Hill, Franklin and Rice Not Mentioning U-M

Dylan Burkhardt

A couple of discouraging school lists school lists from the LeBron Skills Academy from Solomon Hill, Glen Rice Jr., and Roger Franklin. Quoted (and unquoted which these appear to be) lists can be wrong sometimes but they are from the national site so that’s certainly discouraging.  Rivals:

Solomon Hill recently was offered by USC on an unofficial visit putting the Trojans at the top of his school list along with Arizona, who has also offered. Hill plans to unofficially visit Arizona later this summer and then officially visit Kansas State (offer), Washington State (offer) and Oregon State. Florida State, San Diego State (offer), Texas and SMU (offer) are also on his list.

Glen Rice has an offer from Georgia Tech. Florida State and Miami are the other two schools on his three team school list.

Roger Franklin stated that Indiana was still solidly on his list despite the recent troubles for the program along with Michigan State, Arizona (offer), Utah (offer), Oklahoma State (offer), Baylor (offer) and Memphis.

“Indiana is a basketball powerhouse and right now I’m still high on them,” said Franklin. “They have a great coach in Tom Crean. And I know they have lost a lot of players, but that means there is a great opportunity to play and that’s why they are still on my list.”

If you are looking for more positive news, Scout put up a two part video interview series with Darius Morris.

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  • Wolverine3

    Im waiting to see what Hill said in his interveiw with Dre. Not THAT discouraged

  • Benjamin

    For legacy-sake I was hoping for some positive stuff outta Rice. But, it surely wouldn’t be the end of the world if we don’t land him.

  • Adam

    Rice has basically said that Michigan is not really recruiting him so I don’t think the case is entirely him not being high on Michigan. He can’t be interested in Michigan if they aren’t that interested in him.

  • Fred

    Oh Roger, Indiana is fucked right now. You have to be kidding.

  • a2matt

    I love how the author says USC is a favorite for Hill because he visited them.

  • Giddings

    … especially considering he lives in LA.

  • aaron

    rivals 2010 top 100 http://michigan.rivals.com/viewrank.asp?SID=883&Year=2010&ra_key=1909

    lubick is high on us right now, along with 4 other schools