Wednesday Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt
  • The US Athletes in Action Jones Cup team rolls on with a couple more victories. Stats here and video here. A couple of lackluster games for Laval Lucas-Perry with 6 and 7 points each.
  • A Darius Morris quote about looking out for the hangers-on in an LA Times article about the grinding summer circuit.
  • John Beilein is at Peach Jam and is apparently still watching Andy Brown and Roger Franklin according to HoopsReport.  Check out day 1 (AM & PM), 2, 3, 4, and championship summaries from HoopsReport.
  • Marcus Jordan lists Michigan.
  • Billy Packer is being replaced by Clark Kellogg.

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  • a2matt

    brown dropped us.

  • Not sure who else JB would have been watching in some of those games…

  • Giddings

    Last I heard was that he listed two west coast schools as “favorites”, but he’s never said that Michigan’s out of it.

  • Tom

    LLP led the team with 22 in a win over Taiwan. They advanced to the Semis’ vs #4 seed Qatar. They had the best record at 6-1 and are the #1 seed.

  • a2matt

    could have been watching ’10, ’11 guys.

  • Bluebufoon

    Update on Brandon Kearney from this one written by former Ohio State assistant Paul Biancardi. This report comes from the 15 And Under AAU Championships


    Brandon Kearney, 6-4, 175
    Combo guard, 2011 (Detroit/Southeastern)

    Kearney is a skilled combo guard. He is a solid scorer but could use a little more aggression and assertiveness offensively. He has an unselfish part of his game that is beyond his years. But, when game reaches the fourth quarter, he must to learn to take over when needed. He has the talent to do it. Kearney is an excellent passer, maybe the best part of his game at this point. He is long and a solid athlete. He is a solid shooter with range to 20 feet. He scores mostly on slashes into the paint or catch and shoot 3s. He is an OK defender at this point, but that should improve with additional strength. If he makes the weight room his best friend, the sky is the limit for this talent. Kearney is a top-50 prospect in the Class of 2011.

  • umdcbball