Recruiting Notes: Introducing Will Barrett and Other Notes

Dylan Burkhardt
Will BarrettA new name on the radar, Will Barrett, a 6-8 class of 2009 combo forward from Central Bucks South HS in Pennsylvania. According to CAAInsider, Barrett has an offer:

Barrett has now narrowed his list down to, Michigan, Princeton, Columbia, Davidson, Bucknell and William & Mary. All 5 schools have already extended scholarship offers.

Here is what Hoopville had to say on Barrett’s play at the Summer Classic East:

His stock probably rose more from this event than anyone else, and justifiably so as he had a solid day on Friday. The lanky combo forward showed some promise early, as he was active, blocked shots and showed ball skills and the ability to finish getting the ball off of a cut. Then he turned up the volume on each and scored on drives and from long range, going for 23 points in his last game of the day. Big East coaches are paying attention, although he might not quite be at that level as a high-major minus prospect.

ESPN also has a very positive opinion on Barrett’s game, giving him a 72 rating:

Barrett has effectively made the transition from a face-up four man to a true three man. He has tremendous size for the perimeter and is a huge mismatch problem for opposing defenses. Although his jump shot remains somewhat streaky with skewed mechanics, he has improved to the point where he is a legitimate threat from behind the three-point line when his feet are set, as well as off the dribble from 12-18 feet. His ability to handle the ball has also noticeably improved in recent months as he handles it in the open floor, is rarely rattled by pressure, and can put it on the deck to get to the rim. Although he isn’t explosively athletic he is very efficient getting to the basket, because he has a long first step and strides out all the way to the rim. His back to the basket pedigree is a huge advantage when guarded by smaller players as he can score over either shoulder on the low post. Barrett also does a number of the little things well on the offensive end as he shows his high I.Q. and good feel for the game by passing well and moving without the ball. His size and length makes him a solid defensive player, although he still has plenty of room for improvement. He also rebounds the ball very well from the perimeter. Physically, he has a cut body, but plenty of room on his frame for more muscle mass.

Barrett was on campus this weekend and reportedly had a great time. Looking at the offer list, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Barrett jump on the Michigan offer very soon. We will have to see in the next couple weeks if Barrett set’s any time frame for his decision.

Underclassmen. I also got an email from Jamal Richards who is starting a new scouting service in Michigan called We Fly High Ballers. They will be ranking the top kids in Michigan from 2009-2012. He also forwarded me a list of visitors from this weeks football game and tailgate which included: Brandan Kearney 6’4 CG 2011 Detroit Southeastern, Trey Ziegler 6’5 CG 2010 Mount Pleasant, Anthony Fields 6’0 PG 2010 Detroit Southeastern Transfer from Lake Orion, Percy Gibson 6’8 PF 2011 Detroit Southeastern, Carlton Brundidge 6’1 2G 2011 Southfield High, and Ray Lee 6’0 2G 2012 Robichuiad. Some big names in the list including Trey and Brandan who we have talked a lot about.

More Notes. InsidePrepSports is also reporting that 2010 guard Sultan Muhammed made a recent visit to Ann Arbor. Lou Dawkins says that Michigan and Georgetown are on top for 2010 PF Nate Lubick. Dickie V has UConn #3 in his preseason top 40. 2010 PF Alex Gauna took a trip down to Bloomington ($) while Russell Byrd was watching football with Izzo ($). Colt Ryan committed to Evansville ($). Hornbuckle is visiting ASU ($).

  • Kenny Ye

    Barrett sounds like a kid that will fit Beilien’s system well, but I am less optimistic when Michigan competes against Princeton for him. An Ivy League degree does set you well for your future beyond basketball, and the perspective of play time and getting in NCAA tournament is pretty good at Princeton too. If the kid wants to face tough BT competition at the college level, the choice is clear but I am not sure that it is necessary the case.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t think Barnett would be a negative commit, but I really think we need to close on Lubick and Ziegler. I’m not too familiar with our scholarship situation and I have a really good feeling about those two committing. I’d hate to lose out on them because we used a scholarship on a system player.

    Regardless, he sounds like a nice player and could be a contributor. I’m just looking for some more high profile recruits at this point.

  • Barrett doesn’t have the same skill set as Trey, Nate, or Brandan. There will be 2 left in ’10 for Trey and Nate even if Beilein takes 2 more (Barrett and Vogrich) and of course open spots in 2011 too.

  • John M

    Are you sure Barrett has an offer. If you look carefully at the CAAInsider article, it says he as SIX schools of interest – Michigan, Princeton, Columbia, Davidson, Bucknell and William & Mary – but then says he has FIVE offers (although their wording is poor and may be wrong).

    IF he only has five offers from that group of six, it is certainly possible that UM is the one who has not yet given him an offer.

  • Barrett has an offer.

  • Colby

    Dyla, who else has an offer in the 09 class? Philmore and anyone else?

  • AC

    Dylan –

    Two things that I thought could have helped this post on the new recruit:

    1. Explicitly say the year he’s being recruited for.
    2. Give his height/weight. (You did offer his height, but not his weight)

    I still think that you don’t leave scholarships on the table for the HOPE of future help. You can always find room for a future great recruit if needed. We’re too thin, especially up front, to pass on guys who could contribute.

  • KyFox

    we need lubick. Barrett is going to get pushed around like a little ragdoll. Like i said before…we need higher profile big men to make any noise in the big ten even. You look at davidson…a team that was very successfull in the tournament, and what did they lack? A dynamic big. If they would have had that they might have been playing memphis in the championship game. Yes it is difficult to find them and then reel them in, but I hope Beilein is giving the big men just as much or more attention as all his gaurds that hes recruiting. The bigs are what will make or breake you.

  • I don’t think Barrett is replacing Lubick in any way shape or form. Barrett fills the need for a shooting four man now as in next year and provides depth behind DeShawn.

  • KyFox

    yeah…i guess we will soon find out if Beileins doing more with less philosophy works out. He is now recruiting against izzo, tubby, crean, matta, and even bo ryan to some extent. We will soon find out. Getting morris was a biggie I think with the loss of Udoh I suspect around a .500 team this year.

  • Wow, add Lickliter and Painter (and Weber… I guess) to that list and the Big Ten has some phenomenal coaching talent. It’s a shame that the conference isn’t very good. Iowa, Indiana and Michigan should all rebound in the next few years though.

  • troublet

    Are we still in the running for Givon Crump or is Barett replacing him

  • Bluebufoon

    Crump supposedly is looking elsewhere with Oregon
    State and Baylor towards the top of his list of schools. Plus U-M has other options.

  • Bluebufoon

    link for schools involved with Givon Crump

  • BL11

    Can you do some more digging on this olynyk??? He is intriguing and might have more upside and make more of the naysayers happier than old william….

    by the way….click to link ..scroll to bottom…go 5 profiles up…Kelly looks like a baller!

  • Bluebufoon


    Here are excerpts from a Q& A with Olynyk’s coach
    but reportedly Michigan hasn’t contacted him since early August.


    Here is a evaluation of Kelly Olynyk’s skills from the coach of his travelling team, Coach Ebe, unfortunately it doesn’t look as if Michigan is a player for the youngster.


    “Kelly has really developed over the last few years and with him making our Junior National team this year his level of exposure has increased greatly. Kelly played on our U15 team three years ago and was pretty much a non-factor. He was still very physically immature and had not grown in to his body yet. Last summer he played for me on the U17 development team and he was much improved. He had grown to about 6’5” and he had very good perimeter skills and he is a very smart basketball player. I figured he would be our best player this summer on the main team but even I was shocked at how much better he got. It also helped that he grew four inches and is now 6’9”. He has the ability to play inside and out. He isn’t exactly the quickest guy on the floor but he is very deceptive and he has such outstanding footwork he can still get to the hoop. He is a very good perimeter shooter and he is very good at exploiting mismatches against smaller guards and taking them inside.”

    I would welcome any insights you can share into Mr Olynyk’s strengths or weaknesses as a player.

    “His strengths are his awareness and understanding of the game. He has excellent court vision and is a very good passer. He is a good perimeter game and from 16 feet and in he has a very smooth shot and a good pull-up jumper. He has three-point range but can sometimes be a streaky from the arc. He also is a very good rebounder and he has been improving his jumping ability. He absolutely loves to play the game and is a total gym rat. He has very good basketball genes as his dad played for our National team and then coached at the University level for about 20 years and his mom is also an outstanding athlete and she is one of the top female referees in BC. It is also possible that he is still growing and he could end up at 6”10” or 6’11” or maybe even a footer.

    “His weaknesses mostly have to do with his physical skills. He is slow footed but this doesn’t seem to be a big problem for him at the offensive end but it does hurt him at the defensive end. He also needs to get in the weight room and improve his upper body strength. He will also need to work on having a quicker release on his shot. He also needs to develop a more aggressive nature on the court and be a little more selfish at times as he will often pass up shots to distribute to his teammates.”

    What position he may play now and if we were to project his skills into the future. what position might he be best suited for down the line ?

    “I think Kelly is capable of playing perimeter at a 2 or 3 offensively but I don’t think he will be quick enough to guard at that position. I see him playing a trail post kind of position and I could see him playing a similar spot as many European players (like Nowitzki)”

    Do you have an idea which schools he maybe interested in ?

    “I know that Kelly has received preliminary interest from many schools but the main schools are San Diego, Gonzaga, and Oregon. I am pretty sure he will be visiting those schools. He has also got tremendous interest from some Ivy League schools (Princeton and Cornell) as he is an outstanding student with a 4.0 GPA.”

  • KyFox

    dont like the idea of slow players. We need to turn it up just a couple notches as far as getting dynamic players who can play faster, tougher, on both sides of the ball. 1 or 2 of those guys are on a team is fine…as long as they have a good rebounder, good shooter for a big man..ect..