Matt Vogrich to Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt
Matt Vogrich to MichiganMatt Vogrich verbally committed to University of Michigan coach John Beilein tonight after his official visit this weekend. Vogrich is a 2009 shooting guard from Lake Forest, Illinois listed between 6’2″-6’4″ and 180 pounds. Vogrich is a lights out shooter from long range who rates highly at both Rivals (#131, #30 SG, 3 stars) and Scout (#100, #19 SG, 4 stars). Vogrich is the third commitment for Beilein in the class of 2009, joining point guard Darius Morris and big man Jordan Morgan (for those of you keeping score thats 2 top 150 commits).

Vogrich watched his stock soar this summer as his AAU team ran through competition losing only one game before heading to Vegas. Vogrich had plenty of high major offers including Notre Dame (thought to be the early favorite), UCLA, Stanford, and many others. This is another big recruiting win for Beilein and it is definitely encouraging to go head to head with other high majors and win a recruiting battle.

Vogrich on the decision:

“I really love the Beilein family. He is a family oriented guy, and when he took me to his house to have dinner with his family I told him (that I wanted to commit),” Vogrich said. “His wife and kids were there, and the whole team was there too. After dinner he brought me aside and asked me how I felt. I told him I was coming to Michigan. He was really excited and he just stood up and shook my hand.”

Illinois HS Basketball recently wrote a nice profile piece on Matt. Here are a couple highlights:

In a series of two games in Las Vegas this July Matt hit 10 and 9 three pointers, respectively, totalling over 70 points in the two games.

Beyond shooting:

Matt Vogrich to Michigan

A very savvy offensive player with an arsenal of moves, he is great at drawing contact with pump fakes and other moves and is money from the free throw line. On defense he is a hustler in every sense of the word, and he uses his long arms and athleticism to clog passing lanes and pick ball handler’s pockets. Vogrich is also a good rebounder for a kid his size.

And of course the GPA:

With options like that, this unassuming baller with a 4.7 (out of 5.0) GPA can’t go wrong.

Beilein is clearly assembling a crew of sharp shooters after taking Douglass, Novak, and Vogrich in the span of two classes. All three of these guys are between 6-3 and 6-5 and can shoot the rock. I think it is a safe bet that we won’t see another team that shoots the three point shot as poorly as last years team any time soon. It is also encouraging to see the recruiting momentum keep building, these last two weeks were huge visit weekends for the program and by all accounts they went very well.

I updated the scholarship breakdown but this leaves Michigan with one more scholarship for the 2009 class. The two main candidates are Angus Brandt and Will Barrett.

Matt Vogrich to MichiganBrandt is a top 100 Australian center who played AAU ball with Vogrich and visited this weekend with him. Do they want to play college ball together? Let’s hope so. Angus would fill the desperate need for size on a roster that will have 4 big men (2 of them seniors) in 2009. Angus’ recruitment has come out of nowhere but high majors are calling and Michigan seems like they are a real contender after getting a visit this week.

Barrett (PF/SF) has been rumored to be close to a decision as well but seems torn between the Ivy League or Michigan. While he is not the level of player that Angus appears to be, Barrett would hopefully provide depth at the forward positions.

Looking ahead to 2010 I don’t think this changes anything right now. The big fish is still Nate Lubick who has an upcoming Georgetown visit but is definitely feeling the Maize and Blue. There are also other big names like Trey Zeigler, Russell Byrd, Alex Gauna, and many others in play for 2010. There will be two or three scholarships available (depending on the remaining 2009 ‘ship, and any early departures).

Here is a Vogrich video interview that I posted a couple days back which you might want to check out now:

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  • Dylan,

    you are on the ball AS USUAL!!!! I was just about to email you (about this)!!!!


  • jBdub

    Excellent news!!

  • jBdub

    Dylan: What’s the ‘better news than Vogrich?’

  • Dylan

    Carty is gone.

  • Mason

    Great news!!!

  • BenAA

    Fantastic. Now, Nate, please commit. Georgetown could never love you like we will ;)

  • josh

    I really hope this gets Lubick to commit. Maybe it will help with Kearney and Zeigler too, although it could hurt our chances with Zeigler. I sure hope not, cuz he is prolly the kind of kid who could be a program changer.

  • Steele

    This just made my Monday morning! Beilein is doing an awesome job recruiting…and Carty leaving is the icing on the cake.

  • AG

    Dylan… Great work as usual.

    Coach B has everything pointed in the right direction. I do not expect a lot of W’s this year 15-17. It will be more about integrating new talent and further refining and implementing his system. I can’t wait to see where Coach B has this team by year 4.

  • Bluebufoon

    No offense AG but year Three U-M should be a sweet-16 caliber club,
    barring significant injury or an early departure by Manny Harris.
    This roster with this signing class depending on whether they find a way to fit-in both Will Barrett and Angus Brandt has officially been replenished and now Coach Beilein can focus on what he excells at player development and game-day coaching.

  • AG


    Lets get back to the big dance before we start cashing checks for sweet 16 tickets. I would be highly surprised if they make the tournament this year, so a jump to the sweet 16 next year seems a bit premature. But I don’t dissagree that they will be a tourney team.

  • UMDC

    Great, Great, News!! The future is looking bright!!

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  • DHHoops

    Good for Michigan. They landed a great kid, hard worker, and great player.

  • Jay

    Bafoon..honestly..maybe its wishful thinking, but I personally would hope that Barrett chooses Princeton or Columbia..I mean where in competition with Princeton and Columbia? Plus if he commits I believe that only leaves us 2 offers for ’10. Meaning Ziegler & Lubick we will have to pray for..but lose out on a possible Byrd or someone else for Barrett? I’ll pass

  • MooN2323

    I could write a thesis on this recruit, but Vogrich was so far under the radar that most of us were starting to plan for 2010. His commitment changes things quite a bit. This kid had an UCLA offer. Ben Howland is easily a top 5 coach in the country and he gave Vogrich an offer. Honestly, anyone who follows U-M hoops had Vogrich
    committing to ND in July or August. This is a mild surprise. However, I am not shocked by the lack of excitement over his commitment. Despite the fact that he is a top 150 recruit on both boards and a 3* on Scout and a 4* on Rivals the exact opposite of Morris. He is based on scouting the same level of recruit as Morris. But I think because he fits into the Beilien “mold” we take it for granted, even though he is a much higher level recruit IMO than Nozak or Dougless. He may not turn out to be as good as either one of those kids, but this is a big pick up. Let’s give JB his dues another come from behind job for him.

    In the last 3 months JB has recieved:

    Interest from Byrd
    A commit from Benzing
    A commit from Morris
    Interest from Lubick
    Interest from Kearney
    Interest from Z
    A commit from Vogrich

    Those who question JB. I think that answers it. I see this program just like I see the football program. A year of transition, a year being good, than on the verge of greatness.

  • stan sheeley

    come on big question.. why would this guy pick Michigan over Notre Dame, Stanford, UCLA, Marquette, and Wake Forest – Michigan is not in the same league as these programs. Something else going on here — you guys should all say a prayer of thanks

  • DS2345

    marquette never offered. he fits well with michigan. he recognized that maybe UCLA was probably above him and he was a backup plan there. he’s a great player, a midwest kid, and a big ten basketball fan. why would he have gone elsewhere? illinois and wisconsin really missed out though. they could have had the kid if they wanted him. another case of a bruce weber miss

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  • christian54

    Michigan got a fine young man with a bright future. Smart kid, skilled player, with the ability to absolutely take over a ball game. I’m excited for Matt, and how about that win over UCLA? Looks like he made the right choice choosing UM over UCLA.

    Peace be with you all,


  • BAdger 1995

    Great grades and an all-around player — Maybe marquette never officially offered but if Vogrich even hinted he was interested they would have laid out the red carpet and offered – Its a shame Illinois and Wisconsin let this kid go to Michigan —

  • Christian54

    A great player, but let’s not overlook his fine christianity. He’s the finest.



  • stan sheeley

    putting up big numbers this year — michigan one lucky program

  • PorterHoops11

    a great kid with a great head on his shoulders. God has given him some fine fine talent. Works on his game 6 days a week and practices his faith on the 7th. I agree with Christian54 in that he is the finest.


  • tony rezko

    Faith – this kid is a real player and good kid — but he has no faith — no church, no religion, no faith in anything but bball

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