AAU TV Schedule: Friday 7-25

Dylan Burkhardt

King James WON (my mistake) yesterday and it looks like Jordan Morgan had a very good game scoring 20 points on 9 of 12 shooting with 5 boards. Darius Morris and Belmont Shore got a win but Darius had another lackluster gmae scoring 7 points. It seems like the long summer-grind may be getting to Darius.

On Grass Roots TV today you can catch Jordan Morgan and Roger Franklin this afternoon. Team Texas plays at 11:15 PST (2:15 EST) and King James plays at 12:20 PST (3:20 EST) directly after that. Watch Now.

At the Reebok Tournament you can catch a couple local teams this afternoon it looks like. The Grand Rapids Storm (Ben Simmons) plays D-One Sports (#1 pg John Wall) at 12:30 PST (3:30 EST) and the Michigan Hurricanes play right after that at 1:45 PST ( 4:45 EST). Watch Now.

Missed this somehow but Jay Bilas speaks highly of Manny and DeShawn at LeBron Camp (I know it’s old now, but I hadn’t seen it), Jay Bilas can’t resist taking another shot at Michigan though (Insider link).

  • Adam

    I am so sick of Jay Bilas taking shots at Michigan. His opinion is so biased because he was friends with Tommy Amaker, but as an ESPN analyst he needs to move on and be professional by not allowing his personal feelings to get in the way. Bottom line is Amaker didn’t get the job done and was given more than enough time to make a tournament. Very few coaches at major programs would be able to keep their jobs after missing the NCAA tournament 6 years in a row after being hired. Bilas is being completely classless by taking every chance he can to throw a jab at Michigan.

  • FL Wolve

    Ben Simons didn’t play in the GR Storm game but the Storm still almost won which would have been a huge upset.

    I’m watching the Hurricanes right now get absolutely obliterated. James Still looks very good out there but the rest of the Hurricanes are just jacking up shots. Still should be the #1 option every time down but his teammates won’t pass him the ball. Just based upon this one game but Still kind of reminds me of Chris Hunter out there.

    Are we recruiting Still?

  • Meredith

    Fl Wolve, see my post on the M rivals basketball board in response to your post regarding Still and his status. I don’t have any “inside” details, but based on what I’ve read…I’d say no.