The Darius Morris Video Post

Dylan Burkhardt

While we wait for Darius’ decision, I decided to put together a collection of the Darius Morris video floating around the internet. A lot of these I have posted on the site before but it is something to pass the time while we wait for the (good) news to break.

Puttin In that Hardwork (BallIsLife)

The Dunk

Pangos All American Camp All-Star Game (Darius is #54)

Pangos Highlights

Belmont Shore Videos

  • Tom K

    When is Darius expected to announce?

  • Because he is on the west coast I would assume it’d be sometime this late afternoon-evening. I’m still trying to find out the official time though. I’ll post it here when I get it confirmed.


  • Tom K

    Thanks, man, that was quick. It feels like Christmas with the anticipation doesn’t it?

  • Adam

    Sure does. That boy is a baller and can’t wait until he gets on campus and helps Michigan return to prominence.

  • Just to make this clear. A couple other blogs have linked to this site (an old blog entry from June) and interpreted it to mean that Darius committed (I’m not sure how).

    Darius has NOT announced his college decision yet. The sites that are reporting he has right now are incorrect.


    7:00 Eastern time.

  • Ace

    I was one of those sites. Some message board linked to that post with the same misunderstanding I apparently had. I deleted my post. Thanks for the heads up on that, and I am thoroughly looking forward to Morris’ announcement this evening.