digressing a little bit!!!!). Anyways, just take your time!!!! I know you are sincere and am very impressed that you can manage your own website, have the time to post on Rivals, managing your major and schoolwork!!!! I envy you, Dylan!!!!


  • 09 board will be up today.

  • Typo:

    “Mortor” should be “Mortar”!!! Sorry about that!