Nate Lubick to Georgetown…

Dylan Burkhardt

No way to spin it, bad news. I guess his recent visit didn’t go so great after all. This is certainly a buzz kill after the momentum from landing Vogrich. Angus Brandt becomes a huge priority now because the potential depth in the post down the road just got even worse.

More on Lubick tomorrow.

  • taylor

    haha u have to be kidding…dude back off from the ledge

  • josh

    Lol, Fisher forever, one recruit doesnt make or break a program. I still have a positive attitude right now. Lubick is a tough loss no doubt especially considering i thought he was a lock, but time to move on. Looking at Brandt and Lubicks videos, I would say Brandt is almost as good as him and he is a year older. Just gotta get him now, and add Russel Byrd or Zeigler, and things are looking more than just fine.

  • Kevin in GR

    Guess he’s not much of a football fan….I don’t think G-town even has football do they? While it would have been nice to get him, it sounds as though we were a close 2nd. Also, will it be tough getting good, skilled big men given the offense is guard oriented?

  • josh

    Look, Beilein is not the problem. This guy works hard, and on top of that is a real smart coach. The problem we are facing is what we have to sell to players to close the deal. There really isn’t much to sell. Look at Crisler.

  • UM

    Before a JB player steps on the floor, you are calling him a loss. It is not JB to blame for the program’s recent failure. Andy you’re right, why would any big time recruit come here? Darius Morris did. Lubick was damn close and Byrd will. It is JB’s challenge to take the program out of the ground first, not win the Big 10 and make you happy.

  • Giddings

    First of all, I don’t think any of the experts called Lubick a “lock”. At best, they may have said “things are looking VERY good for Michigan”… which at least to me is not saying that he’s a lock. So I don’t think we need to be up in arms at the recruiting insiders on this one.

    Also to Fisher Forever – JB pulls in three 3-4 star kids for the 2009 class already (with maybe another 4 star on the way in Angus), I don’t know what more you can expect for a team that won 10 games last year and hasn’t made the Tournament in a decade. Plus, you have yet to see the impact of his 2008 recruits, who will play beyond their star ratings, no doubt.

    All this being said, losing Nate really, really sucks.

  • Bluebufoon

    Dylan have you heard Will Barrett also dropped us ?

  • Giddings

    Unfortunately, many of those “great” coaches that attract talent to the middle of nowhere with the snap of a finger aren’t exactly the cleanest characters in the business.

    Personally, I would rather wait a year or two to be good and have Beilein represent Michigan than getting “instant gratification” from slimeballs like John Calipari or Bob Huggins.

  • Adam

    You are an idiot Fisher. What do you know? Last I checked JB didn’t put Michigan in the hole that he is trying to pull them out of. And actually it was under your boy “Fisher”‘s watch that the program got turned upside down. Have you even watched any film of the guys in the 2009 class? Darius Morris is a stud. Matt Vogrich was quickly climbing the charts during the summer and had some good offers, and if you’ve seen any film of Jordan Morgan I think he is highly underrated. What are you basing your comments off of? Beilein is a great coach and will have Michigan back on track in no time.

    I am extremely disappointed to lose out on Lubick, but if you think Michigan is an elite program right now you are kidding yourself. For JB to get 3 players the caliber of Morris, Vogrich, and Morgan when UM is at an all time low is tremendous. 17-18 year old kids didn’t grow up during the fab 5 so all they know is Michigan being a bottom feeder. You are the definition of a fairweather fan. Why don’t you go root for Duke or something? You are just sounding like an uneducated moron. Get off the ledge and find a new team.

  • The Oracle

    “You are an idiot Fisher. What do you know?”

    LOL…took the words out of my mouth.

  • cwood

    Probably not the best to base your opinion of the state of the entire program and JB’s ability as a coach on the college descision of one 17 year old kid.

  • AC

    It is foolish to expect any coach to come in and start signing 5-star recruits with the state of the program the way it was. Getting Morris is a great start. Getting Vogrich is a way to build on that. It is true that you can’t spin this latest news positively, but Fisher is taking it too far.

    First of all, I would rather sign 3-4 star players who we’ll get to watch develop for four years under a coach who teaches fundamentals and can make these players grow than to watch someone use shady tactics to attract 4-5 star recruits who leave early and never develop their potential anyway… Steve Fisher.

    I look at the way Tom Izzo has developed the MSU program. When he won that first title his team was made up of solid but not spectacular players. They were all juniors and seniors. He built the program with a scheme, discipline, and fundamentals like rebounding and defense. After his early success he was able to attract the big-time recruits like Jason Richardson, Zach Randolph, and others. What happened?

    Those guys were very inconsistent in college, left early (leaving MSU in a bind for depth), and failed to win anything of significance. Since that time Izzo has tried to build a deep team of hard working good players with the occassional great player sprinkled in. But he’s focused on players who will stick around that he can build with.

    If Beilein can turn Alexander from WVU into an high-NBA pick I think we can survive without stud recruits. We still have to show improvement on the court before those players will come to Michigan.

  • taylor

    I think its premium info about barret, but from what i understand it was the other way around.

  • another josh

    Fisher Forever, if you are “old enough to remember when we had that kind of clout,” then you are “old enough to remember,” that Coach Fisher is a major reason we are in this position. You cannot expect JB to turn around a program like this after only having 1 recruiting class that is entirely his. It is similar to Michigan football’s situation right now: the players who are here have to learn a new system which means they are kind of like freshmen all over again, and the players whose skill sets fit the scheme have to be recruited. Take away Michigan football’s recruiting clout and current abundance of high level athletes on the roster and you have JB’s situation. Give it time and stop posting without reading up and knowing what you are talking about. It’s embarrassing.

  • Steele

    Beilein was never known for being a big-time recruiter. I just checked out the rivals rankings for WVU’s recruits going back to ’02 when he took over and JB did not bring in a single 4 or 5-star player. Pittsnogle (sp?)- arguably his best player- was a three star guy and no one was ranked any higher. That means that Darius Morris is the highest ranked recruit JB has EVER landed. JB’s strength is developing and maximizing the talent he brings in. This obviously worked out pretty well for him at WVU. So everyone needs to calm the f down and let Beilein do what he does best. The Michigan program is in good hands.

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Beilein can’t repair the damage that Fisher (and Ellerbe and to a degree Amaker) caused in one season or with one recruit.

    Are we disappointed that Nate didn’t go blue- yes, of course- this was a big deal. But, its not the end of the world.

  • Adam

    You are kidding yourself about where this program is. You seem to think Michigan is still a real contender on the national scene. You seem to think Michigan still has the clout of the Fab 5 days. You seem to believe that Michigan basketball is regarded nationally as one of the top 20 programs. You seem to believe that a good coach can easily recruit people to come play at a sub-par program with sub-par facilities. You are the only one kidding yourself because you seem to think Michigan is on MSU’s level and should be able to get 4 and 5 star guys at the snap of our fingers. You must have a great memory because you seem to have forgotten the last 11 years away from an NCAA tournament. That should show enough that Michigan is not an elite program. An elite program can stay out of the tourney for a few years but not 11.

    Now that’s not saying Michigan can’t get back to what they were during the Fab 5 days, but they will need to start winning and making tournaments BEFORE they start having the capabilities of recruiting solely 4 and 5 star guys.

  • Adam

    Darius Morris, Jordan Morgan, and Matt Vogrich are just as good as a trio as the 3 guys that Minnesota has in the 2009 class. Tubby was just lucky to happen to have 2 highly rated recruits in the state of Minnesota this year. And regardless, Amaker wasn’t a bad recruiter but we didn’t win games. Unless you are getting the cream of the crop players, coaching is a huge part of college basketball and I would take John Beilein over anyone in the Big Ten in the pure coaching sense besides Izzo, Ryan and maybe Matta. Tubby Smith got ran out of town at one of the premiere basketball programs in the country so he clearly wasn’t an amazing coach for all the talent he was getting.

    Michigan only won 10 games last year because we did not have the shooters to excel in Beilein’s system. Just like Rich Rod on the football side, JB needs the right players in order for the system to work. Ya can’t give someone lemons and tell them to make orange juice.

  • Bluebufoon

    This is silly if U-M lands a solid front-court player with one of its remaining scholarships for next season, the addition of two guards (Darius Morris and Matt Vogrich) that will be contributors at the very least along, with another solid big man (Jordan Morgan) to provide depth in the paint– Michigan should continue to improve its depth and be solidly back in the NCAA Tourney and toward the front half of the conference standings behind Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims.

  • Holy over reaction Batman!

  • old fan

    Can someone actually have the name Fisher Forever and be a real fan? How did we get in this mess in the first place and who was in charge when it happened?

    I long for the old days to but that doesn’t mean that we turn a blind eye to what happened.

  • Hoya dropping by


    You guys do the ‘Rape of the Sabine Women,’ in Morgantown, WVA and want instant grat.

    Did we get that from JTII?

    Well, yes.

    BUT… give your stolen goods a chance to cool down. They’re both fine coaches.

    BTW, yes, GU does play football … sort of. We are, and will be, last in the Patriot League, the league organized so that the Ivy League could schedule out of conference games.

  • mfaninstlouis

    This is a late post to a blog from a while back. I think FischerForever is probably realizing he was totally wrong about Belein. Izzo is a good coach, but his team is lacking discipline this year so far.