Coaches vs. Cancer Field Set: No UMass

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan’s bracket for the Coaches vs. Cancer field is set. Michigan will play Michigan Tech in the first game followed by the winner of Northeastern vs. IUPUI. I think it is probably safe to book your tickets to New York City with this bracket.

A UMass paper has an article here about them being pulled out of the bracket and potentially pulling out of the tournament. It appears that UMass was originally scheduled to be in Michigan’s bracket along with Bowling Green and Northeastern. It appears that UMass will play in the SIU bracket but they are threatening to pull out of the tournament if forced to face a D2 team.

I was looking forward to an early test against UMass but I was a little worried about an early knock out too.

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  • BenAA

    A sigh of relief…I too was worried about an early knock out.

    Our team is still very young and an earlier lose could quite damaging. Hopefully we can gets some wins and get the confidence flowing.

    …now, will the season start already? ;)

  • joe s

    if we beat mi tech does it count as a win since they are d-2??? hope it does

  • It doesn’t count for RPI purposes I believe.

    So we go from one easy win and a probable win against probably a top100 team (with a loss possible) followed by 2 probable losses to 2 easy wins (one of which doesnt really even count) followed by 2 probable losses.

  • Giddings

    I think we can beat SIU… I wouldn’t necessarily call the consolation game a “probable loss”. We would play UCLA in the semis, right?

  • Steele

    Even if a win against a team like MI Tech doesn’t count for the RPI, I think it would a good way to boost the team’s confidence early in the season. Making it to NY would definitely help improve the team’s psyche after the 2007-08 disaster. On the other hand- if UMass were to knock out Michigan early, it doesn’t set a good standard to start things off.

  • Dylan —

    you are 110% correct, Sir. Wins against Division II opponents are not calculated in the RPI analyses. Now, if only the same could be said for the Computer/Sagarin rankings and BCS analyses in College Football with respect to 1-A Football teams playing (and being rewarded with — ****WHICH IS A BUNCH OF %$#!!* BULLSHIT!!!!****) playing 1-AA opponents (you are rewarding a very deplorable, reprehensible, sleazy, conniving, shrewd [in an extremely negative way], political, despicable, wishy-washy, morally bankrupt, cheating/insulting/slap-‘n-the-face [toward the {Bull-collar/purits football-pyschology HARD-CORE fans}] mentality among that 1-A team scheduling that 1-AA team). In other words, thanks to some recent rule changes 1-A teams now do not (truly, if at all) get penalized for playing 1-AA teams — regardless of whether they defeat them or lose to them (obvious focus here on the former, though). THEY NEED TO CHANGE THIS ASAP, IN MY VERY HUMBLE OPINION AS to me it is UNAMERICAN FOR 1-A TEAMS TO BE PLAYING 1-AA TEAMS (HINT: ****THERE IS A ^^^^REASON^^^^ WHY THOSE 1-AA TEAMS ^^^^ARE IN 1-AA^^^^ [IN THE FIRST PLACE]!!!!)!!!! SORRY FOR GETTING ON MY SOAPBOX. Here are some RPI sites that explain and confirm what Dylan and myself just echoed:

  • correction:

    “purits” should obviously be *purists*!!!! Man, that is the 2nd time in a row that has happened to me!!!! The Michigan-Wisconsin game (as well as the weekend for that matter) could not come soon enough for me!!!

  • mike w

    Just an FYI Northeastern is a top 100 team and rivals(56th) and CHN(69th) have both touted them highly as a very solid mid-major. They’re a very good team for a mid major I would not look past them. They only lost one player(Mark Washington who was a 10 min a game big man at best) and return probably the best backcourt in the CAA in Matt Janning(CAA First team) and Chase Allen(All CAA Defensive team and CAA- All rookie team).