Weekend Notes

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Laval Lucas-Perry had 13 points in Athletes in Action’s win over Australia in 23 minutes. Laval also played the second most minutes of anyone on the team. For more stats check here, and for a quick video check here (you can see Laval wearing #7).
  • The Ace of Sports found Courtney Sims in the NBA Summer League.
  • 2010 recruits Justin Martin and Russell Byrd are mentioned in this Peach Jam recap.
  • Carl Jones and Justin Jordan at Kentucky Hoopfest.
  • Getting to know Nate Lubick: Nate is priority #1a for 2010 right now in my opinion.

ESPN had this to say on 2009 wing Givon Crump at the RBK Showcase:

Six-foot-7 senior forward Givon Crump (Wolfeboro, N.H./Brewster) impressed once again with his ability to make shots and impact the game with his athleticism. Crump has a thick build and is much quicker than he looks. He’ll need to improve his game off the dribble if he hopes to play full time on the perimeter in college.

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  • a2matt

    You mean Nate?

  • Yes I do :-)

  • Wolverine3

    Who are you saying is 1b for ’10 dylan?

  • I just meant “1a” as a point of emphasis really. With the way the roster is shaping up, and Lubick’s talent I think he has to be the main guy right now.

  • Musket Rebellion

    If Morris commits do you think that we’ll stop recruiting ’09 and just focus on ’10? Well, not stop, but increase the effort to real in Lubick and some others. Also, do you think Jones knows he’s plan B and if Morris goes elsewhere that he’ll immediately get an offer?

  • Dylan

    I think we still push hard for a wing in 09 someone like Hill, Franklin or Crump. Don’t know about Jones really.

  • Justin

    LLP sure has some horrible shooting percentages and a real bad assist/tournover ratio. Hopefully it’s just because the competition is tougher than college. Those don’t give me a lot of hope for him being a pg.

  • Tom

    On LLP, let’s not try and read too much into what is going on in Taiwan. He’s playing with a bunch of different guys he’s never played with before, I’m sure they’ve not practiced much, if at all. My guess is that there aren’t a lot of assts to go around and further, I’d guess that LLP is probably not even playing PG.

    That said, he’s averaging double figure points and over 5 boards a game, so it’s not like he’s floundering over there. If anything, its just another chance for him to play competitively and a opportunity to see another part of the world.

  • Musket Rebellion

    LLP has a bad assist/to ratio. THE SKY IS FALLING THE SAVIOR IS DOOMED!!!

    Honestly, we need to stop freaking out so much about what people do in situations like this. Zack didn’t have a great game in one tourney and we freaked out. LLP will be a great addition to the team when he finally gets to play. He’ll be fine.

    P.S. Thanks for the answer to the question Dylan.

  • aaron

    i agree LLP will be a very good addition to the team, i think a few weeks after he starts playing the team in general will play a whole lot better

  • bj

    I’m in Shanghai and watched the LLP game on TV. He looked pretty good but the game itself was tough to watch.

  • Thanks bj, did you notice what position LLP was playing for the most part?

  • bj

    Yeah he was running the point usually.

  • Bluebufoon

    Yesterday, John Beilein was in attendance for two
    games that Andy Brown and his traveling team
    played down at the Nike Peach Jam.

  • Here is a link from the Peach Jam, Brown plays for California Supreme and he hit the game winner
    in one of them

  • Thanks blue. Sorry I’ve been slacking a bit lately, I’ll get an update this afternoon/evening hopefully.

  • I’m wondering who will be the next Joe Alexander or Klay Thompson, that Belein will discover in this class ?? Its no accident that he’s been as successful as he has– plus wing players are the most plentiful position year in and year out.

  • Brick

    Who is Beilein scouting? I thought we passed on Andy Brown.