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Dylan Burkhardt
  • First off, Eric Gordon highlights of him shooting from just about mid-court in Crisler make me sick. That being said I think Eric will be a stud in the NBA despite his size.
  • A side note on Eric Gordon: Eric says the “Big Ten is more of a grind out game” and helps his toughness. I guess this is one way of looking at what is often times a negative stereotype of the Big Ten.
  • Joe Alexander off the board at #8. How much of an effect Beilein had on Alexander (who credits Beilein for his offensive knowledge and is a former 3 star recruit) is up for debate. However I do find this article interesting which talks about Alexander shooting drastically less three pointers this year and how much it improved his game. Alexander shot 40-131 (30.5%) his sophomore year compared to DeShawn’s 43-142 for a near identical 30.2%. Alexander shot only 41 threes last year and he is standing on stage in New York City. Shooting less three’s isn’t necesarily Beilein-esque but I would love to see DeShawn develop more of a post and mid-range game this year.
  • Darius Morris is at the Nike Steve Nash Skills Camp this week and that means he probably won’t be in Ann Arbor until sometime this weekend because the Nash camp runs Wednesday to Friday with departures Saturday.
  • Franklin becoming a prime target nationally ($)
    Also listed at #8 in ESPN’s top 30 NBPA performers.
  • The Renn Duo has landed: Malik Hairston 48 and Joe Crawford 58.
  • Updated Visitors Confirmed: Nate Lubick, Ben Simmons, and Jordan Morgan.
With college basketball recruiting in full swing what better time than to read a college basketball season preview as well as get up to date college basketball odds on who will win this years championship.

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  • Benjamin

    Should we interpret Darius not showing up til this weekend a bad sign for us? I am really not familiar with all of these clinics and tournaments.

  • No it was the plan all along as I understand.

    The Nash camp is invite only top20 pgs in the country.

  • Scared-Of-My-Own Shadow


    Should we interpet your question to mean that you

    are a wuss ?

  • Benjamin

    ? Pardon me asshole?

  • troublet0605

    I think its good for us that Darius went 2 the camp. He gets more seasoning from an NBA all-star and he gets to go up against the best pg’s in the country.

  • Steve

    Darius has made several attempts to get to A2 with no success. The fact that he has continued to reschedule is a GOOD SIGN. He has an interest in A2 mostly because he and his family really seem to like Beilein. He should be in A2 for the weekend and if all goes well and he likes the school, chances of him giving a verbal should be good.

    Also remember reading that Darius likes the idea of playing for a school that is trying to get back to being a powerhouse, that he likes the idea of being part of a team that is rebuilding…so we shall soon see…