Friday Notes & Links

Dylan Burkhardt

  • Benjamin

    Every day could be Nate Lubick day, as far as I am concerned.

    Also, Dylan, is it only the area between the key and arc that gets the darker color? And, the color the court is now, is that the color it is staying?

  • BlueBufooon

    You asked for it– here’s some more Nate Lubick
    from a camp of the top-75 players in New England
    and surprise, surprise, surprise — Lubick is listed as No. 1.

  • Love the “MICHIGAN” BEING CENTERED AS WELL AS THE ****LARGE**** size of the letters not to mention the CAPS aspect of it!!!! I have been screaming for this for years!!!! This is similiar to the words “KENTUCKY”, “DUKE”, “MARYLAND” as to how the names of their schools/universities are spelled and layed out on their respective home basketball courts!!!! Overall the court is still too bland, vanilla, undaring, unimaginative, uninspiring, conservative, wishy-washy, “politicized” not to mention a lack of color overall, but . . .
    it is by far a step in the right direction and 10x better than when the court had Brian Ellerbe’s/Tommy Amaker’s imprints on it!!!! Now, if we can only get the color of the banners (not to mention the size of them) changed as well as the wording for a few — like how it was during the Steve Fisher, Bill Frieder, and Johnny Orr era’s than we will truly be back in business . . .

    Oh yeah, and if we can have Ricky Green’s Number (****NOT THE JERSEY!!!!****) ****^^^^RETIRED AND HONORED FOR A GAME THIS UPCOMING SEASON, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME AND SWEET, AS WELL!!!!

  • Steve


  • Steve,

    you are correct sir, just don’t let anyone else know (outside of the usual suspects and the maizerage ‘Core ;.) ) + are you in town, we need to talk about somethings (I know you are not the president anymore, but I feel comfortable and more at ease talking to you [not sure if it is due to us being alumni of Huron High School or what]). Anyways just drop me a line, sometime soon.

  • The new court looks spectacular. If the team that they put out on that floor can be decent (and I think they can) then it’ll be a marked improvement.

    I agree with the banners, they should definitely be Maize and bigger. Also, do as my boy Jalen says and PUT THE FAB FIVE BANNERS BACK UP!

    You want money for your new basketball facility. There you go. It’ll be interesting to see, once Webber’s suspension from the program is over, if Martin actually goes through with his plans to bring the Fab Five back around the team. Jimmy King is always around, and Jalen is quite a bit too, but getting the other three back in the fold, all at one time, would be a huge event. What if they retired all of the Fab Five’s numbers at once. I know, I know, never going to happen, but why not dream big?

  • BlueBufooon

    I know last year U-M changed out all of the seats in the lower bowl of Crisler, those pictures look as if this off-season U-M took out all of the mustard colored seats in the upper bowl am I right ?

  • Steve

    no they did not remove any seats this year. the lights in the upper bowl are just usually off this time of year. infact, last year they only replaced a dozen or so seats near the tunnel that were in “Really” bad shape.

    maybe next summer they do the seats?

  • Bluebufoon

    Kelly Olynyk, the 6-9 Canadian, had 21 points 11 rebounds and 4 assists in his teams first game in the Canadian 17 & U National Championships.

    Matt Vogrich is making an unofficial to U-M in

    Kawhi Leonard, a 6-5 ish WF from Riverside California, who John Beilein scouted exclusively this summer made a big jump in the Rivals new top-150 National rankings for the class of 2009. Leonard is now ranked in the high 70’s I believe

    Darius Morris is now ranked 71 in those rankings.
    Matt Vogrich #131. Givon Crump somehere around

    Surprisingly Roger Franklin, the 6-4 WF from Texas is the low 90’s in Rival’s new rankings.
    Hard to believe there are that many players better than Franklin, he’s a hard-working player.

    Anybody else with any scoops or comments feel free to chime in …

  • Thanks Bluebufoon. I am in the process of moving this week and still don’t have internet access at home. I’ll work on getting a post about the updated rankings and such hopefully today.

  • Bluebufoon

    Andy Brown update from LA newspaper.

    Basketball: Is Stanford the front-runner for Mater Dei’s Brown?
    Last time we heard from Andy Brown, the senior from Mater Dei was on his way out to the Valley and expected to be one of the headliners at the Mid-Summer Classic tournament, hosted by Campbell Hall. One month later, he’s nowhere near the North Hollywood campus. Far from it, in fact.

    Brown is on his way up north, according to this report, destined for an unofficial visit to Stanford, one of the many West Coast teams currently recruiting him. Earlier this week, the 6-foot-8 wing took a trip to Arizona, and before that, he happened to stop by San Diego State and Utah.

    Cal and Washington are among the other programs that have been in contact with him recently and Michigan and Notre Dame are in the mix as well. If I had to pick a leader at this point, knowing full well that Brown wants to stay close to home, my money would be on the Cardinal

  • Bluebufoon

    Kelly Olynyk scored 19 points and had 7 rebounds
    in the second round of his team’s game at the Canadian 17 & Under Championships. His team only hit 13 of 35 free throws, that is about as bad as it gets.