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Dylan Burkhardt
If you were linked to this page from another site reporting Darius committed to Michigan, they are incorrect. This post was written in June during team camp and doesn’t say anything about a commitment, it was written during Darius’ official visit. Darius is set to announce later this afternoon.

as expected is in Ann Arbor today. Playing on a team with Stu Douglass, Nate Lubick, and Corey Person.

Here are two message board posts from people who were at team camp. Make sure to click through because there is more information. W3 has more great info from camp on the Rivals FREE boards, here is what he had to say on Morris:

I love this kids game. Very strong with the ball. Great handles. He is a pass first type of PG with a scorer’s mentality – best of both worlds.

A slick physical player. Initiates contact consistently, whether on the dribble up court, trying to get open or on defense. Nothing malicious but sneaky, bothersome tactics to set a certain tone. I think I liked it so much because that’s how I play :) At the very beginning of the second game vs Romulus, Darius and a G from their R almost got into it, because both players were doing the same thing to irritate one another.

Didn’t do too much outside damage today but he didn’t really have to. He could get by just about every defender on campus.

I got to talk to Darius himself, and also his Mother and Father. He thought I was Lubick’s younger brother (I don’t think I look like I’m 18 or a Lubick, but what the hey). Any how, he is an A+ kid. He was very kind to my son. Said he is EXHAUSTED from all of the camps and traveling but loves it at the same time. He went down hard (stayed down for awhile) in the first game only to come back and LOCK DOWN the teams best player when no one else could. He is a straight competitor. All three Morris’ said they can’t wait to see the campus tomorrow. A very friendly and warm family. BTW…this kid threw some ridiculous passes. One I haven’t seen before :) I could see the fatigue in him the third game…but still he played fairly well.

maizeragin 05 on Stu Douglass:

Stu will bring high basketball IQ, solid shooting, and even better passing to the team next year. I would project that he gets some starts during the year. I could see him getting 6ppg and a few dimes. However I think that his contributions span to much more than shooting the ball well, and his game will not show in the box score, which is just fine with him as long as it means some wins. Stu went up against a lot of kids “with nothing to lose”, and I was impressed by his competitiveness each day, he seemed hungry to show people his style of play, and does not seem like a soft player by any means.

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    Nothing like taking premium information and passing it off as your own.

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    How is this premium info? I thought the camp was open to the public.

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    This was posted before GBW posted anything.

  • Might have been, I don’t have an account on GBW anymore. I got a text from someone at camp which is open to the public meaning anyone can walk in…

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    GBW is hack.

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    Maybe GBW is just a little pissed off that this site has a primer while they’re still working on one, months after it was supposed to be done.

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    GBW… just shut it. I was every day of camp the past week, so quit hating on Dylan… GBW isn’t the only place that has access to information.

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    GBW has nothing to do with this, in case you didn’t read it was from a FREE RIVALS BOARD

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    GBW is teh poop.

    Thanks for the updates. It would be amazing if Morris and Lubick both decided to come on board. Obviously it was by design that those two played together with Stu. Hopefully Beilein does some fine closing tonight.

  • Brick

    How is this premium info? I thought the camp was open to the public.