Football Friday: Beat Notre Dame

Dylan Burkhardt

More football links this week from around the blogosphere and mainstream media in what is I guess a semi-weekly feature here.

Let’s hear the score predictions, I’ll go with Michigan 17 – Notre Dame 6 with a late defensive touchdown to put the game out of reach. It’s gonna be a wet one and I think it comes down to Michigan’s domination on the defensive line that wins them the game.

  • Michigan 17 – Notre Dame 10

    Michigan will miss one FG, but make another. I agree the D line is going to hold their own and get to Jimmy.

  • umdcbball

    My powers of prediction see:

    Michigan 15 Notre Dame 0

    Jimmah is sacked 7 times with the ND offense managing just 77 yards of total offense.

  • old fan

    28-12 U of M


    wish again MICHIGAN!