Adidas Uniforms

Dylan Burkhardt

Here they are on the freshman, no major changes to the uniform:

Names: #0 Novak, #30 Puls, #35 Cronin, #31 Lucas-Perry, #1 Douglass, #23 Person

Here is one more of the back (thanks to commenter MichBen):

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  • Wolverine3

    Man I wish we had some finished pics of the court..thier on top of the block M there. Looks pretty sweet.

    Wonder if Cronin plays much this year…big kid

  • maizerage_2003

    Great photo of the freshmen…but who’s #23? Looked at the roster, but only count five FR. A walk-on?

  • jBdub

    Corey Person perhaps?

  • maizerage_2003

    jBdub…I think you’re right. Just found a recent article stating that Corey is a walk-on to the UM squad. Can’t remember when we had six FR, maybe back to the FAB days…but this group looks good.

  • Now, if only we could get the Big (read: MASSIVE!!!!) Block ‘M’ back on the each side of the shorts — like how it used to (“how it used to be” == Fab-Five days *AND* pre–Fab-Five days [i.e. they had it like that for the 1990-91 season [not sure if that existed in the 1989-90 season and prior to that latter aforementioned season, though]), then WE WILL BE BACK IN BUSINESSS!!!! UNTIL THEN . . .

  • Mason

    Looks fine, but i’ll be very disappointed if Adidas doesn’t also make some big-game Maize unis.

  • Agree Mason, they better still have the Maize. Classic big game jerseys, would be a shame to do away with them.

  • BenAA

    I am cool with no uniform changes. Hopefully that is the only thing that doesn’t change from last season. ;)

  • Wolverine3

    They’ll still have the maize.

    Dylan…where you find the pic?

  • Giddings

    Only differences that I notice are the rounded off collar(with no M logo) and maybe the numbers are a bit longer.

  • Brick

    Cronin is tall.

  • MichBen

    I have another pic I got off facebook, let me know how to send it to you UMHOOPS and I will so you can post! Shows the back of the Uni. Any pics of the court coming??

  • Mason

    Thanks for the reverse pic. Gotta say tho i don’t like the lettering on the names. It looks several shades too light for taste but maybe it’s a blurry photo or something.

  • I think it might be reflecting a little bit, not sure.

  • BenAA

    The second photo appears to be camera-phone quality.

    And, I agree with Dylan, there is a sheen on the letters and numbers. Its subtle, but I -think- I like it.

  • The new unis look sharp. I still favor the Fab Five era or the 89 NC unis, but these are nice. Agreed with everyone above that we need to keep the Maize unis in the fold. All in all Adidas has done well with the new gear. The football jerseys look pretty sharp and the new hockey jerseys are awesome.

  • Fred

    They look really white. Not the unis.

  • FINALLY!!!! SOMEONE ELSE WHO SHARES MY VIEWS/TASTES REGARDING MICHIGAN MEN’S BASKETBALL UNIFORMS!!!! The “I still favor the Fab Five era or the 89 NC unis . . .” Comment from *Musket Rebellion*. In other words I agree entirely with what *Musket Rebellion* said!!!!


  • Will Mr. Puls play at all this year?

  • Mason

    I’ve always loved the ’89 unis. It’d be awesome if we were to wear those throwbacks against MSU or something…

  • Brick

    My bet is that Puls will play this year. He has been mentioned a few times by Beilein and we are thin in the post. There won’t be any major minutes unless someone gets injured but he will probably play a few minutes a game especially if someone gets in foul trouble.

  • The 89 NC unis are absolute relics. I remember being 5, sitting with my dad watching the dance that year not knowing what was going on, but just knowing that my dad was happy so I was too. Outside of Jalen Rose Rumeal Robinson is probably my favorite M baller. The huge block M from the shorts from the Fab Five days are only awesome with black Nikes and black socks pulled up to the knees. Although it Morris wanted to substitute all black Adidas when he gets on campus I’d be all for it.

  • Ben

    The BIG block M on the shorts needs to come back. I am impressed. I like that there is no adidas logo under the crew neck, I find that to be a little distracting on the football jerseys. The nike swoosh symbol is just a little more unassuming than the three stripes with the word adidas under it.

    Anyone else think the football jerseys bunch up weird once the game starts going?