Programming Note

Dylan Burkhardt

The screen or backlight is apparently shot on my main computer. Might be a little hard to update while I’m getting this fixed for the next couple days. I am in the middle of a couple more posts but I wasn’t expecting my laptop to fry. Stay tuned.

For right now though let’s talk recruiting. What would your ideal use of the remaining 2009 scholarships be?

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  • Jimmy

    I think we need a big forward for sure. Givon Crump looks good, Andy Brown did too. Somebody to help Morgan protect the paint, but hopefully with a more polished offensive game.

  • Die Hard

    I would like Crump, and his name is great.

  • Either of those guys would be a great get, but Andy Brown probably isn’t going to waste any more time with us. Personally if Beilein doesn’t see the need to use that scholarship then why not concentrate on getting an amazing 2010 class to compliment Morgan and Morris? Lubick especially.

  • That post sounded like I thought Morris and Morgan were 2010 kids. I just meant that JB should turn his focus on 2010 like nearly every other coach in the nation has already if Crump isn’t seriously interested in becoming blue.