While I Was Gone…

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Giddings

    Wow… those videos have me giddy for the future of Michigan Basketball. Darius’ biggest strength, surprisingly (for me at least), seems to be his passing… some of those dishes were absolutely sick.

  • Brick

    The Darius video looked like a Lubick highlight video with all of those assists. I really hope we get both of those guys. We could be relevant again.

  • The Oracle

    Looking at Jordan Morgan’s video, and I know these are HIGHLIGHTS and he wasn’t always that impressive, he still shows a ton of potential. Got a nice looking stroke and he can put the ball on the floor and he shows a decent amount of athleticism. Good looking kid if he can keep getting better.

  • Jimmy

    Jordan Morgan’s work ethic and character make him a safe bet to be a contributor. A big man willing to do the little things is crucial to have a winning team. I’m optimistic he’ll turn out to be a really nice player but at the very least he’ll be a contributor. He’s a safe player.

  • jBdub

    I’m hoping Jordan is another Loy Vaught–not at all polished coming in, but worked his butt off for five years (I believe he redshirted) and got himself into the league.

  • Bluebufoon

    The video of Nate Lubick is off the charts for a PF, who can put the ball on the floor. Very impressive. Although I’ve been impressed wth
    Jordan Morgan’s video, he’s far from Loy Vaught,
    who athletically was a freak of nature.

    Hopefully, Beilein gets a quality WF to go with
    Morris, Morgan and Lubick.

  • Musket Rebellion

    I’d be willing to bet that Morris fell because UM is his no.1 right now. If he told someone that Kentucky was his no. 1 he would’ve shot up the charts. It’s like in football when someone commits to ND, their stock rises because “ND wouldn’t have given a crappy kid an offer.” Morris will be an absolute stud, like Harris was supposed to be.

  • Brick

    Dion or Manny? Because Manny is kind of a stud.

    UM football commits usually get a bump after they commit so it does go both ways. I’m not sure ND is making anyone’s stock rise right now.

  • The thing with recruiting rankings is that uncommitted recruits generally move up and committed ones move down. That’s because it’s better business to have more highly ranked recruits left in the end when they are the only ones people are following.

  • Musket Rebellion

    I was talking about Dion. Manny will be a stud.

    And you’re right, UM’s commits get bumps as well. I just like to single out ND because they are stinky.

  • Musket Rebellion

    Also, even ND’s worst recruits after their worst season ever will get bumped up a bit.

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