Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Sid

    I really don’t think you need a new design at all. The articles are easy to find and it’s easy to leave and read comments from others. Personally, I don’t need anything more from a blog, and the bells and whistles can get in the way.

    If you’ve got spare energy, my suggestion as a reader would be to channel it into continuing to dig up content – there’s so little of it anywhere else. And be ready for when the season starts. All in all, keep up the good and highly necessary work.

  • hat

    I can’t recall if you posted about this or not, but has there been any clarification about Benzing? Will he be eligible to play next season? Thanks.

  • We won’t know for a while. Most expect him not to be able to play this year.

  • Also, in terms of a re-design I don’t see anything drastic. Just cleaning the design up a little bit. Although I have to say some of the new MGoBlog features are nice like user-blogs etc.

  • Aaron

    any word on how Darius’ visit is going? also any chance he commits?

  • Musket Rebellion

    It looks like CJ Harris just verballed to Wake Forest.

    I don’t know if this is new or if this has been well known for a while.