Prestige, Recruiting, and Darius Morris Live

Dylan Burkhardt

Prestige. ESPN ranks Michigan the 22nd most prestigious program since 1985, not bad I’d say. The three points lost from the NCAA ban looks to have cost us because Florida only finished 1 point ahead.

Darius Morris. Darius Morris scored 20 points (the tournament website only had him for 17) on 7 of 14 shooting for Belmont Shore in a loss to DC Triple Threat at Reebok (game recap). Darius added 11 points in Belmont’s second game, a  43-56 loss to LA Dream team.

Streaming. You should be able to stream the Darius Morris and Belmont Shore’s next game against Worldwide Orange (Ari Stewart, Richard Howell) LIVE from at 4:15 PST (7:15 EST) right here. You can follow Belmont Shores’s stats here and Darius Morris’ here.

Jordan Morgan. Reader FL Wolve watched Jordan Morgan’s game online yesterday, heres a portion (full link in comments):

Jordan’s approximate stats were 7 points on 3-6 shooting, 1-2 from the line, 7 rebounds, and 1 blocked shot. Again, those stats are approximate as I missed the first few minutes and had some other distractions. King James won the game although I didn’t catch the final score. The guards for King James played much better in this game than the last game I saw where they got blown out.

As far as Jordan’s overall game, he put up some decent numbers but he was going up against an absolute monster. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn that Amare Stoudamire had walked into the gym and suited up for the Cali team (ED: It was Jeremy Tyler #1 in 2010). The kid even wore #1. The dunks that he was throwing down beside, over, and around the entire King James team was dizzying. I’ve never seen a high school kid with the kind of power dunks that this kid had. That said, Morgan was still playing him tough and had a few nice deflections. The problem that I saw was that Jordan likes to go for tips and deflections so every time he went for one and missed, the Cali kid caught the ball, spun around, and threw down an uncontested dunk.

Notes. Glen Rice Jr. is set to announce his college choice on Thursday (it’s not Michigan).

  • FL Wolve

    I only caught the 2nd half of Darius’ evening game with WW Orange. The announcers said Darius had 2 points in the first half. As for Darius’ play in the 2nd half, I like to think that I’m as big a fan of Darius as possible so I’ll tone it down a bit but he didn’t play well, and that’s being nice. He made some horrendous passes, jacked up some ill advised 3s, and missed numerous free throws. I only saw him make 1 FT in the 2nd half for his lone point but I missed the final couple of minutes. You can tell he’s got skills and he’s got some flair to his game but it was not working at all tonight.

    That said, I think this is fantastic news for UM fans. If any scouts were in attendance today, I doubt that they came away impressed. Hopefully, no other schools will jump in now.

    There was some kid on Belmont though who went for 30+. I wonder if he’s committed anywhere? He looked really good playing both inside and out.

  • Tom

    Darius did make a great assist in the last minute that led to a 3 point play when the game was in doubt, which was good to see, but it certainly wasn’t his best performance.

    But, that is kind of the nature of AAU ball…these kids play some many games and for the most part there isn’t a lot of real “coaching” going on, so it can get scatter brained at times.

    As to whether or not other coaches would be turned off by his performance…I think that is wishful thinking. Coaches are going to judge a kid by one bad game, especially if they’ve seen that kid mutlipe times, which I’m quite certain they have.