2009 Hotboard Updates

Dylan Burkhardt

Hot board is updated, more on the ’10, ’11 one soon as well.


  • CJ Harris – Wake Forest
  • Stevie Rodgers – Darius Morris effect
  • Keenan Coleman – Darius Morris effect
  • Andrew Bock – Darius Morris effect
  • Glen Rice Jr. – GA Tech
  • Raymond Cowels – Santa Clara
  • Manny Atkins -VA Tech
  • Glenn Bryant – Not listing U-M
  • Jamil Wilson – Not listing U-M
  • Andy Brown – Dropped U-M


  • Matt Vogrich
  • Kelly Olynyk
  • Matt Read


  • I left Colt Ryan and Nick Russell on the board as 2-guards.
  • Roger Franklin left out because he is not listing Michigan.
  • Moved Jordan Morgan to Center.

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  • Bluebufoon

    How sweet would it be if Robin Benzing went to prep school for a year to get eligible ? Here is an article on his most recent effort for the German Jr. National team.

    U20 Germany – U20 Estonia 77-65

    Germany is the first finalist of U20 European Championship division B in Targu Mures. The Germans were too strong for Estonia, which will continue championship trying to reach the Bronze medal. What is maybe the most important for the Germans, except of this final, is a fact that they are automatically promoted to Division A for the next European Championship.

    Germany had much better rebounding day than its rivals registering 14 + 24 boards. On the other hand Estonia had just 2 + 25. Germans demonstrated slightly better performance in the opening quarter. At the one point of it they touched plus 8 but Sten Sokk (181-G-89) and Ivar Tulit (202-F-88) created 6-0 run for their team setting the score on 19-17 after first ten minutes. Germany entered strongly into the next one. After dunk by Robin Benzing (208-F-89, college: Michigan), they grabbed 13 points lead with 1:27 remaining in the first half. At the last Estonia’s possession Tanel Kurbas (195-F-88) made a lay up for 39-28. Nothing has changed after the half time. It seemed that Germany played as much as they needed for the final. Karsten Tadda (189-G-88) and his teammates resolved question about the winner at the beginning of the last frame making 14-3 run for 71-49. After that moment it was clear that the firts finalist of U20 European Championship division B is already known.

    This time Robin Benzing led Germany to victory netting 18 points. Karsten Tadda was behind him with 10 points and 5 rebounds while Ziyed Chennoufi (202-F-88) stopped on 12 points. Estonia got the most from Tanel Kurbas, who drained 17 points. Illimar Pilk (195-F-88) helped his team with 11 points.

  • Die Hard

    Wouldn’t get my hopes up. We’ll probably have a replacement for the Benzing scholarship within a few months.

  • Bluebufoon

    I realize your point that Benzing is 99.9 percent gone. I just don’t understand why if Benzing’s goal was to play collegiately at U-M and he was willing to sit out a year as a redshirt, why wouldn’t he be willing to sit that ONE year out at a quality prep school that specializes in both quality academics/athletics, where he would be able to play basketball ?

  • troublet0605

    For some reason I still think we might be able to make a play for Andy Brown but if we get Crump I will be more than satisfied with the class.

  • Bluebufoon

    I hope U-M finds someone who is better that Givon Crump. Although I’ve been impressed by the positive press Crump recieves for his shooting prowess and scoring ability, I’m concerned abt his ability to defend out on the perimeter and rebound the basketball, which a few scouts have mentioned. Is he a WF or PF ?

    I am surprised none of the following Davonte Elliott, Kawhi Leonard, Keenan Hornbuckle, Jake Cohen and Thomas Daniels have been mentioned or added to the “Hot Board” ?

    There is no way U-M doesn’t sign two additional players for next season. What happens if Manny Harris goes pro early or someone is injured ? Or a key player or two develops academic problems ?
    The Wolverines roster is not deep nor talented enough for Coach Beilein to bank a scholarship or take anything for granted — just my opinions.

  • I definitely missed Cohen…

    Have you seen things linking us to those other kids?

  • Bluebufoon

    Scout and Rivals both listed Michigan as showing interest in Kawhi Leonard I believe from Best Of West Tourney.

    Elliott info comes for Arizona State’s scout site saying U-M showing interest.

    New list of schools for Givon Crump from Scout’s Rutgers site, Rutgers, Michigan, Oregon St, Wake Forest, Maryland, and SMU. They mention late August or early September decision.

  • Bluebufoon

    New shooting guard prospect 6-5 Tony Nixon
    from Seton Academy which is outside Chicago.


  • Bluebufoon

    Here is a blurb from the Chicago Sun-times prep section. There is also some info on Tony Nixon in
    the article.

    “Lake Forest’s Matt Vogrich will be visiting Michigan later this month. Vogrich says he believes the Wolverines will be “officially” offering him when he’s on campus, as the Michigan staff has indicated to him.”


  • Colby

    Blue, who is Thomas Daniels?

  • FL Wolve

    Tucker Halpern just committed to Brown University.