Lee and Merritt Awarded Scholarships

Dylan Burkhardt

Congratulations to CJ Lee and Dave Merritt for earning scholarships for the 2008-2009 season. Both of them are stellar students and it’s great to see them get a scholarship. It’s also nice that both of them are coming back, it would be tough to see Merritt’s career end after his great performance in the OSU game followed by injury.

Beilein on the scholarships:

“It is an honor for our program to be able to award scholarships to these two high-achieving young men,” said Beilein. “Both C.J. and David have continued to show every day what it means to be true student-athletes at the University of Michigan. They have earned these scholarships because of their positive attitude, hard work and dedication to the basketball program. They are a reflection of the type of quality individual who help strengthen our program.”

Read the full MGoBlue Press Release for more quotes.

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  • Benjamin

    Both of them are hardworkers, and with scholarships available this year- why not?

    Good move for Beilein, and congrats to them.