Michigan vs. Oakland Tickets

Dylan Burkhardt

Pre-sale tickets for the Michigan/Oakland game on Saturday December 20th (part of a double header with Central Michigan and Robert Morris) are on sale now. The pre-sale runs from September 19th 10:00 am until September 26th at 9:00 am.

The tickets run from $125 in the front row all the way down (75,30,25,20) to $15 for general admission.

You can buy the tickets here with the code COLLEGE.

Don’t forget about Coaches vs Cancer tickets as well, you can buy those here.

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  • Question about recruiting. Is Keith Appling still a viable target for 2010? Hasn’t he verballed to MSU? What is the status with Byrd? Are Lubick and Zeigler still the big targets for 2010 or is someone like Guana somebody that Beilein will make a push for, for a premier big man?

  • Yes Appling is a MSU verbal so he is not a viable target.

    We are actually redesigning the Hotboard look so once that is done I will update all the info.

    I would say Lubick and Zeigler are the big two still but there are definitely other names out there (like Byrd and Gauna)

  • Bluebufoon

    Is the Dec 20 game versus Oakland the first game LLP will be eligible to play ?

  • That’s what Lacy reported when he blogged about the eligibility situation and it makes sense looking at the calendar.

    Classes @ U-M end on December 9th but exams run from the 11th to the 20th. Unless all his exams are taken and graded before the 13th (EMU) I would assume Oakland will be his first game.

    There is probably also the possibility of some administrative snag that holds him out until the FGCU game.