Darius Morris Announcement Set for 7 PM

Dylan Burkhardt

According to Rivals the presser is set for 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific). So the few blogs that were reporting Darius already committed are premature. I’ll have a lot more tonight when the time comes so stay tuned. Lacy updated his blog and confirms a lot of what we already know.

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  • umdcbball

    OMG…OMG…OMG.. WhatdoIdo? WhatdoIdo?

    As a 32 year old man, I’m far too excited to hear what this teenager has to say!

  • I just hope it is good news. The program has had 10 years of bad news, hopefully tonight will bring some positive vibes back to the program.

  • Still waiting… Just hold on tight.

  • Do you have a video feed or are you just waiting like the rest of us?

  • Haha sadly I am just waiting as well. :-( My article is ready though :-)

  • Tom K

    Come on, Come on.