Recruiting Notes: Keegan Hornbuckle

Dylan Burkhardt

Got an e-mail from Sean Ceglinsky of the LA Times reminding me to keep an eye on Keegan Hornbuckle from Campbell Hall HS in California. Hornbuckle is a class of ’09 wing forward at 6-6 who claims a U-M offer:

Arizona State, Oregon State and Michigan are among the numerous schools that have offered him a scholarship. Arizona is another major player and plans are in the works for an official visit to Tucson this weekend. Based on those facts, it appears the sky is the limit for Hornbuckle, who has emerged as a legitimate prospect.

Note: This Rivals article mentions a U-Arizona offer as well as a U-M in home. ($)

Here is a (lackluster) Dunk of the Day from Hornbuckle:

Hornbuckle, Barrett, and Vogrich are the main recruits claiming offers right now. Of those three, Barrett and Vogrich have visited an Ann Arbor. Another ’09 name that has been floating around with a potential offer is wing forward Isaiah Philmore who is planning to trip to Ann Arbor as well. At this point, one thing you can’t criticize Beilein for is his work ethic on the recruiting trail.

Busy day today, don’t miss Darius Morris video, latest on tickets, and more notes including Manny’s draft stock.

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  • l.a. scout

    fyi – in the know – his offers are from nevada,colorado, oregon state, and arizona for high majors. he also has a number of elite, winning mid majors who have offered. scout said he is visiting arizona state on an official. Only that writer from la times says michigan offered and not scout or rivals.

  • Brick

    Did we offer the Canadian kid? I thought he was coming in for a visit. I don’t know if he will be impressed by our football games, there is not enough punting and the field is too small.

    I surprised Barrett has not committed yet.

  • Bluebufoon

    There is a report that Coach Beilein had a visit with Keegan Hornbuckle on the West Coast yesterday. The U-M pay sites should have a hornbuckle update in the coming days– hopefully today.

    FYI isn’t it amazing how the U-M pay sites haven’t had a clue that Michigan was close too
    or had offered scholarships to Will Barrett, Juco Matt Read, Keegan Hornbuckle and Isaiah Philmore ? Does it make you wonder which additional players U-M is prioritizing for this class ? Does me.

    For those that thought Michigan was going to bank the two remaining scholarships for 2009, I hope you realize now thats not going to happen and that was never a reakistic consideration. Though the talent on the Michigan roster is improving, U-M is not deep enough to make a move like that.

    If U-M banked those scholarships and someone gets hurt or Manny Harris makes a Marcus Taylor type decision and goes pro before his time, Michigan would again be left with their proverbial pants down.

    Banking of basketball scholarships is something North Carolina, Duke or Kansas can try to get away with, not a rebuilding U-M program.

  • Bluebufoon

    Kelly Olynyk headed to different school Canada’s elite basketball academy.