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Dylan Burkhardt

Lubick, Trey, and Byrd are a few of the very top targets on the board regardless of class at this point. It’s getting to that time when the 2010 recruiting picture becomes more clear. Not to mention, with Darius on board I would assume Beilein starts pushing a lot harder for some of these 2010 kids. I haven’t heard the JuCo big man’s name and his list is still large so I’m not really sure what the situation is. I think Beilein is looking for the right fit with a combo forward of some type in 2009 but he has already proved that he won’t rush to offers or decisions.

Also I don’t know how people are going to knock Beilein for who he pursues on the recruiting trail at this point. MSU is going hard at Byrd and Zeigler while Lubick has a top 5 that includes people like UCLA and Duke (they are also all top 100 recruits). In the class of 2010 he is going after in-state guys like Zeigler, Michael Talley, and Gauna (not to mention Kearney in 2011). The true test is whether he can start landing some of these kids.

I’m working on the hot board update for both 2009 and onward. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll get it up.

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  • Fisher Forever

    The problem is that he waited too long to offer some of these guys. Byrd just got an offer, and all those other schools offered him far earlier. It just makes him look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  • And Jerret Smith got an offer when he was a sophomore, we saw how that worked out.

    It seems like Beilein sticks to his system (in this case waiting to give out 2010 offers until summer starts wrapping up). But he is up front with the kids and tells them that’s the situation and it’s how he handles it.

    The biggest positive that seems to resurface with Beilein on the recruiting trail is that he is a straight shooter and doesn’t play games. This is just another example of it.

    Or maybe he is just clueless…

  • Benjamin

    Beilein obviously knows what he is doing.

    He is doing a lot considering his resources.

    Crisler Arena is blah, there is no practice arena, a poor decade of Michigan basketball proceeded him, etc.

    To say that he is clueless, cannot be substantiated by him not offering Byrd yet. There is a lot more to recruiting then sending offers.

  • Fisher Forever

    You can’t do that when you’re competing against better teams, though. I don’t think he’s clueless, but I think he’s made a mistake with Byrd.

    It’s fine to have standards and ways of doing things, but if you’re not flexible, you’ll suffer the consequences.

  • Brick

    You may have had a point if Byrd was entering his Senior year but he has not started his Junior year of HS yet.

    There is more to recruiting than extending an offer to every Sophomore in the Rivals 100 list.

  • Bluebufoon

    First school to offer Byrd was Iowa, and they’re out of it already. Folks who are damning Beilein’s ability to recruit at this early date
    aren’t being rational nor objective.

  • Kevin In GR

    Appling to MSU. Hope this gives us a better shot at Zeigler.

  • Not surprising. Very good get for MSU but wasn’t much of a secret. Kind of like D-Mo, I don’t know how much landing Appling will really hurt MSU for guys like Zeigler. Zeigler wants to win ‘ships and if you want to win you need as much talent around you. I think Zeigler knows he is good enough to get his minutes just about anywhere. Hotboard soon, sorry guys.

  • Justin

    Yeah…I agree. Zeiglers not gonna care either way. I don’t think he is MSU’s plan A either. I think thats Byrd. I hope Zeigler comes to UM but damn with some of his quotes I don’t know. Out of Zeigler, Byrd, and Lubick I think the best shot to land is Lubick.

  • Yea, I think chances are best with Nate, that’s a safe statement.

    Zeigler is easily one of the best players in the state right now and I don’t see anyway he isn’t a “plan A” for MSU. Maybe the numbers just don’t work out by position (I’m not 100% up on their schollie breakdown).

  • Brick

    I believe MSU is giving out 3 ships in 10 and one will be a big man. I don’t think they will take Zeigler and Byrd so I think one will be available even if they both wanted to go to MSU.

  • Fisher Forever

    Brick and BlueBufoon, the problem is that it wasn’t just Iowa that offered before we did. It was MSU, Kentucky, and Indiana. Are we supposed to believe that Byrd wasn’t good enough for an offer when those schools gave him one, but now he is?

    My whole point is that we’re giving enough advantages away to these other schools as it is. We can’t afford to give them any others.

  • Fisher you have a point but when it’s reported that Beilein “told a recruit he would give them an offer at the end of the summer” how is that much different than an offer?

    I realize it is different but I just think the whole thing is very odd. Beilein must have a reason but it doesn’t make much sense to third party observer that we are all.

    Seems very similar to the not giving out an official offer until the visit policy that was talked about some this spring with the 08 kids.

  • Bluebufoon

    Fisher, I tend to agree that it looks like Coach Beilein is more deliberate in the recruiting process than others. Who’s to say that won’t change once he’s totally rebuilt the U-M roster ? I think its way too early to question how this staff does things until we see how his recruits pan out. I’ve wondered if we waits on offering Jr.’s to make sure he isn’t more impressed with other players at that position ?

    I know its early but each of the four players U-M has signed under staff has received positive reports for their play till this point. If Ben Cronin, Stuart Douglass and Zach Novak’s of the world consistenly become solid players under Beilein the Nate Lubick’s and Trey Ziegler will fall in line on their own.

  • umdcbball

    I agree, Blue, the success of recruits individually and perhaps more importantly the success of the team will cause the highly rated guys to fall in line.

    The way I see it, all we need is to get to the Tourny and the recruits will start to respect us again. And then Beilein will magically turn into a “good” recruiter!

  • bluepanther

    I’m guessing there are probably many similarities between hiring successful employees and successfully recruiting players. Being very deliberate and methodical now with recruiting decisions is probably a sign of future success for the program. Given that Beilein has had previous success in turning up gems where others overlooked them is encouraging (and this is from a guy who appreciates that Fisher did much more good than bad for M basketball).

  • troublet0605

    I know winning will help our recruting, but don’t think it is the be all-end all. Case and point Illinois, they were in the national championship game 3 yrs. ago and because of Bruce Weber’s ineffective recruitment of top talent they haven’t been close to the national title since. I just don’t think Belien is that great of a recruiter but he makes up for it by being one of the best x and o coaches in the game. Like it still amazes me to this day that we hung 3/4 of a game with a Final 4 team in UCLA.

    That being said I do believe we should be able to pull in some of the top talent in our state.