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Dylan Burkhardt

Beilein: Better days ahead for U-M men’s basketball

The Grand Rapids Press covers Beilein’s talk with local high school coaches on the west side of the state. There are a couple good quotes from Beilein as he talks about the future of the program.

Failure is a fertilizer for growth, so we have to embrace failure,” Beilein said. “You will love the product we will eventually put out there. If you have one eye on yesterday and one eye on tomorrow, we will get cross-eyed today. You have to seize today.

It also appears that Beilein is happy coaching here, even after the rough start:

“I have finally come to a place that I love,” Beilein said. “I have said that there are only two places I would rather coach at. One is an orphanage, because I wouldn’t have their parents bothering me. And second, a prison, because I wouldn’t have to worry about the alumni coming back.”

There is more good stuff in the article so read the whole thing.

Hoops recruiting notebook: Several updates ($)

The Wolverine takes a look at Matt Vogrich’s recruitment and has updates on a couple new big men targets.

Big Visit Weekend

I’ve mentioned this recently but this weekend is setup to be a huge recruiting weekend for the hoops team. Lou Dawkins is reporting that Nate Lubick, Trey Ziegler, Brandan Kearney, Christian Vaughn, and Percy Gibson are all due in Ann Arbor this week (Austin Carroll will also visit with Lubick I believe). I had heard Kearney was due in for the Illinois game but he could be coming for both. It would have been great to have Darius on campus this weekend as was originally planned but we will have to settle for Michael Phelps to generate excitement. Hopefully the football team can win one for the hoops team.

Millen out as Lions president, GM


  • Kevin In GR

    Beilein makes a comment about alumni….What’s wrong with alumni coming back to their school? NFL players often do it in football during their “bye” weeks…Also, having alumni come back helps with tradition too. Maybe there’s something I just don’t know about alumni coming back to their schools and what he meant by the comment!

  • I think he might be saying that as a basketball purist. That the basketball and the basketball alone is the part he enjoys most about the job.

    Does come off a little odd though.

  • taylor

    good chance it was just a joke

  • BenAA

    Kevin don’t read anything into that. As Taylor points out, it is obviously a joke.

    Beilein is a great speaker and is doing great things in the community.

    “Failure is a fertilizer for growth, so we have to embrace failure” is a fantastically true statement. Well put, John.

  • Agree with BenAA and taylor. FWIW and FYI former Basketball players have come back, though. For example I saw Mark Koenig (a bench-warmer during the 1988-89 basketball team a year or two ago at an open gym on a Football Saturday (i.e. before a Michigan home Football game). Also, Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard came back and visited and were one the sidelines for the Michigan vs. Notre Dame Home game in 2005 (it was the day that Raymar Morgan came to visit Michigan [even if we made up a ton of Recruiting ground with him — it wasn’t enough as he obviously went to Michigan State) + Glen Rice was on the Stadium grounds (but not inside because he felt pissed off and/or dissed by Tommy Amaker [I think it had to do with him blowing him off and not taking him seriously for his interest in becoming a member of the coaching staff — I also think this at a Michigan vs. Notre Dame home game {if it is I am not 110% sure if it was the 2005 one where we hosted Raymar Morgan or not; if not I don’t remember what home football game it was then}]) and also I have actually seen players like James Voskuil and Jerod Ward in attendance AS FANS at Michigan Men’s Basketball homegames @Crisler Arena (and these instances had nothing to do with any kind of formal honoring ceremony [in other words it wasn’t due to any special kind of theme, ceremony, event , etc.]). Oh, I almost forgot. Jimmy King and Ray Jackson have come back many times (even going back to Amaker’s early seasons/tenure) + Jimmy King was at the open gym session for the 2005 Notre Dame vs. Michigan Football home game!!! I guess the reason why I going at lengths to explain all of this is that contrary to popular belief, opinion, etc. (and to what the Mass Media covering Michigan Athletics spew out) Michigan Basketball players, as Alumni DO CARE ABOUT THE BASKETBALL PROGRAM ^AND^ HAVE COME BACK TO VISIT MICHIGAN (WHETHER @CRISLER ARENA, HOME FOOTBALL GAMES, ETC.) COLLECTIVELY AND AS INDIVIDUALS!!!! IN OTHER WORDS, DISREGARD THE MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MISINFORMATION, DISINFORMATION, MYTHS THAT ARE ANTI-MICHGIAN BASKETBALL (AND USUALLY PROMOTED AND SPEWED OUT BY THOSE CLASS OF “FANS” [****AND I USE THAT TERM ^^^^EXTREMELY LOOSELY^^^^**** — ESPECIALLY WHEN THE WORD “SPORT” IS ATTACTED TO THE LEFT OF IT!!!!] WHO UTTERLY HATE, DESPISE, AND FOR WHATEVER REASON DISCRIMINATE, DEFACATE, [WANT TO] URINATE ON MICHIGAN MEN’S BASKETBALL AT ANY POSSIBLE CHANCE THEY CAN GET — WHO ARE 1–“SPORT”-FANS SUPPOSEDLY IN REGARDS TO MICHIGAN FOOTBALL: I’LL JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT . . . FOR NOW)!!!! Sorry for the long-winded response (I know, what else is new???!!!!). Anyways I read the article myself and he actually is visiting Michigan Alumni component associations in City/Town–‘X’ when Michigan Men’s Basketball is playing a Road/Neutral-Site game away at City/Town–‘X’ (the Washington D.C. Michigan Alumni component Association when Michigan played Georgetown @Georgetown last season is a good example of that) — which is HUGE AND GOOD STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FROM A P.R. STANDPOINT, NOT TO MENTION WITH RESPECT TO ACTUALLY PROMOTING MICHIGAN MEN’S BASKETBALL (AS A TEAM AND AS A PROGRAM)!!!! PEACE.

    p.s. I have gone to 90-99% of all Michigan Men’s Basketball Home games since the 1986-87 Basketball season!!!!

  • “ATTACTED” should be . . .
    Attached!!! Sorry for that typo, it has been a very long day for me (for whatever reason)!

  • “Beilein makes a comment about alumni….What’s wrong with alumni coming back to their school? ”

    I thought he meant in prison alumni usually come back (once you have been there you a likely to come back “repeat offenders”) Alums come back of their own choice and you want them to come back. If they don’t that’s when you worry. In other words he really wants them to come back.

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