Football Friday: Wisconsin & Hoops Visits

Dylan Burkhardt

I am more excited and hopefully about the basketball visitors this weekend than the game itself. So much so that I’m going to talk about the visitors more than the football game. First lets take a look at who is due in town and what we know:

  • Nate Lubick (PF – 2010)  – Big time power forward prospect has been to Ann Arbor several times and appears to be favoring the Maize and Blue.
  • Austin Carroll (SG – 2010) – Lubick’s teammate appears to be becoming a more serious target and will move to the class of ’10.
  • Jordan Morgan (PF – 2009) – U-D big man and Michigan commit Jordan Morgan will be on hand selling Michigan to the other visitors.
  • Trey Ziegler (PG/SG/SF – 2010) – Dynamic 2010 guard is regarded in many circles as the best player in Michigan regardless of class. Already his second Michigan football visit this fall. Michigan, UCLA, CMUand Michigan State appear to be the main teams involved.
  • Brandan Kearney (PG – 2011) – Big 2011 point guard has been interested in Michigan for a while. Connection to the Edwards family. Tennessee, Kentucky, MSU, Syracuse, and Ohio State are all involved in his recruitment. 
  • Other young visitors like Christian Vaughn, and Percy Gibson are also going to be on campus in what should be a huge recruiting weekend for Michigan. 
  • I don’t think Lubick will drop this weekend but it’s still a huge weekend getting arguably the top three targets on the recruiting board on campus together. Maybe the dominos start falling but predicting that might be getting a little ahead of ourselves. Hopefully the atmosphere is great though, Big Ten opener, Michael Phelps, and maybe a win??
Now for some football links:
The Wolverines are huge underdogs at home against Wisconsin obviously but I think that the offense looked miles better against Notre Dame than the rest of the season. The defense… not so much. Hopefully the team can win one for the hoops squad but I’m going to have to go with Wisconsin 24 – Michigan 13. My player of the game: Travis Beckum. Let’s hear your predictions and thoughts about the hoops visitors.
  • BL11

    I personally like the way Lubick has handled his recruitment. Some kids feel the pressure to commit and it ends up meaning almost nothing. I think we will all see that by the holiday season UofM bball will have 2 new “big time” recruits on board. This weekend will play a large part in that.

  • josh

    Great news on the visitors, and yea I agree, gonna be real tough for Michigan to beat Wiscy

  • BL11

    BASKETBALL CAN’T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH…im sick of wasting my saturdays watching whatever that is on the football field. AGGGHH!

  • Take that back BL11. Game was amazing. Hopefully Nate enjoyed it as much as me.

  • BenAA

    At the time of BL11’s posting…everyone in the Michigan nation was agreeing with him.

    In retrospect, he should take it back ;)

    That game was awesome- I am still celebrating! :)

  • BL11

    I can’t completely take it back because although the bottom line is an emotional victory that hopefully “gets em goin” but there is far to many mistakes being made and those have to be corrected…im glad my comment instantly jinxed wisconsin though….
    ps. still can’t wait for bball season!

  • Jimmy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they all committed after that game…I’ve got a really good feeling about this fellas.

  • Man, what is it about Michigan vs. Wisconsin AND COMEBACK GAMES???!!!! For those of you that might not know what I am talking about I am referring to Michigan being down HUGELY to Wisconsin (and what seems like an insurmountable deficit in the 2nd half) obviously in regards to yesterday’s Football game against Wisconsin @Home (being down 19 points to Wisconsin to start the 2nd half) but also to a Michigan vs. Wisconsin Basketball game @Home (like this Football game yesterday that 2003 Home Basketball game was also the BigTen Home Opener for both teams as well) in 2003 where we were down by as many as 16 points in the 2nd half (as late into the half as the 11:00 minute mark) and then Lavell Blanchard started to catch fire from 3-point land and Daniel Horton made some game-saving clutch plays on both the Offensive and Defensive ends to preserve the win (i.e. a key strip against Devin Harris I believe [if not him then it was Alando Tucker] and then hit a tear-drop floater). It was Bo Ryan’s 2nd season as Wisconsin’s Head Coach. By the way, I saw yesterday as I was walking to my Gate (that I was supposed to enter) Chris Hunter AND Daniel Horton at yesterday’s game against Wisconsin. I said hi to both of them. Dylan or anybody else . . . does anyone know what other former Michigan Men’s Basketball players were at the game yesterday??? Dylan, could you create a thread topic about this and/or the Basketball Recruits (talked to Nate Lubick and Austin Carrol along with Steve W.) and the impact of the game (obviously the stirring comeback and/or whether or not they left after Halftime — hopefuly they stayed, though ;.) ). Anyways that’s all I have to say. Peace.